SpotCrime Introduces MyLocalCrime to Google Play and iTunes

SpotCrime Mobile App a
SpotCrime Mobile App

Baltimore, MD – -( SpotCrime, an independent crime mapping and crime alert service, is introducing the MyLocalCrime mobile application to the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

The MyLocalCrime app puts crime information at the public’s fingertips by displaying nationwide crime data mapped to the block level and a nationwide most wanted database. It also includes a free crime tipping service for the public and police agencies. A cold case database will be added in early 2020.

MyLocalCrime allows users to obtain detailed crime descriptions and seamlessly share crime-related information with others via text, email, and a number of social media platforms. The app includes a map with verified incident-based crime data down to the street level. Most wanted criminals are displayed in an area, based on the user’s location.

The data on MyLocalCrime is collected from more than 1,000 police agencies, including the 100 most populated cities in the U.S., and is frequently updated. Each data point includes a source back to the police agency from which the data was collected so that users can verify the information for themselves.

“The MyLocalCrime app is another platform to push relevant crime information out to the public,” says SpotCrime Vice President Brittany Suszan. “The more people who can access this information, the more prepared a community can be when it comes to crime prevention efforts and cultivating the community-police relationship,” she continues.

SpotCrime has also made the most wanted database available on SpotCrime’s website,, as well as SpotCrime’s free weekly email alerts. This is the only source of this data available to the public.

In addition to mapping and alerts, SpotCrime advocates for open, equal, and fair access to crime data.

“This crime data needs to be democratized in order to be effective in reducing crime and protecting the public,” Suszan explains. “SpotCrime is constantly trying to find new ways to make this data useful to the public and police agencies, and the MyLocalCrime app represents one of those ways.”

SpotCrime anticipates sending 300 million email alerts in 2019. It estimates more than 20 million people interact with the crime data from SpotCrime monthly.

For more information, email [email protected] .

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As with everything, there’s the potential for abuse. Like all things in life it has it pros and it has its cons: same as a gun it depends on whose hands its in.


I agree with what you say. I wonder about the last detail of your statement- “whose hands it is in ” Enlighten me. Are the people that use Google Play and itunes , people that are likely to be strong supporters of our Second Amendment Rights ? Or are they more likely to be believers in gun control ? Do you think that we can trust Google to protect our Second Amendment Rights? What is the upside of this thing ? Are these users likely to report Antifa crimes ? Are they going to turn in illegal aliens ? Will… Read more »


Anything nowadays with a loop hole in it has to be looked at carefully. You don’t even know what party is setting this up, could be a Demorat.


I wish there was some way to stop this sort of thing. The other article about the Texas couple being killed by the police based on lies told by a neighbor, shows this is a very bad idea. At least in that case there was enough proof that the neighbor could be arrested and tried, but the couple lost their lives. Spotcrime .com promises the protection to the “tipster”. This can only encourage some people to SWAT and Redflag gun owners. How can anyone that values their rights and freedoms not recognize that this is just another way to eliminate… Read more »

American Patriot

If it’s anything that Google is behind then you can guarantee that it will be manipulated to the left side of center.


I just downloaded mylocall crime app. It looks good and offers a way to report a crime tips w/o going to the police or calling them. The history of crime in an area is good to know when looking to buy or wanting to know what are typical things to defend against!