Trading Real Freedom for Perceived Safety


University of Virginia Trading Real Freedom for Perceived Safety
University of Virginia, Trading Real Freedom for Perceived Safety

Fairfax, VA – -( “[N]othing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe,” explained the editors of The Daily Northwestern, the campus newspaper at Northwestern University. The statement was part of a lengthy apology published by the editors, after reporters had covered a public speech (and related disruptions and protests) by former Attorney General and current senatorial candidate, Jeff Sessions, at the university.

Referring to “a student body that can be very easily and directly hurt by the University,” the editors (apparently laboring in the trenches of woke-ness) acknowledged their reporting of the event “contributed to the harm students experienced” and failed to ensure that readers were “benefitting from our coverage rather than being actively harmed by it.” The photo coverage particularly was one way the newspaper had “harmed many students,” so the editors removed these “retraumatizing” photos.

The same kind of overriding need to shield the sensitivities of young adults from discomfort and fear, however occasioned or poorly justified, was behind a decision to abandon an established Veterans Day observance at another institution of higher learning.

University of Virginia President Jim Ryan announced that the traditional 21-gun salute used to honor veterans would be discontinued this year due to the “disruption to classes” and “concerns related to firing weapons on the Grounds in light of gun violence that has happened across our nation.”

The philosophy underlying these incidents is troubling on many levels. It suggests that it is acceptable (and necessary, even) to distort honest, accurate, fair and truthful journalism to insulate others from exposure to possibly disagreeable material. It implies that America’s youth are less able than ever before to cope with emotional discomfort or distress absent a “safe space.” It relegates honoring patriotism and our nation’s veterans to something between an inconvenient, noisy “disruption” and a potentially harmful “triggering” occurrence. Perhaps worst of all, it legitimizes the notion of an entitlement to a lifetime of freedom from fear, rather than a belief in the value of freedom itself.

Small wonder that veterans, many of whom have a direct, personal understanding of the cost, in blood, of our fundamental freedoms, feel unwelcome on many college campuses. Rob Henderson, a former member of the U.S. Air Force, recently described the ideological contrast between those in the armed forces, who swear an oath to defend with their lives the U.S. Constitution, and affluent college activists who “regularly trash the First [Amendment] and seek to dismantle the Second” Amendment. “We keep our love for America to ourselves.”

America did not become the awesome country it is today by elevating “feeling safe” to the most important thing. As Benjamin Franklin observed long ago, “those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)


Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Mark 2nd

Never in my life have I seen so many male pussies and such a rampant lack of testosterone. I don’t believe this degree of sexual ambiguity, homosexuality and pussyfied, weak kneed, limp wristed “males” has ever existed before. Apologies for the profanities but I can’t think of better descriptives for the current crop of cunts this world is saddled with. These sexually ambiguous abominations are in our “government” making policies to the detriment of our nation. One thing I know for sure: These powder puff pansies will never be “safe” because they’re busying themselves creating the adversity, strife, hatred and… Read more »


Interesting that their FEELING safe is most important, even more than their BEING safe. Typical leftism. Actual reasoners need not apply.


Libtards have created a generation of useless people.


I sing at various bars and restaurants, and get plenty of rave reviews as one of the best they’ve heard. However, I no longer sing at some of these places because, for whatever reason, the applaud has stopped there. Many say it’s because a new generation has started filling in the chairs. They look at you like you’re lucky to be performing for them. If they cannot appreciate the hours of effort I put in for their entertainment, then they can stick their quarter in a Jukebox. The same is true when you no longer appreciate those who have made… Read more »

Wild Bill

Ok, I don’t know about the singing part, but I’m going to up click you for the rest of it. 😉


Trying to connect my real-world experiences regarding what is a shift in paradigm concerning the coming of a new norm. If they can get away with dishonoring those who gave their all, then nothing is scared anymore: least of all the lone minstrel who sings and dances for his cake because, Lord forbid, he wants to eat it too. Just sayin’…


N]othing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe,

Does not matter whetherthey ARE safe, only that they are somehow deluded into FEELING safe.

I got it now. Makes perfect sense…….


This question has been asked many times before but I’ll humbly repeat it: What will all these sheltered young people do, after they graduate, and there are no “safe spaces” in what the rest of us know as the real world. A real world where they don’t have all their “like minded” masses to gather round in a dormitory? A real world where they have to go home to an apartment that’s on a real street, in a real city, where it’s not safe and there are real threats of rape, assault & murder, not simply the threat of having… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Vans and increased treatment with prescription anxiety drugs, too!


Are there no men out there any more? It appears that the sissy-boys, pansies and wimps have taken over just about every institution in America and are failing miserably at passing for males.


Students have been terrorized by the MSMs steady drumbeat of gun control. They should fear being brainwashed by their so called educators and the media.

Deplorable Bill

Ben Franklin was right. He still is. Arm up, carry on.


And, from across the pond, came these insightful words. “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of basic human liberty; it is the argument of tyrants; it the creed of slaves.” William Pitt British House of Commons