Pilgrim Ammunition Release New Product Information

Pilgrim Ammunition new line of self-defense ammunition

USA (Ammoland.com) – Pilgrim Ammunition, a new disrupter in the ammunition market, is responding to social media consumer requests for more information regarding their highly anticipated line of self-defense ammunition to be launched in Q4 of 2019.

The new line of ammo demonstrates multiple key benefits for consumers and law enforcement. The primary benefit of Pilgrim Ammunition is its stopping power. Most of the traditional handgun ammunition on the market does not dissipate its energy upon entering a soft tissue target, but tends to over-penetrate, thus making it more likely to strike bystanders. Pilgrim Ammunition’s rounds expand into a starburst pattern, slowing the round while creating devastating wound channels, with minimal chance of over-penetration. For both personal defense and law enforcement, the ability to stop an assailant is paramount. Minimal over-penetration protects innocent bystanders and can lessen the chance of lawsuits against police agencies.

The up and coming new rounds, which include .380 Auto, 9mm +P, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP +P projectiles, also all offer less felt recoil than traditional handgun ammo. For new shooters, and individuals with sensitivity to recoil, the Pilgrim Ammunition line-up reduces issues, such as flinch, by making the experience more comfortable. Another valuable benefit is the reduced weight of the cartridges. For police officers or anyone that carries additional magazines or a fully loaded conceal carry on a daily basis, less weight to carry means less stress on the human body and greater prevention of physical injury without compromising on superior firepower.

The innovator behind Pilgrim Ammunition is ballistics expert P.J. Marx, along with international investors with Spec Ops backgrounds. Pilgrim Ammunition will develop and produce ammunition of the highest quality using premium components at their US-based facility. Marx is an innovator and inventor with over 10 patents to his name in the musical equipment and ballistics industry. He first brought his unique abilities to the ballistic industry after 9/11, in an effort to provide our military and first responders with a superior bullet. As a result, Marx engineered a new kind of bullet specifically designed for the new US Army initiative to find a round more lethal, and at the same time, more environmentally friendly. His new bullet design was capable of penetrating a hard target and would fragment upon entering a soft target, increasing the severity of the injury with superior stopping power. Marx’s ballistic expertise has made him a sought-after ammunition contractor for the US and Allied Forces.

In 2005, Marx started Liberty Ammunition, a company to produce rounds based upon the principles of the bullet design Marx initiated with the proposed military round. He left Liberty Ammunition in 2017 to pursue other interests but was soon coaxed to return to the ammunition sector by an international group of investors with military backgrounds interested in designing and manufacturing premium ammunition for civilian, law enforcement, and military customers worldwide.

Marx realizes that consumers may assume that Pilgrim Ammunitions’ products’ specifications appear familiar, but he assures future customers the differences will be apparent. “Pilgrim Ammunition is sourcing only premium components. Our quality control is superior to many other ammo producers on the market. Pilgrim Ammunition will be the only manufacturer producing the ammunition I originally designed to provide ultimate stopping power with drastically reduced overpenetration.”

Pilgrim Ammunition is still on track to launch their website in Q4 of 2019, followed by the release of their self-defense ammunition line available online.

Information leading up to the launch can be found on the Pilgrim Ammunition Facebook page, on the Instagram page and Twitter page.

Pilgrim Ammunition’s product line was developed by a foremost innovator in the field of ballistics and will continue to recalibrate the ammunition industry with products that exceed consumer expectations and deliver outstanding performance.

About Pilgrim Ammunition:Pilgrim Ammunition

Pilgrim Ammunition, a US-based research and development, manufacturer and marketer of premium ammunition, was founded in 2018 to deliver an uncompromising product to the commercial, law enforcement, and military markets.

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Once again an “informational release” containing little to no information. Amazing, just amazing.


But then would anyone expect anything else from “Laura Burgess.”


Glad the prices were included too….. NOT !
Just the usual “follow on twitter, facebook, instagram” or the “go to” advertising bullshit…
I don’t use ANY of them…. I read AMMOLAND.


I try to have an open mind when a new product comes along BUT, as soon as I read the following my BS meter pegged in the red: “….Most of the traditional handgun ammunition on the market does not dissipate its energy upon entering a soft tissue target, but tends to over-penetrate, thus making it more likely to strike bystanders…..” If you make a statement like that, before you go one step further, you’d better provide a link to back it up. You did not. Ammoland readers are pretty discerning, not your run of the mill “we’ll be sucked in… Read more »


Pilgrim ammunition: “Here’s our press release, just cut and paste it Like it’s an article you wrote”.

Ammoland: “Can we get a few boxes to test?”

Pilgrim Ammunition: “No… It’s so good that we can’t give any out.”

Ammoland: “what about specs?….price?”

Pilgrim Ammunition: “Just trust us.”

AmmoLand: “OK. I’m in New Jersey so it’s probably illegal anyway. “

Wild Bill

@Vanns, The verbiage strikes me as written to attract the yuppie market. No price, no data, no analysis, just pc verbiage. I could be wrong.


Just look at it, a silver bullet. The Lone Ranger would be proud.


Bill: You were far more succinct than I!


HYPE (verb form)
To promote or publicize a product or idea intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits.


Totally useless. Why are you wasting my time?


Looking forward to the numbers (both ballistic wise and cost per round). I did FB message them and they were very responsive and friendly however, no numbers were given.