Areo Precision December Builders Set Out Now in Volcanic Madland Camo ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Attention custom gun bulders, Aero Precision has their AR rifle Builders Kit out for December and it is in Volcanic Madland Camo.

The December Builder Set features a Volcanic MADLand custom cerakote scheme from MAD Custom Coating. The Volcanic MADLand camouflage scheme features tones of Burnt Bronze, dark grey, and earth-tone browns that combine to form a perfect “middle-earth” vibe that is incredibly striking. If you’re looking to make your next rifle build unique, this is the set for you!Buy Now Gun Deals

This package deal includes the finished pieces you need to assemble your own Volcanic MADLand Camo M4E1 Rifle, including an M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, M4E1 Lower Receiver, and our Gen 2 Enhanced Handguard all finished in Volcanic MADLand Camo. Stand out at the range with a unique and eye-catching build. This is a one time offer for this finish – once they are gone, they are gone!

Aero Precision December 2019 Builder Set in Volcanic MADLand Sample Rifle
Aero Precision December 2019 Builder Set in Volcanic MADLand Sample Rifle

The December Builder Set in Volcanic MADLand Includes:

  • M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver finished in Volcanic MADLand Camo. Upper receiver is assembled and includes the forward assist, dust cover and barrel nut.
  • 15″ Enhanced Gen 2 M-LOK Handguard finished in Volcanic MADLand Camo
  • M4E1 Lower Receiver finished in Volcanic MADLand Camo
  • This December Builder Set is available in M4E1 (AR15) 15″ Enhanced Handguard, M4E1 (AR15) 9″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded, M4E1 (AR15) 15″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded,
  • M4E1 (AR15) 9″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded, M4E1 (AR15) 15″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded, M5 (.308) 15″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded, M5 (.308) 15″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded

About Aero Precision

Aero Precision is known for two things: superior engineering & machining, and the ability to get the customer what they need, when they need it. Their products have been recognized across the country by members of the military and law enforcement communities for one simple fact – they work better. Aero Precision’s roots are deeply tied to aerospace, and the company’s drive for clean, perfect engineering and machining stems from that. When you’re building something that will fly in the air, there is no margin for error. The team at Aero takes that same approach in the firearms industry. Not every manufacturer will have razor thin tolerance levels. Not every manufacturer will personally oversee the development, design, and machining of every part that comes off the line. Aero Precision is not every manufacturer.

Manufacturing a great receiver isn’t just about what the end product looks like. It’s about what it feels like, how it works, how it handles and performs. Aero Precision pushes the boundaries of manufacturing and challenge the status quo by constantly looking for new ways to use, develop or evolve existing processes. By personally designing and engineering state of the science tooling in-shop, they are able to leverage the latest machine tool technologies to provide you with components of the highest quality.

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American Patriot

Looks eXcellent! Would look great next to my black one! (for diversity)