Norma BONDSTRIKE Extreme – Long Range Hunting Ammunition Ready for all Big Game

Norma Releases BONDSTRIKE Extreme – A New Line of Long-Range Hunting Ammunition
Norma Releases BONDSTRIKE Extreme

U.S.A.-( Hunters across the country are counting down the days until the opening of fall hunting seasons. Norma BONDSTRIKE Extreme is a line of hunting ammunition engineered for long-range accuracy and reliable performance on game at all distances. Retailers across the country have this top-performing round available in five .30 caliber options.

BONDSTRIKE’s polymer tip lowers drag in flight and ensures easy feeding. The BONDSTRIKE bullet’s proprietary bonding results in excellent weight retention on impact, and the match-style boat-tail shape allows for consistent repeat accuracy. The combination of these features gives BONDSTRIKE the ideal balance of long-range precision, deep penetration and effective terminal ballistics.

BONDSTRIKE is available in five .30 caliber configurations that are ideal for hunting whitetail and mule deer, elk, antelope, moose or any other medium to large-sized game.

  • 308 Win 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme
  • 30-06 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme
  • 300 Win Mag 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme
  • 300 WSM 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme
  • 300 RUM 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme

“Hunters are constantly searching for a round that combines reliable terminal performance with the long-range accuracy,” said Paul Lemke, Vice President and General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “Now they have it. BONDSTRIKE’s bonded bullet provides controlled expansion and tremendous weight retention at all distances, and its efficient low-drag design keeps the round on target. This is the perfect choice for fall hunting season.”

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