Magnum Research Sponsored Shooter Chris Barrett Breaks 35-year Record

Magnum Research Sponsored Shooter Chris Barrett Breaks 35-year Record
Magnum Research Sponsored Shooter Chris Barrett Breaks 35-year Record

Pillager, MN – ( – Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world-famous Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to announce that MRI sponsored shooter Chris Barrett has broken a 35-year record.

Chris Barrett is a 19-year old Magnum Research sponsored shooter from Canton, GA. Barrett is a dominant Steel Challenge competitor using a Magnum Research Switchbolt rifle. The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Steel Challenge has eight stages of action shooting and is known for attracting some of the fastest shooters in the world for over 35 years. Through the decades many shooters have set records and accomplished unthinkably fast times, but none have achieved a sub-60 second match until now.

Barrett, a six division Grand Master, owns multiple World records and has over 30 Major Match Titles. After logging several times in the low 60s recently, Barrett devoted himself to improving and set his sights on shooting under 60 seconds for a match.  He became more focused and driven than ever, often shooting 6-7 days a week and competing wherever there was an eight stage event.

On Saturday September 14, at the 2019 Alabama State Steel Challenge Championships, history was made when Barrett earned a time of 59.82. It was the first-ever sub sixty time earned in the Steel Challenge’s 35-year history.

Barrett’s fellow Steel Target Paint teammates and the shooting community offered congratulations and support for his monumental accomplishment. Barrett credits his success to the support of both Magnum Research and of his teammates at Steel Target Paint. The Magnum Research Switchbolt Rifle was the first and only gun to be used in such a memorable accomplishment. To build your own Magnum Research custom Switchbolt rifle, visit You can follow Chris Barrett on social media at ChrisBarrettCompetitiveShooter and @ChrisBarrett3300.

Chris Barrett will also make an appearance at the Kahr Firearms Group SHOT Show booth #13962 in January. On Wednesday, January 22 from 10 am to 12 pm, Barrett will hold a fan meet and greet and will be signing posters in the booth.

“We are so proud of Chris Barrett and his accomplishments,” says Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing for Kahr Firearms Group. “He is an excellent representative for Magnum Research and for the shooting sports community and we look forward to seeing his continued success.”

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About Kahr Firearms Group:Kahr Firearms Group

Kahr Firearms Group, formed in 2012, includes Kahr Arms, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research.  KFG Headquarters reside in Greeley, Pennsylvania. Kahr Arms produces small concealable handguns in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45ACP. Auto-Ordnance is the maker of the famous “Tommy Gun”, M1 Carbine and WW2 GI Model 1911. Magnum Research Inc., designer and producer of the world renowned Desert Eagle Pistol, Baby Eagle, MLR .22LR and .22Mag Rifles and BFR Revolvers. All three companies are proudly located in the USA. 


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Foster Shooting

Very proud of what Chris has accomplished! He has a god given gift and works harder than most in the sport. Congrats sir!

Pastor Roy

Wow! At 19? Maybe another Jerry Miculek in the making.


Kudos to Chris !
Kudos also to Ruger who actually designed the rifle he used. That rifle/action is copied by so many.
Different names on he same heart….