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EAA Corp Witness Stock II Xtreme Pistol

Cocoa, Fla. (Ammoland.com) – European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.), importers of select quality and affordable handguns, rifles, and shotguns, are proud to announce new EAA designed Tanfoglio competition-style pistols to help competitors get an edge on their USPSA Production Division competitions. EAA’s Witness Stock III Xtreme and Witness Stock II Xtreme double-action, semi-automatic pistols are part of their new series of custom Witness pistols, of which, many are currently in use with champion shooters around the globe.

Both Witness Stock Xtreme models are available in 9mm and .40 S&W and hand-tuned by master gunsmiths from Tanfoglio’s custom shop in Italy’s renowned “Valley of Guns,” the Gardone Val Trompia, a region rich with firearms history and innovation. EAA Corp. directed the development of these Witness pistol models to meet all the requirements of the USPSA Production Division competitions. Both pistols also come with a tuned trigger job from the Tanfoglio custom shop.

The Witness Stock III Xtreme pistol is built with a straight barrel with polygonal rifling for increased accuracy and barrel strength. The internal parts, such as the hammer, guide rod, firing pin, firing pin spring, and hammer spring are all exclusive to the Xtreme design, made to perform flawlessly, even under the extreme conditions and challenges of competition, again and again. The pistol also features a full-length dust cover with a Picatinny rail for additional lights, lasers, or optics. The safety is ambidextrous and the slide features large serrations for a positive grip and ease of operation. The pistol is also finished in a special two-toned ceramic coating for greater resistance to wear and corrosion. The Witness Stock III Xtreme comes with a fully-adjustable Supersight and Xtreme front sight with fiber optics for faster target acquisition. The Witness Stock III Xtreme pistol ships with a cleaning set, one extra recoil spring, a steel front sight and four spare magazines with Xtreme aluminum base pads.

EAA Corp Witness Stock III Xtreme pistol

EAA’s Witness Stock II Xtreme double-action, semi-auto production division-ready pistol presents many of the same “custom-like” features including Xtreme parts and a special two-toned ceramic coating and Xtreme aluminum grips, a fully-adjustable Supersight and Xtreme front sight with fiber optics. For shooters that prefer a cone barrel with that extra weight up front and increased accuracy will enjoy the performance of the Witness Stock II  Xtreme pistol. Its full-length dust cover provides the balance to get back on target quickly after every shot.

EAA Corp. has the competitor in you covered with superior quality, competition-ready pistols, proven in worldwide championships to hit the target and bring home trophies.

EAA Witness Stock Xtreme Specifications:

Model:                                 Witness Stock III Xtreme                                               Witness Stock II Xtreme

Calibers:                              9mm, .40 S&W                                                               9mm, .40 S&W

Action:                                 DA                                                                                    DA

BBL:                                    4.75”                                                                                 4.5”

Mag. Cap:                           9mm-17 rds/.40 S&W-14 rds                                            9mm-17 rds/.40 S&W-14 rds

OAL:                                    8”                                                                                      8”

Height:                                 5”                                                                                      5”

Width:                                  1.4”                                                                                   1.4”

Weight:                                2.85 lbs.                                                                            2.75 lbs.

MSRP:                                $2,296                                                                               $2,345

For more information on EAA Corp., visit www.eaacorp.com or check out them out on Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest.

About European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.):

Based in Florida and founded in the early 1990s, European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.) has brought value to firearms owners with an array of right-priced, affordable handguns, rifles, and pistols from respectable international manufacturers. EAA Corp’s mission has always been “good quality products at reasonable prices.” www.eaacorp.com



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1 year ago

I picked up a used tanfoglio 9mm that was from Israel, one of the mossad marked guns from there trade with the Israeli shooting clubs.
It’s a previous generation and shoots nice, everything is solid for a used gun with unknown amount of rounds through it.

The few used tanfoglio , eaa guns I have seen over the years have been of solid quality.

1 year ago

I would like to see a disclaimer when an “article” is nothing more than a press release from a marketing firm. That aside, I wouldn’t buy that gun for $500.

1 year ago

Hope these are not related to the basic EAA-Witness. Trigger in mine has dangerous sideways wobble – hardly safe even when in a holster. Safety is large and easy to switch, but also easy to accidentally switch – have not had a problem with it switching off, but did accidentally switch it on while preparing to fire. Had never considered that possibility, so got quite confused when the trigger wouldn’t move – first attempt to fix was automatic “fast action drill”, however slide locks with safety as well – leading to deeper confusion. Light pull is sweet in SA, but… Read more »