Kopfjäger Ambush Rest Kit: Bringing Stability to your Hunting Blind

Kopfjager Ambush Support Assembly
Kopfjager Ambush Support Assembly

MANSFIELD, TEXAS – -(AmmoLand.com)- Eliminate fatigue and beat buck fever: Kopfjäger’s obsessively engineered Ambush Rest Kit is designed to reduce fatigue, improve safety and fill tags, providing rock-solid support for your favorite rifle in your deer stand.

The Kopfjäger Ambush Support Assembly (KJ85005) is a patent-pending stabilizing arm designed to mount effortlessly to the interior wall of your box blind. Used in conjunction with Kopfjäger’s Reaper Grip and a bipod (sold separately), the Ambush’s innovative design frees up valuable space in your deer blind, eliminating the need for a tripod or shooting stick. The Ambush combined with a Reaper Grip gives shooters of all ages and capabilities the confidence they need to make a precise shot. Though the Ambush is a useful tool for all hunters, it is especially practical for young, elderly and disabled hunters, due to its load-bearing qualities and ease-of-use.

Kopfjager Ambush Support Assembly Clean Look
Kopfjager Ambush Support Assembly Clean Look

The Ambush Shooting Rest Kit (KJ85005K) comes complete with a bipod and Reaper Grip Rest. The Reaper’s curved grip anchors your rifle to the rest and is angled to secure both tapered and straight stocks. The Reaper Grip’s patent-pending hinge block boasts pan rotation and tilt range of a combined 109 degrees (21 degrees up and 87 degrees down).

Dealers and individuals interested in learning more about Kopfjäger products should contact www.kopfjagerindustries.com.


About Kopfjäger

Founded in 2012, Kopfjäger Industries’ focus began with a “deer blind rifle rest.” Scores of drawings, prototypes and patents ultimately led the company into the uncharted territory of tripod mounted gun rests, beginning with the Reaper Rest in 2014. Soon after, in 2015, Kopfjäger unveiled the Reaper Grip. Beginning in 2016, the Reaper Grip paved Kopjäger’s way to the top of multipurpose gun rest innovation. Since then, Kopjäger’s growth has positioned the company as the clear industry leader in mission-oriented gun rests for elite military units, competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts.

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At 500 bucks I think I’ll stick to a bipod and sandbags!


This might be the stabilizer that will fit to my uncle’s need. We’re about to finish installing the rack and tonneau(https://4wheelonline.com/Tonneau-Covers.222468 ) on his truck when he mentioned about a few gun stabilizer he found on the net. Some got bad reviews so I will let him check this out.