At Home, in Public, and at Work- More Self Defense Gun Stories

Handgun Self Defense Home Invasion
At Home and at Work, More Self-Defense Gun Stories- LISTEN

U.S.A.– ( You didn’t see it covered by the mainstream media, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Tony Simon joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they well trained? (21-minute audio)

These victims survived lethal attacks because they had a gun..and good habits.


First story-  Are you armed at home?

You’re at home in your apartment on a weekday night. You have physical handicaps and don’t move well. You hear someone knocking on your door. You don’t expect company at this hour, so you grab your firearm for protection. Before you can answer the door, the door is kicked in. You shoot the home invader standing in your front room and he runs away. You call the police.

The police find your wounded attacker a block away. Your attacker is taken to the hospital and then taken to jail. He has open charges for drug offenses. Now he also has charges for breaking and entering in the nighttime with the intent to commit larceny.

Second Story-  Are you armed at home?

It is after midnight when you and your roommate hear something from the front yard. You look out the window and see someone trying to get into your locked cars. You go out front and shout for them to leave. Then, you go back inside and call the police.

You also get your gun. A second later the stranger walks into your home. You shout for him to leave, but he moves toward you. You shoot him. Now he runs away. The police find him nearby and take him to the hospital.

Third story- Are you armed at work?

You run a small supermarket. You’re standing outside with your employees as they clean gang graffiti off the wall of your store. A carload of local gang members rolls up and they tell you to stop. They point firearms out the window of their car. You have your concealed carry permit. You’re armed this morning. You draw your concealed pistol and shoot your attackers. They drive away. Neither you nor your employees are injured. You call the police.

The police arrest one of your attackers when he goes to a local hospital for treatment. Gangs have been threatening you and demanded a hundred thousand dollars in protection money.

Fourth story- Are you armed at work?

You’re counting up the receipts for the night at your restaurant. There are only a few people left sitting at the bar, so you’re closing early. The man at the bar draws a gun and points the gun at you. He demands the money. You have your concealed carry permit. You’re armed. You push the money toward the robber and step back. Next, the robber points his gun at the bartender and demands her phone. You present your firearm and shoot your attacker until he drops his gun. The attacker falls to the floor, so you and the bartender run to the back of the store. The bartender was grazed by one of your shots. You call the police and ask for EMTs.

EMTs take your employee and the robber to the hospital. Your employee is examined and released. The robber is declared dead. The police take copies of your security video.

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