Outdoor Channel Veterans Day Special Film: 500 Miles, A Story of Horses & Veterans

Premiering November 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel

DENVER (Ammoland.Com) – Bringing value to a horse with no purpose – the American Mustang – and a group of veterans seeking their new norm, is the beginnings of a challenging horse training program that ends with a 560-mile pack trip, but culminates in life-changing decisions for both man and animal.

Making its small-screen television debut, 500 Miles, will air on Outdoor Channel on Veterans Day, November 11 at 9 p.m. ET.

The film follows 16 Bureau of Land Management wild mustangs that are gathered and trained by the crew at Heroes and Horses. These wild horses will eventually be integrated into

500 Miles on Outdoor Channel
500 Miles on Outdoor Channel

the non-profit located in Manhattan, Montana. The veterans in the program set out in the middle of summer’s heat to begin prepping the horses for a 40-day re-integration program. This unique process transforms lives through pressure and time. Ultimately, its purpose is to allow the veterans and horses to overcome their external circumstances.

500 Miles was created by former Navy SEAL combat Veteran Mike Reiley and Heroes and Horses founder, Micah Fink. The film will captivate and inspire, and bring hope to anyone who has faced a “500-mile journey” in their lives.

For more information about Heroes and Horses program, visit: www.heroesandhorses.org.

500 Miles on Outdoor Channel
500 Miles on Outdoor Channel

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Deplorable Bill

Most people have no idea just how dangerous and daunting breaking a horse, much less a mustang is. I was taught how by a 60+ year old man who could ride anyone I ever saw into the dirt well into his 70’s. He is probably home with the LORD by now. He taught me how to pac also. We had many trips to a place called Rivas, deer hunts and then elk hunts. I just finished an elk hunt on horseback with a pac horse to bring a cow elk out. My pac horse was my main riding horse, a… Read more »

Wild Bill

@DB, I dearly love horses. They make one as strong as the front four of any professional football team, and a lot faster. Horses are, however, too slow and susceptible to rifle fire for modern warfare.


Not necessarily. They still make awesome, quick and easy transport of more than a man can carry through rugged terrain. Imagine a mounted squad, in terrain nasty even for a main battle tank (the Missouri Breaks just south of me, for example), with a Barrett, a few LAWs, a DMR or two, and the rest with M-4gerys! That’s a force to be reckoned with right there! The trick would be to use the horses for quick movement and to carry all that gear, but then hide them in the breaks and fight on foot… I know places in there where… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Hmmm, yes, the Missouri Breaks. How about if we were attacking Washington, DC, where our enemies are located?