Gun Control in Florida Costs Lives

Gun Control in Florida Costs Lives, Allexxandar-iStock-884197090
Gun Control in Florida Costs Lives, iStock-884197090

U.S.A. -( I re-watched the news coverage of a murderer’s attack on a Florida High School. I also read about an armed store clerk in Florida who saved his life by stopping an armed robber. I read about the attack on a Florida homeowner who she saved her life because she was armed. One event is seen, and the others go unseen. The media floods us with horrible images of murder but doesn’t show us the thousands of examples of armed defense. We can’t make good choices unless we know the whole truth about gun ownership and gun control. When we look at both sides, then we see that disarming honest citizens in Florida will cost more lives than it could possibly save.

Florida was once called “the gunshine state”. It earned that nickname back in 1987 when it became a “shall issue” state. That reversed a century of gun-control laws where local officials denied gun ownership to racial and political minorities. Our gun-control laws always made it illegal for criminals to have guns, but since criminals don’t obey the law, these gun-control laws only disarmed law-abiding citizens. The regulations passed two decades ago in Florida meant that local officials “shall issue” firearms permits unless the applicant has a criminal record. There are legendary stories among Florida law enforcement about the falling rate of sexual assault once women could again carry a concealed firearm.

That was twenty years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Florida now has a number of gun-control laws and some politicians want to pass many more. Do these laws save lives or cost lives? Does the question of life-and-death matter as long as the proposed legislation earns the politicians a few minutes in front of the news cameras and brings in campaign donations? We have to dig past the headlines to find out.

Does gun-control work for the politicians.. or does gun-control work for us?

The rate of concealed carry in Florida is higher than the average rate for states that issue permits to the public. To be specific, about one-out-of-seven eligible adults have their permit in Florida (13.4%). While above average, Florida’s carry rate isn’t close to the states with the highest rates of concealed carry. Alabama is closer to one-in-three (30.3%) eligible adults, and even Pennsylvania is about one-in-six (15.3%). While there are several counties in Pennsylvania where the carry rate is closer to 50%, some sixteen states do not require a state permit for law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm in public. What does that mean for the citizens of Florida?

Those carry rates tell us what people want and the impact of our restrictive firearms laws. We think of Florida as having permissive firearms regulations, but compared to Alabama, those concealed carry restrictions disarmed over two and a quarter million Floridians who wanted to carry. Those regulations touched a lot of lives. You can imagine what happens when you disarm the honest people in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando combined. The results are shocking.

Using the FBI’s rates of violent crime, each year over 8,400 victims of violent crime were disarmed by Florida’s concealed carry laws. Over 700 of these victims were rape victims.. each year. That is an additional two rape victims per day. Florida’s restrictive gun laws cost its citizens their property, their dignity, and their lives. Unfortunately, the news gets worse. Those estimates are calculated by using the average US crime rate. The bad news is that the rate of violent crime in several Florida cities is far above average.

Let me leave you with some good news that is buried deep in the old Department of Justice reports; armed victims of sexual assault are not raped. That good great news seldom makes the news.

For me, these are more than statistics. The victims have faces and names. I know people who were sexually assaulted and now chose to go armed for their defense. Some of them live in Florida. Those victims are someone’s family and friends. If you think about it, you probably know a victim of sexual assault who was disarmed.

Florida also made its firearms laws more restrictive by raising the minimum age for firearms ownership. That means a young woman can get married, have children, drive a huge commercial truck for a living, or fly an airplane, but she wouldn’t be allowed to protect her family at home with a firearm. In Florida, the bad guys know that the 20-year-old clerk working nights at a convenience store is disarmed. Disarming the good guys doesn’t disarm the bad guys..despite what the politicians and the press tell us. Mass murderers and other criminals break our gun laws, so these firearms regulations cost lives rather than save them.

The political advocates for gun control say they want to get rid of guns, but their actions say otherwise. They have armed guards who protect them at work. Many have security services to protect them at home and as they travel. Some of the loudest political advocates for gun control own guns for their personal protection. They want us disarmed while they are protected by men with guns. We deserve better.

You deserve better. The right of self-defense saves lives every day.. even if that story is deliberately buried on the back page. Gun-control politicians claim “it is for the children”, but in reality, more gun-control in Florida will cost more lives. It could be the lives of those you love.

Protect them now.

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The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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This past week has been a bad week for my neighbor. She is a single mom. Her ex has been terrorizing her. She filed a restraining order, her ex has threatened her life with random email and texts, slashed her tires, and broke into her car several times, broke the neighborhood entry gate (all on community cameras). Every time the police got there he was gone (took 20min or more) and they basically said there wasnt much they could do since they couldnt verify the source of the emails or texts (free accounts and burners) and since he lived over… Read more »


@TwentyTwoWillDo I’m glad your friend is alright, and the last thing anyone should hope for is having to use a firearm to have to defend themselves. When it happens however, it should be done without second thought. If the choice is to stand by and do nothing or take an attacker’s life in a situation where you already have direct evidence of what is going on.. A little time in a cell waiting for trial is nothing compared to the lifetime of guilt and regret you would go through if you had to live with the fact you sat there… Read more »


Sources, please.


This is a ridiculous overstatement regarding gun control.


I think it is worth remembering that in the one FLorida incident that has been plastered all across the nation’s “news” the perpetrator was “lawfully” able to purchase guns despite it being known that he had committed at least three, and probably four, felony level crimes against persons in a short period of time prior to his crimes. This was known to the sheriffs in his county, to the FBI,to the family court systems, and to the school district where he attended public schools. The reason he was not charged is one of the more shocking and disgusting situations in… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

The Last time I calculated the carry permit rate in South Carolina using the estimated 2019 21 and over population and the number of active CWPs, it came out to a little over 12%.

Dave in Fairfax

RF, 12% is pretty high considering how stringent the testing is to get a CCW in SC. That’s why they don’t reciprocate with other states. Most states don’t require the proof of ability to use that SC does.


Yet Maryland is a “MAY ISSUE” state. It is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a “REGULAR” Law Abiding Maryland Citizen to obtain ANY CARRY “PERMIT”. The Biggest problem is that a NORMAL Marylander must PROVE they are in IMMINENT DANGER by a COURT ORDER/RECORDS. Therefore; Maryland is a “may NOT issue” State. Also the Maryland State Police have a record of EVERY “CONTROLLED GUN” that is bought or sold in Maryland. THIS FACT IS BREAKING LAWS where “REGISTRATIONS/LIST of gun owners” are ILLEGAL!!!


Ditto for New Jersey. We wish we had Florida’s “restrictions”.


The left is ramping up their campaign to disarm the American people by killing more innocent people. They can’t help it, that is just the way they are. But even worse, are those who comply with the wishes of the left.

Deplorable Bill

Every legislator, every judge, every lawyer, every enforcement person who would delay, deny an American citizens right to keep and bare arms and are just as culpable and guilty of assault, murder and rape but, more than that, they are guilty of treason. This goes for anybody who funded them in that endeavor. They have the blood of all the victims, who were rendered unarmed by their treasonous laws, on their hands. Assault, murder and rape are, for the most part, aimed against individuals and the lawful prison sentences vary from 7 years to death. They deserve every bit of… Read more »