Trump Gets Burned By Anonymous Whistleblower in Firearms-Red-Flag Style Complaint


BELLEVUE, WA – -( The anonymous whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump now being used by Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry is tantamount to a “red flag” action against a gun owner, with the accused being presumed guilty until he or she can prove their innocence, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

“The lynch mob mentality now being exhibited by Capitol Hill Democrats is the same kind of rush-to-judgment thinking that courts and prosecutors use to rationalize seizing someone’s firearms, while throwing due process under the nearest bus,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb.

“Far-left House Democrats, who have wanted to remove the duly-elected president from office since the 2016 election are treating this anonymous complaint like gospel, virtually the same way the legal system treats a so-called ‘red flag’ complaint against a gun owner.

“Completely absent from this political circus act is anything close to skepticism,” he continued. “There’s a transcript of a telephone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president which Trump’s detractors read one way and his supporters read another way, and that’s about it. At least the president has the advantage of knowing there’s been a complaint filed, but in the case of a ‘red flag’ allegation, the gun owner typically doesn’t know a thing until police come knocking on the door. In either case, neither the president or an affected gun owner has had the opportunity to face their accuser.

“Many people are convinced that the president’s case amounts to political theatrics,” Gottlieb said. “However, there are no theatrics involved when a private citizen’s property is seized. As we saw last year in Maryland, a gun owner was served and something went wrong, and that person was shot dead inside his own front door.

“We’re not sure how this drama will play out against President Trump,” he noted, “but we do know that anytime an anonymous complaint can be used to launch something as serious as an impeachment inquiry, by the same people who are pushing ‘red flag’ laws against gun owners, it’s time to seriously re-think both processes.

“If this can happen to a president,” Gottlieb observed, “how long will it be before a ‘red flag’ case can be launched on the basis of an anonymous complaint? Step-by-step, it appears we’re getting closer to the kind of government the Second Amendment was designed to protect us against, and that’s alarming.”

Second Amendment FoundationThe Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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Will Flatt

Trump was ready for this. He had the President of Ukraine on hand to deny the allegations on live TV “I was not pressured” and released the transcripts of the phone call in question after ordering them declassified. This is nothing but RussiaRussiaRussia 2.0 and it too will fail. But yeah, this is just like a red flag, and the media and Demorats will be sure to hype the guilty till proven innocent angle right up to the moment this blows up in their faces. Did you know, for example, that Joe Biden bragged about doing this as VP what… Read more »

Will Flatt


Will Flatt

They have to be held somewhere pending their execution date. Gitmo seems as good a place as any. Then toss a noose around their neck & hoist ’em up off the ground.

Greg K

Will, the progressives are playing the long game. While what you said is true, there’s a bigger, meaner fox in the hen house. Something barely anyone caught is that Volker, the guy put on the “Special Envoy to Ukraine,” is a McCain disciple, and resigned a few days ago…right after the faux scandal broke. Additionally, the progressives are already asking for many of Trump’s conversations with other world leaders. Here’s why. Once, transcripts of legitimate, private conversations get exposed, the only world leaders that will talk to Trump going forward, will be despots, and tyrants. It’s an “Isolation Technique.” Then… Read more »

Will Flatt

I don’t think they will get that far. Look at how long the Mueller BS dragged out. Now it’s RussiaRussiaRussia 2.0 with Ukraine, and they intend to milk this non-scandal and impeachment “inquiry” all the way to November 2020. This will explode in their faces since Biden did the exact thing that they’re accusing Trump of doing, and Biden even BRAGGED ABOUT WHAT HE DID PUBLICLY! Moreover, Trump working with the President of Ukraine on corruption matters is his obligation under a law that BIDEN WROTE and was SIGNED BY BILL CLINTON in the 90’s!! There’s so much to this… Read more »

Greg K

Good memory Will! I mentioned the Bill you referenced to my father 3 days ago. Then tried to search for it, and couldn’t find it. It had a six foot name that only required a two inch title. Do you remember the name?

Will Flatt

Nope, don’t remember the name. You know how stilted and unwieldy those names are for the bills these crooks pass. Stupid names jerry-rigged to fit a cute acronym!


That’s where Trump’s accusing is coming from. Shciff is putting his version in transcript. When are these demo-rats going to get what they have coming to them.

Will Flatt

Hopefully soon. Maybe right after 2020, I bet they will totally lose their shit when he gets re-elected, and if they start the cowabunga I’ll be as happy as a pig in mud!! “TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT”.


Forgot one thing, watch Fox News and you will know all that’s happening, true version, CNN, MBC, and most all other are fake news.


Don’tn talk like this, it will give them idea’s.

Green Mtn. Boy

I wonder if Trump enjoys a new found respect for Due Process,that in his own words he would have denied citizens who avail themselves of their 2 nd. amendment right.
Everyone deserves their right to due process no matter the allegation as all Red Flag laws are un Constitutional

Will Flatt

One can only hope! Whomever gets to be President of the US has a FULL workday that doesn’t leave much time for personal reflection. Hopefully God will touch his heart just as he lies down to go to sleep and puts it on him that he must not allow due process to be undermined, and that the 2nd Amendment must be honored in its entirety!

Green Mtn. Boy

@ will

Correct 100%,Eff the Leftards of either party for the tyrants they are.

Will Flatt

Me too, I DESPISE RINO’s as the traitors to the Constitution that they are, ESPECIALLY Crawdad Crenshaw! His love for the Orwellian TAPS Act is disgusting! NO RED FLAG LAW HAS DUE PROCESS. It violates our Rights in a dozen different ways!!
If they want to do this, they’ll get massive pushback in the form of a WALL OF HOT LEAD!

Will Flatt

Yeah, socialists will always step to the left and yeah we can count on that. I despise the RINO’s for precisely the reason you just cited. They have NO BUSINESS being in the GOP if they aren’t going to be REAL conservatives!! And what should Republicans be conserving??

LIBERTY!! Those who don’t should hang right alongside the commies when the Nuremberg Rules are applied!


Gun owners need to flood the white House with letters, faxes and all other means to point out to Trump that this is EXACTLY what happens to those whom Red-Flag laws are aimed at – no due process; no chance to face the accuser. Now that he’s in the hot seat, complaining about not being able to face the accuser, he ought to rethink supporting ERPO’s.

Wild Bill

@T and email, too!


So the possible answers and choices here would be: 1) Stay home and don’t vote, so that we can show the the ONE and ONLY U.S. President we have had in the past 50 years who has openly spoken in favor of the 2nd Amendment that “we are not happy about this” Result = some Socialist-Communist-wannabe-Democratist gets elected with the foreseeable consequences. 2) Vote for one of the “RINO” (Republican in name only) “candidates” that want to return to the old ways and tell all of us what they know better what is good for us, they are going to… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Rebel VA, Is that the limit of your vision? One could bring the whole family to vote. Provide transport for older, less able neighbors. Throw a party for a “uncorrupted yet primary candidate to show the millennials how much fun he is. Run for school board, county constable, county sheriff or some other local office and start your way up. Julius Caesar did!

Wild Bill

@USA, Yeah less corrupted. That is funny! Maybe you are right.


Contact the White House at www dot whitehouse dot gov/contact/, Let the POTUS know what’s happening to Him now is Equivalent to ‘Red Flag’ Laws on a Gun Owner.


I hope someone sents Trump this article so he can see exactly how Red Flag laws can be abused.


Trump is also not getting due process from Pelosi, who’s not holding a formal full House impeachment vote, which if taken would give the Republicans a role in the current circus. If impeached, one can only hope he gets the same lack of due process a Watergate Committee cabal including Hillary were planning for Nixon,

Big Lou

Remember Trump, you like no due process first. Don’t complain now that it’s your ass on the chopping block. Don’t worry Trump, they will get you out of there and then give you your due process just like you like it. You like it for the people, you must love it for yourself.




When someone is charged with a crime the authorities have the right the remove the guns temporarily. It’s been this way for a very long time: when the charges are dropped or expunged they get their guns back. There is no reason to make more laws that potentially disarm the law abiding without due process. I am okay with laws that help prevent the mentally ill from hurting themselves and others, but there needs to be some sort of evaluation process and accountability to protect the mentally form themselves and others ill if you disarm them. So I imagine it… Read more »


Yes, I did send email to Trump letting him know I felt the red flag laws needed to be changed to illegal and they were getting innocent people killed. Just decided to post letting you all know at least 1 did.


That is an EXCELLENT point Mr. Gottlieb!