What We Learned from the Bloomberg Effect in Virginia

Ralph Northam Governor of Virginia and Michael Bloomberg
Ralph Northam Governor of Virginia and Michael Bloomberg

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- There is a lot we can learn from the recent elections in Virginia. Democrats now hold the majority in both houses of the legislature, the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of state.

To touch the obvious highpoints-

  • Money talks. When your local representative is elected to office because billionaire Michael Bloomberg bought his victory, then the representative doesn’t speak for you. He speaks for Bloomberg.
  • Politicians who take large campaign contributions can propose disastrous laws so long as the contributions continue. Bloomberg’s political contributions becomes essential while the local results of legislation becomes superfluous.
  • News outlets accept money to run campaign advertisements. Beyond their personal biases, the media’s commercial incentives further distort their ability to report honestly on an election.
  • Big-government politicians in both parties want more government so that political payoffs continue. These politicians have no use for limited government and free citizens.

All elections have consequences. Unusual elections have unusual consequences. Even before they took office, the Virginia Democrats advanced Bloomberg’s agenda.

  • Virginia Democrats proposed to outlaw zoning for new single-family homes and thus to punish the people who live outside the dense urban centers that make up the core Democrat constituency. Living in your own home is now racist.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to disarm honest citizens in and near the state capital. Democrats don’t trust the people who elected them.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to disarm adults under 21 years of age. That means you could be a young police officer and carry a gun when you’re on duty, you could also be old enough to be married and have children, but you wouldn’t be old enough to buy a gun to protect your family when you’re off duty. Only a true believer thinks that makes sense.
  • Democrats proposed to outlaw firearms in common use for the last hundred years. In the name of “freedom and democracy”, they want to outlaw the tools that gave us our freedom and democracy. Honest gun owners across the state said they would not comply. Police officers and Sheriff’s deputies also said they would not comply.
  • Virginia Democrats proposed to illegally use the National Guard to go door to door and forcibly confiscate firearms from honest gun owners. That is how you start a civil war.

If gun control laws in other states are a guide, then these gun prohibition laws would not apply to the legislators themselves. If I’m wrong and the laws apply equally to our rulers, then Bloomberg’s money can buy a full time security detail for every Democrat legislature and their family.

You, on the other hand, are on your own.

The publicly stated rationale is that these power-grabs are for “the public good” and to reduce “gun violence”. If this bigotry against gun owners runs true to form, then in the name of public safety we’ll ask the police to disarm honest citizens who are less danger to the public than the police. In the name of public safety, we’ll establish more “gun free zones” where criminals hunt for disarmed victims. The mainstream media will publish the gun-prohibition talking-points but ignore that crime has fallen while gun ownership has soared.

There is some good news as well. Today, we have the alternative media and it is harder than ever to fool all the people all the time. Unfortunately, you still have to get off the couch to vote once you’re informed about the issues.

Today, we have the alternative media and it is harder than ever to fool all the people all the time.

Talking points are easy and progress is hard. Actions to reduce urban violence would be to reverse Democrat regulation and let industry make more jobs. We’d stop the government programs that destroy our families. We’d end the disastrous drug-prohibition laws that turn our Democrat-controlled cities into war zones as immigrant drug gangs fight for turf. That won’t happen because this contest is about political power rather than being about violence or prosperity.

Prohibition is a foolish and dangerous quest. I’d respect billionaire Bloomberg if he tackled our ruinous drug prohibition scheme, but instead, Bloomberg chose to assault our individual right to self-defense. Drug lords would probably attack Bloomberg if he tried to make drugs legal. I think Bloomberg judged that honest gun owners in the US were safer scapegoats for failed Democrat policies. I hope a wise judge will stop Bloomberg’s foolishness before too many of us are hurt or killed.

On the plus side for liberty, billionaire Bloomberg created a hundred thousand activists who might change the next elections in Virginia. Looking across the state, there were over 90 meetings to establish second-amendment sanctuaries in December. 112 local governments voted to ignore unconstitutional infringements on the right to bear arms.

We’ve seen the second-amendment sanctuary movement spread into other states. Why don’t you go to your county board and start a sanctuary county where you live?

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article with references is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Deplorable Bill

Follow the money, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, all of this is true but, although I am alone, I am NOT ALONE. There are 140 MILLION FIREARM OWNERS BOTH KNOWN AND MORE UNKNOWN. That is one heck of an army to reckon with. What Northam and Bloomberg are doing is treasonous and tyrannical. The day is coming when either THE COURTS tri those who legislate, judge, lawyer, enforce or fund treason and/or tyranny are arrested, prosecuted, judged and put them to death or the citizenry is going to do so for them. The British had done exactly what… Read more »


The first duty of the President is to protect and enforce the Constitution of the United States from all threats foreign and domestic. Domestic threats include other peoples activities that are not in accordance with the Constitution. If need be, declare martial law in Virginia, and new elections.


Keep in mind the U.S. military is sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and CinC orders only when those orders are Constitutional.


“Money talks. When your local representative is elected to office because billionaire Michael Bloomberg bought his victory, then the representative doesn’t speak for you. He speaks for Bloomberg.”

Same thing can be said for the NRA and others. Your membership has never been more important than now.


You left out the part where WLP and the NRA don’t speak for us either, but back bloomberg proposals instead.


An armed citizenry will never be unwillingly forced into railroad boxcars at gunpoint. Simple truth.


Finally the anti’s have gone too far and “the people” are starting to act (2nd Amendment Sanctuaries). Now that it’s apparent that the majority of people living in the states where these draconian gun laws are being passed, don’t want them, maybe they’ll also see that they have the numbers for recall elections to remove the idiots who passed the laws from office.


The Republics Constitution does not give “Freedoms Enemies”, the unchecked, unchallenged power that they so desire, to implement the Regime of control that they demand.


” disarm adults under 21 years of age”….Can also be in the Armed Services and wirk with things a lot bigger than a firearm…


Yep, I got the opportunity to fire a 3 Inch Deck gun onboard the ship I was on when I was 18 years old. Much bigger than AR15s, or any other firearm civilians can own. LOL!!

Gene Ralno

Everytown can be expected to find someone from each municipality to file paperwork demanding explanations and list names along with pejoratives for each one. Bloomberg has the billions to fund such propaganda and has the will to do it without taking prisoners.


Totalitarian government cannot exist where the people are armed.
Totalitarian government cannot be prevented where the people are disarmed.

Think about that as you reflect upon the reason why anyone would advocate against our right to keep and bear arms.


The county commissioners of Harris County Texas are Democrat controlled. One is the former sheriff, who while sheriff lost his service pistol. As commissioner, he introduced a proposal for “universal background checks” in Harris County. The judge of commissioners court–the HMFIC of Harris County, is a 27 year old Hispanic woman who has never been employed prior to being elected by the straight ticket vote last year. She was a “throw away” candidate the Democrats put up because they had no chance of winning…except the straight ticket (since banned, I’m told) which almost made Robert O’Rourke a senator, put her… Read more »

Get Out

I’d be willing to bet that neither Northam, Bloomberg or those other anti-gun buffoons expected the push-back they’re getting from law abiding gun owners. Then the clowns double down and make veiled threats and wonder why the push-back doubled as well. Eff’em!


Good bullet points, but you left of the most important bullets in this entire scenario: the ones that will fly when the people begin dancing their boogaloo


Recently seeing Bloomy for president running on Fox News. He’s hired really good propaganda folk – while none of you will fall for his BS, am afraid many others will. Ad seems quite well written to me, and I believe his money will go a long ways toward shifting Texas purple. If TX is at risk, he should not be underestimated as a risk. I know I will be voting in demo primary this year as he is far more frightening than the other (already awful) candidates. Suspect that, like me, majority of voters rarely vote FOR anyone – rather… Read more »


What we have here today is that people like bloomberg and northam think they do NOT have to recognize our U.S. Constitution and that they can pick and choose which rights we can or can not exercise as Free Citizens!! They also refuse to accept the fact that to alter or U.S. Constitution even in the slightest way Requires a Constitutional Convention and then Congress is Required to present any change to We, the People for OUR consideration and then, it requires a 75 Percent for a change before it can be ratified. With this in mind, I have to… Read more »


How many times did Bloomberg vote?