Gear Head Works Announces SCW 2.5 Tailhook, Most Compact Ever

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Gear Head Works SCW 2.5 Tailhook
Gear Head Works SCW 2.5 Tailhook

USA –  -( The SCW 2.5 Tailhook is by far the most compact PDW Style Pistol Brace that the industry has ever seen, with a collapsed length of 2.5”.

While compact, it is still very versatile, allowing for button-free brace deployment and 5 length settings. At full extension, length reaches 12.5”, keeping it comfortable and legal within ATF Pistol Brace requirements.

The SCW Tailhook 2.5 utilizes the patented Dead Foot Arms LLC Modified Cycle System and a shortened version of the M16A2 Bolt Carrier Group which is sold with the kit. The SCW 2.5 Tailhook features an ergonomic design that uses a single rail down the left side of the weapon which does not interfere with weapon controls or function.

System includes complete Tailhook hook pistol brace, receiver extension, adjustment rail, recoil springs, and MCS Style (shortened) M16A2 bolt carrier group. Brace weight, excluding BCG is 12.8oz

Price: $575

Shop Gear Head Works parts online at Brownell’s and Primary Arms.

Gear Head Works
Gear Head Works

About Gear Head Works

What started as a hobby business by our founder, quickly grew and became known for the highest quality parts and innovative design in the bullpup market. Then we spread out to conventional platforms as well. We continue to improve and gain attention for our quality, service and superior craftsmanship. We are proud to offer 100% American made products to improve your shooting experience. We offer parts that can give you a competitive edge, handicapped support and even increased military effectiveness.

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1 year ago

$575? Probably not. The SBA3 can now be had for $99. Is there that much difference? What am I missing? I like my bcg, why would I want to change?