Fighting Solves Everything, New Book by Cancer Fighter Paul Markel

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Fighting Solves Everything, New Book by Cancer Fighter Paul Markel
Fighting Solves Everything, New Book by Cancer Fighter Paul Markel

USA – -( “We are going to fight.” That is what everyone says when a loved one gets sick. However, saying fight and knowing how to fight are not the same. That is the goal of Fighting Solves Everything; Destroying Cancer with Faith, Nutrition, and Science, to provide the how and what to go with the desire to fight.

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“In our lives, we have a few moments that are truly life-altering. Many of these life-altering moments are positive; the day we got married, the day our child was born, but some positives are negative. A “positive” diagnosis that a lump is cancer is the worst use of that term. When I received that specific news, I understood that I was in for a fight and that I had to fight every day to defeat an enemy I had never before faced.” – Paul Markel, author of Fighting Solves Everything and Cancer Fighter.Buy Now Gun Deals

Saying you are going to fight and understanding how to fight are not the same things. We cannot just say words and expect results. This book is not just about the concept of fighting, it details how to go about fighting against the enemy of cancer. Everyone’s struggle is unique, nonetheless, it is our sincere hope that the methods of fighting that Paul employed will aid you in whatever struggles you encounter, cancer or otherwise.

We want to offer you a signed copy of Paul Markel’s newest book; Fighting Solves Everything. As an added bonus, the first 100 orders will receive a complimentary Fighting Solves Everything glow-in-the-dark, vinyl patch as our gift to you.

Go to and place your order now.

Paul G. Markel

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Every month or two, put two drops of gum turpentine on a sugar cube and eat it – you’ll likely never get cancer. The glucose carries the turpentine to the cancer cell. Turpentine does not harm healthy cells. As with everything marvelous in our universe, it’s designed that way by God. A good bio-feedback therapist can tell you with 100% certainty if you have any cancer cells anywhere in your body, kill them, and tell you what nutritional changes you need to make. No probes, no blood tests, no nuthin’ – just sit in the chair, wear the headband, and… Read more »


YOU MUST run your own case! As the patient you are in control of what is done. Think of doctors as car mechanics and yourself as a car. You have specialists in all fields: Orhopods fix bones, suspension mechanics work on suspension and frames; dermatologists fix skin/painters fix exteriors; brain surgeons fix human electronics/car wiring and electronic experts fix computers and wiring; heart specialists fix blood flow/fuel specialists fix the same in a car (lines and fuel pumps, etc. GET IT we are just machines, they are just human mechanics–they are NOT GODS. You must tell your doctor based on… Read more »