AmmoSquared Inc. Launches Crowdfund to Revolutionize the Ammunition Industry

No industry is immune to digital disruption… not even ammunition.

AmmoSquared Growth Trend 2019

Boise, Idaho (  AmmoSquared Inc. is on a mission to change the way 94 million gun owners think about and manage ammunition by combining the physical world of ammunition with the convenience of online digital management.

According to the company, by starting off digital, ammunition becomes more convenient to purchase, store, exchange, manage, and ultimately, own.

CEO of AmmoSquared Inc, Dan Morton, explained, “Our vision of the future is that every gun owner in America will soon have two forms of ammunition: physical, that they store in their house and take to the range, and digital, which is accumulating in the background, easily exchangeable, and deliverable on demand.”

The company’s existing business model, which was launched in 2015, already offers a unique ammunition subscription service designed to help customers stay stocked up on ammo, but according to Morton, that is just phase one of AmmoSquared’s long term vision.

“Currently customers can purchase ammunition in small amounts via a reoccurring subscription,” Morton continued. “It doesn’t matter whether they are buying one box or one round at a time, it all goes into their digital inventory and accumulates until the customer is ready for delivery. This subscription-based model is just the first phase of our vision.”

How AmmoSquared works

AmmoSquared is looking at the future of ammunition and has recently begun raising capital to build a next-generation digital ammunition exchange. Chris Corriveau, CTO of AmmoSquared, added, “Our ultimate goal is to build a true ‘Digital Ammunition Exchange’ where individuals can purchase, store, exchange, and sell ammunition with just a few clicks online. This way, every gun owner has a backup supply of ammunition in a ‘digital’ format that is easily exchangeable and available whenever they need it. Ammunition holders will also be able to trade into, or out of, different calibers in order to take advantage of price changes in the ammunition market.”

Morton and Corriveau predict this will create a market-based leveling mechanism to smooth out the sometimes-dramatic price and availability swings in ammunition that increase during the political election cycle.

To raise capital, the company is issuing Series Seed Preferred Shares to accredited and non-accredited investors through equity crowdfunding portal Wefunder.

“We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to join us and invest in the future of ammunition. Most folks are not accredited investors so it was important to choose an equity crowdfunding platform where anyone with as little as $100 could become a shareholder in AmmoSquared. There are also great gun related perks available for those who can invest $500 or more,” Morton said.

While there are a handful of public companies in the firearms industry such as Sturm, Ruger and Company, American Outdoor Brands, and Olin Corp (Winchester), the ability to invest in a disruptive tech startup in this industry is rare to non-existent – especially for the smaller investor.

Investors in AmmoSquared have a unique opportunity to own part of an ammunition company, drive innovation in the industry, and support the 2nd Amendment.

For investment information visit:

About AmmoSquared Inc.:

Started in 2015 as an LLC by husband and wife team Dan and Danielle Morton, the company incorporated in July 2019 as a Delaware C-Corp and brought on Chris Corriveau as CTO and Clay Knight as Head of Design. The company has generated over $1m in revenue to date through its innovative ammo subscription service. Plans are underway to build AmmoSquared 2.0 – a next-generation digital ammunition exchange platform that will allow customers a new approach to purchasing, exchanging, and managing ammunition online.

For company info visit:

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If the craps hit the fan I will rely on my stockpile but I am also using this as a way to add to the pile.I am getting $160 a month in 8 different calibers. . I have found Dan to be extremely responsive when I email him and is always accommodating. I did by into the company because I love someone going after a dream. If the world goes to hell unless it is at your house it is gone. I have found the prices on everything to be fair and when you get $250 worth of ammo it… Read more »


I’ve been a subscriber to Ammo Squared for two years or so. Their service is extremely convenient to keep my on hand stock of ammo at specific levels by caliber. I am a firearms instructor and shoot a lot. This service allows me to budget for ammo and not have to worry about searching numerous online sites for the best available price and having to purchase ammo from multiple online sources. The ammo is delivered in plain cardboard boxes. As for the crowdfunding; I applaud Dan and the other owners of Ammo Squared for thinking outside the box and providing… Read more »


I don’t see how “digital” ammo is a thing. I have a decent supply of ammo at home and I try to buy some every few months to cover the amount expended with training. What good does them having my money and my ammo do me?
This may make sense for some people but I get non sequitur when I examine the concept. I do wish them good luck


Thanks Gary! Honestly, we get that a lot because we are doing something very different to what has been done before and it causes a lot of head scratching at first. The ammo itself isn’t digital of course but the management of your ammunition supply is. You can purchase small amounts, change calibers and buy more or sell some back all up until the point where you request delivery. You can also set up an automatic delivery schedule so ammo just shows up at your doorstep on a regular basis. What we’re doing is adding a layer of convenience on… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

How fast can I get my “stored” ammo from lets say I clicked the button send me my ammo right now. 9:15 EST

Derek S.

Fast! I had over 1,000 rounds on my doorstep in under a week

Ansel Hazen

That was my suspicion. Nearly a week to get ammo ain’t gonna be worth JackS*** when things go to hell.

Operator Z

Should need to get your ammo that quickly. Should already have that part taken care of.


When things go to Hell you’re not getting that ammunition.


I have a few questions:
1. Security of accounts from prying eyes, especially those who may say “we’re from xyz State and here’s a subpoena. We want to comb through your records for anyone who lives in our State.
2. Has anyone done an actual cost differential between this service and prices on Ammoseek or others.
3. Rather than have $100 charged to your credit card every month wouldn’t it be, in the long run, cheaper to simply put a $100 in a coffee cup and after a few months order ammo online?


1. Have some other 2A companies ever been subpoena’d for gun owner information? Every single company you buy from online has your information. If you buy a Remington 870 magazine spring from MidwayUSA they have your information and I guarantee they have more customers than us – so if anyone is going to be “hacked” or “subpoenaed” for gun owner information it would be a company like that. 2. Our prices are very reasonable. We actually use companies like MidwayUSA as a price gauge and our per round price will be higher than case prices but lower than local gun… Read more »


You’re right Bill. If things suddenly go to hell and trucks stop running because everyone is shooting each other and fighting over cans of soup to survive you could have some stock of ammunition that we can’t ship to you. If you have at least a week’s notice before things go to hell you can request your ammunition from us and as long as Fedex is able to delivery then you will get your ammo. The idea behind AmmoSquared is that everyone should have two forms of ammunition – physical that they keep in their home that they take to… Read more »


Living in an increasingly purple state, and keeping an eye on what’s going on in Virginia, I have concerns about another form of disruption. With respect to the law, when does that ammo become mine. If my state bans online ammo sales, or requires it to be transferred through a licensee of some sort, or bans hollow points, can I still have everything I paid for before the law went into effect shipped to my house? Could I arrange to come pick it up? Would the ammo be from lots that existed when I actually paid for it, or would… Read more »


I’m a subscriber and have been for years. I still take advantage of case lot purchases when on sale, but this keeps my stocks at desired levels continuously while I use ammo to train at a price I can afford. Inventory is always on line and I can make any changes I like. They ship when I ask every time. Good company that does what they say, delivers high quality brand name product, and customer service is outstanding. There is risk in everything. This is totally managed by me by the amount of money I’m willing to put at risk… Read more »

Saul S

I’ve been a customer with Ammo Squared for 3yrs now. I was one of those during the ammo shortage who struggle to find and at times over payed on ammo because it was so scares. I also don’t shop at Wally World and as much as I would like to support local gun stores with purchasing my ammo, their prices are just to high. Ammo Squared provided that niche I was looking. I’ve since cancelled every other subscription service and have stuck to the one that makes the most sense, Ammo Squared. My subscription with them is convenient and flexible.… Read more »


I have been with this company for quite a while and it’s great. I shoot when I can, I also reload. I put aside 40 bucks or so aside a month, let the ammo build up in the background and when I reach the trigger that “I “ set they send it. Delivery is quick, I can change calibers. The prices are on par with most deals out there . Can I find better prices, absolutely, but the convenience of not having to shop around, the ability to buy a couple rounds worth at the same price as a case,… Read more »

Derek S.

There are two sides to the business. The straight forward ammunition subscription and the grander idea of the ammunition exchange. The Subscription: Absolutely awesome. I split about $100 a month across several calibers like 9mm, .22, and 300blk. My credit card is billed $100 every month on the day I choose, and the ammunition is purchased. Physically. And stored, physically. When I view my account online I can see a purchase history showing me my total rounds currently owned, as well as a breakdown to see how many rounds of each caliber was purchased each month and at what price… Read more »

American Patriot

So when the SHTF can you shoot your digital ammo with you’re digital gun…….I’ll keep my stock pile at home!


Ammo isn’t digital – only the management of it is. Honestly you should have equal amounts of ammunition at home and accumulating somewhere off-site that is exchangeable and deliverable on demand. How about a scenario that is more likely than SHTF: like a fire in your home or a flood? Both are more common than a complete breakdown of society. But if you have a stockpile in your home AND away from your home, you are covered all the way around.