Cimarron Firearms Pays Tribute With The Blue and The Gray Series

Rare photo of Confederate and Union Soldier together. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Fredericksburg, Texas ( –  Cimarron Firearms, a leader in authentic reproduction firearms in the tradition of America’s Old West frontier guns, honors the soldiers on both sides of one of the darkest times in our Nation’s history, the Civil War, with a limited series of replica revolvers in The Blue and The Gray Series.

“There is no denying that this period of American history continues to be controversial,” Bryce Wayt, VP of operations and media for Cimarron Firearms, explained. “The Blue and The Gray Series are highly collectible, beautifully made replicas of the revolvers that made their way onto our country’s battlefields. This is Cimarron’s way to not only pay tribute to the brave soldiers on both sides but to honor the continued freedom enjoyed by all American citizens as a result of that bloody war.”

Five revolvers are featured in The Blue and The Gray limited series. Representing the North is the 1860 Army .44, the 1860 Richards Transition Model® conversion .45 LC., and the 1860 “Grants Gun” 8”, .44 with its beautiful laser engraving. For the South, Cimarron offers the Leech & Rigdon CSA in .36 and the 1851 Richards Mason® Conversion in .38 Special.

Cimarron Firearms The Blue and The Gray Series

Both North and South revolvers feature a finely rendered version in pure silver of the Old Glory Flag or the CSA Stars and Bars Battle Flag inlaid into the grips. The flag inlay was hand-carved from a block of micarta knife handle material by the legendary grip carver and maker Paul Persinger of El Paso, Texas. Champe Jennings, Cimarron’s fine jeweler in Fredericksburg, Texas, made the molds and cast the inlays in the pure silver for each revolver.

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About Cimarron Firearms:Cimarron Firearms

Cimarron is recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in replica firearms. For the past 35 years, Cimarron has worked continuously to perfect the authentic detail, fit, finish, and function of our line of frontier firearms. There is no other firearm that is near equal in value, strength, reliability, and authentic detail as is the line from Cimarron Firearms Co.

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Wild Bill

, Since Custer was dead last in his class, LT Washington had to have been a better student.

Capn Dad

That’s not a Confederate. Both are Union officers.

Wild Bill

@Dad, Hard to tell. What makes you come to that conclusion? MC and a HNF.

Capn Dad

They are both wearing Union uniforms.

Capn Dad

They are both wearing Union uniforms.