Introducing the 475 Bishop Short Magnum Cartridge

475 Bishop Short Magnum
475 Bishop Short Magnum

USA – -( The 475 Bishop Short Magnum cartridge, designed by Bishop Ammunition and Firearms for the AR475GAR Semi-Automatic Rifle and 475 Safari Bolt Action. Each case is CNC machined from brass by Roberson Cartridge Company.

475 Bishop Short Magnum Cartridge

The projectiles, 0.475″ Cal, 390 gr jacketed hollow point custom made by Hawk Precision or the 390 gr Copper Hollow Point custom made by Cutting Edge Bullets and was designed by Bishop Ammunition and Firearms. The 475 Bishop Short Magnum violently expands while also providing deep penetration and maximum transfer of energy. The result is a lethal wound on any game in the world for a one-shot one kill situation.

The 475 Bishop Short Magnum achieves deep penetration crushing bone. The bullet at 1,500 yards has as much energy and velocity as a 45 Colt fired point-blank. This cartridge has successfully passed through 3 concrete building blocks. When you have only one shot and it must count this cartridge will take any game in the world.

Bishop Ammunition and Firearms 4241 Oslo Court Antelope CA 95125 (916)727-9967

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Dianne B.

Appreciate the writeup, even though we didn’t write it. We now have a cheaper alternative to the solid copper projectile. It’s a 390gr jacketed lead hollowpoint made by Hawk Precision. Our rifles are made at our facility in Norrh Highlands, CA


Another instant collector’s item. I am always interested in this stuff, but I am not a “collector”. I need reasonable utility at a manageable price. I’m guessing that this cartridge, and the very few firearms that use it, isn’t it. If I could afford it, I would be more interested, but (as I said) I’m not a collector so much as a utilitarian user.


There’s not enough ballistic info for me to make a comment.


This article leaves a lot out. Cartridge length, cost, intended prey? I’m sure there are several other criteria others can think of. I’ll bet with hand turned Brass pretty pricey!


Turned on CNC machine, but . . . yeah, it is likely to be VERY pricey.


Wow, just what we need… another do-everything cartridge.


Sort of like buying a Ford 350 pickup truck when you live in and never leave the city limits. LOL.


Functionally I fail to see where the ballistics on this surpass a .458 WM at reasonable distances on dangerous game. Certainly the shorter throw on a bolt is handy but as the article states : “When you have only one shot and it must count”. I would opt for a .458 with a 500 grain solid.


Zackley ! What is the count up to now for “capable of taking ANY game in the world”,
30 some ???? And with ACTUAL properly placed shots, add another 30….