The Rubber Band Minigun Is Launching Kickstarter Campaign

USA – -( Weaponized T-Rex, a company which specializes in producing unique wooden goods, is proud to announce the Kickstarter launch for their Rubber Band Minigun Project.

This is a fully automatic Rubber Band Minigun, constructed according to the Gatling Machine Gun Principle. The body is made from wood and cut out on the CNC machine. Its ammo consists of 144 shots. It is absolutely safe and fun.

The unique market feature of the Rubber Band Minigun is a specially designed mechanism that allows you to load it in a matter of minutes. The firing speed of 200 rounds per minute enables you to launch a rubber band storm at your enemy, and unleash your inner Rambo.

The best well-designed loading mechanism, impressive looks as well as affordable price distinguishes the Rubber Band Minigun from its competitors and makes it the ultimate game-changer.

The plan is to raise $ 10,000 to run a serial production of the Rubber Band Miniguns. Launching itself is appointed on Tuesday, October 29, 9:45 EST.

The project reward sets include Miniguns in two versions:

  • Fully assembled model if you are eager to go straight into battle because there is no time for hitching on the office battlefield.
  • And if you always wanted to build your own Minigun, we have a KIT model, which allows you to unleash your inner Dr. Evil.

The Minigun also goes in two colors: natural wood and black.

The Minigun Characteristics:

  • Made from wood and inspired by iconic Vulcan Minigun;
  • Fully automatic;
  • Powered by an electric motor;
  • Approx. size is 22 inches;
  • Has 12 barrels;
  • Has a specially designed fast loading mechanism;
  • Has ammo of 144 shots per loading;
  • The shooting range is up to 30 ft.;
  • Shooting speed is 200 rpm;
  • Shoots single shots, saving ammunition and conducts aimed fire as well as releases an entire flurry of rubber bands;
  • Has a shooting blanks mode (even while loaded);
  • Is not harmful.

For more information about the Rubber Band Minigun Project go to (Kickstarter project preview page) at

The Rubber Band Minigun Is Launching Kickstarter Campaign
The Rubber Band Minigun Is Launching Kickstarter Campaign