Franklin Armory Now Taking Pre-Orders For California & New Jersey (Lawsuit Active)

Franklin Armory Reformation Firearm
Franklin Armory Reformation Firearm

Minden, NV – -( New Jersey Residents! – In light of our recent challenge against the State of New Jersey, Franklin Armory® has made pre-orders available for the Reformation® series of firearms for New Jersey residents…

This not only puts you on the list for one of these excellent home defense firearms, but also may give you legal standing should New Jersey change their state law while the lawsuit is pending. Pre-orders are now available for just a $5 deposit on our website…

The Franklin Armory vs. New Jersey complaint can be found below:

California Residents! – We are still working with California to fix the DROS system in order for the Title 1 firearm to be legally transferred to civilians. In the meantime, we look forward to making this firearm available to residents of the Golden State – It just takes time. We have updated our website to reflect that the Title 1™ is now available for pre-order for only a $5 deposit! Place a deposit now to get your spot in line today!

Franklin Armory® President, Jay Jacobson says: “It is a shame that the states of New Jersey and California chose to not follow the law. In California, they blame their computer system. In New Jersey, they just don’t care. By placing a deposit, consumers may eventually gain standing if the laws should be changed while the cases are pending.”

Franklin Armory vs. State of New Jersey

Franklin ArmoryIf you would like more information about this topic, please see our website at

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New Jersey STILL follows the orders of anti-American activist Governor Florio: The State Police (the governor’s personal goose-steppers) STILL stop out of state vehicles, especially if they are towing a cargo trailer, and look for guns outlawed in New Jersey. We have veterans in prison in New Jersey because their wives drove through New Jersey with their legal ‘assault weapon’, and NO ONE cares.
One of the reasons I could NEVER have voted for Christie.


This is the very definition of a lawless society. A society in which the “authorities” (whoever they might be on a given day), refuse to follow the law, but demand that all those not connected at the wallet to the “authorities” must follow them, even though they themselves refuse to.
There is a word for a society that exempts those in power from the laws that others are bound to follow, but few will be able to face it. It is: “dictatorship”.
So, let the downvoting begin!