Savage Arms Delivers Power and Precision Well Past 1,000 Yards

Savage Arms Delivers Power and Precision Well Past 1,000 Yards with Rifles Chambered in 6.5 PRC
Savage Arms Delivers Power and Precision Well Past 1,000 Yards with Rifles Chambered in 6.5 PRC

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts-( Fans of the short-action powerhouse 6.5 PRC have new options from Savage Arms. The high ballistic coefficient of the bullet combined with the power of the cartridge makes this an ideal pairing and these rifles deliver the 6.5 PRC’s magnum potential with Savage’s legendary accuracy.

The 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) is essentially a supercharged 6.5 Creedmoor. The round has tremendous velocity, even at long ranges. While this increases accuracy at greater distances, the 6.5 PRC is much more than a target round. The increase in velocity converts to great force on impact. This combination of accuracy and power has made the 6.5 PRC a favorite of long-range hunters.

“Some hunters are hesitant about to pull the trigger on animals at longer ranges,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms. “Some rounds simply lose their ability to transfer sufficient energy as they slow down. Not the 6.5 PRC. Savage’s new 6.5 PRC rifles are capable of match-grade accuracy and lethal terminal ballistic performance.”

Savage is pleased to offer multiple configurations in 6.5 PRC. The 110 Tactical rifles offer increased capacity from their box magazines. The 110 High Country features TrueTimber Strata camouflage, making it a favorite for hunters. The featherweight 110 Apex is easy to carry as it is to get on target.

Part No. / Description / MSRP

  • 22312 / Model 10 GRS 6.5 PRC 24-inch barrel / $1,449
  • 57419 / 110 High Country 6.5 PRC 24-inch barrel / $1,129
  • 57490 / 110 Tactical 6.5 PRC 24-inch barrel / $799
  • 57492 / 110 Tactical Desert 6.5 PRC 24-inch barrel / $799
  • 57595 / 110 Apex Hunter 6.5 PRC 24-inch barrel / $699
  • 57596 / 110 Apex Storm 6.5 PRC 24-inch barrel / $749
  • 57597 / 110 Engage Hunter 6.5 PRC 24-inch barrel / $639

About SavageSavage Arms

Headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts for more than 125 years, Savage is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hunting, competition and targeting shooting centerfire and rimfire rifles, and shotguns. Their firearms are best known for accuracy, performance and innovation. The entrepreneurial spirit that originally defined the company is still evident in its ongoing focus on continuous innovation, craftsmanship, quality and service. Learn more at

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2 years ago

This would be a hand loaders dream and a Hunters also.
But this caliber will eat barrels like donuts!. Great for the Hunter for the 2-4 times a year they shoot them, would outlast them.
Hand loaders would still have the issue of barrel replacement.
Only problem would be at this point MAKE sure to stock up on your favorite round, this caliber is not going to be an OFF the shelf item in Cheyenne,WY.

2 years ago

The Savage accutrigger safety and the Glock saferty trigger, you know, the little blade that has to be depressed to pull the trigger… Was in reality an Iver Johnson invention in 1899. it was standard on the Iver Johnson safety .32 2nd model along with a transfer bar transfer for the hammer like the ones used on the Ruger revolvers.
Interesting little fact.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rock

Another interesting little tidbit. The lever on the trigger was dropped because it caused too many safety issues. It seems that having the ‘safety’ automatically disengage when anything touches the trigger really isn’t a safety, at all.
Who’da thunk it, huh?
In other startling news; “striker fired” isn’t really “modern”, at all, but the way most of the early crop of autoloading pistols all worked. This idea, too, was dropped in favor of hammers for safety reasons. It would seem that safety was a serious concern in those days, whereas today its just a buzzword.

Wild Bill
Wild Bill(@wild-bill)
2 years ago
Reply to  Knute

, That is interesting. Man, you always write good stuff.