The Advanced MEPRO FT Single Dot Pistol Sight from Meprolight

Meprolight FT Single Dot Pistol Sight

Middletown, Penn. ( – Meprolight, a world leader in a variety of optic solutions from electro-optics sights, thermal sights and devices, self-illuminated sights, and innovative pistol sights, introduces the MEPRO FT Single Dot pistol sight system.

Incredibly small and lightweight, the FT Single Dot system is based on Meprolight’s optical illumination patent and features a front and back aiming post in Fiber-optic Tritium dots for horizontal and vertical centering in daylight, nighttime, and low light circumstances. The low-profile accents fast target acquisition and increases the user’s level of accuracy. Simple to install by placing the FT Single Dot sight on any pistols rear dovetail. There are no batteries or switches, just install and go! The FT Single Dot is made from extremely durable materials to withstand heavy use and provide the user with years of bright light shooting. MSRP is $130.00.

MEPRO FT Single Dot

Meprolight’s array of sight options for civilian, law enforcement, and military are all designed to meet the high standards of military use; therefore, customers can count on Meprolight products as exceeding traditional standards of durability, reliability, clarity, and consistent performance.

Visit Meprolight USA® at the 2020 SHOT Show at booth #15138, January 21-24, 2020 in Las Vegas.

Stay current with Meprolight USA® at, on its Facebook page or Instagram.

About Meprolight®:

Meprolight® is a leading International Electro-Optics company, developing, manufacturing and marketing systems for infantry, armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and civilian markets since 1990. Meprolight opened a US-based division, Meprolight USA®, in early 2019 to better serve its North American customers.

Meprolight provides comprehensive solutions with a wide array of combat-proven products; electro-optical solutions, night vision devices, digital Low light handheld devices, thermal target acquisition systems, and a variety of night sights and other tritium illuminated products for safety and security applications.

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Have this on my glock 17 for 3 plus years.
It’s not new at all.


This sight is exciting to me. No focus on front sight after lining up w the back sight with two dots or cut out. This should be good for all eyes, younger or older!


Do not purchase this system for a CZ 75 series, or for any pistol if you value customer service. I, and many people in my forums have purchased these and no one has been able to fit them to their CZ 75, or variant, as the seller says they will. I reached out to them and they do not have state side customer service. Their email response came weeks later and did not acknowledge any defect, and simply demanded proof of purchase. I obliged by sending a copy of the receipt along with pictures of the product and original packaging.… Read more »


Try contacting the make group as they are the us distributors. Have been for years.
Location in long island ny.

I have had no issues with mine on my glock.