Lyman Products Mark 7 Evolution 10-Stage Manual Loading Machine and Autodrive

Amp up your reloading bench with the Mark 7 Evolution reloading press with features never before included in any standard press.

Lyman Products Mark 7 Evolution 10-Stage Manual Loading Machine

Middletown, Conn. ( Lyman® Products Mark 7 division is set to transform the reloading experience for sport shooters and competitors ready to expand their capabilities. The Mark 7 Evolution is a 10-stage manual loading press that includes many features not normally found with traditional presses and can incorporate options from additional sensors, accessories and an autodrive.

As one of the premier reloading specialists, Lyman Product’s continues to bring innovation through new, smarter products that combine the best of technology with superior manufacturing. The acquisition of the Mark 7 line is a clear indicator that Lyman Products is dedicated to its customers and forward-looking in their business practices.

The Mark 7 Evolution is a significant step in providing reloaders, competitive shooters and anyone that wants to spend less time at the bench and more time doing what they love the most, an advanced tool that can evolve through a variety of upgrades for the user.

The Evolution is complete with an 11-inch case feeder, a mechanical powder measure, and a standard stacked priming system. It supports calibers from .380 ACP to .30-06 and works on new and used brass. It also supports one-pass rifle/pistol processing and loading. The manual hand-operation is ambidextrous and the handle itself was designed by a medical device engineer for an ergonomic hold and a smooth press operation. The Evolution is manufactured from CNC machined aluminum and steel for consistent and precise loading every time.

Lyman Products Mark 7 Evolution Autodrive

What sets the Evolution apart from other loading machines is the ability to add on options and sensors and even an autodrive to increase the capabilities of this unique loading machine. The Mark 7 Evolution Autodrive increases bullet production for up to 3,500 rounds an hour* by automating the Evolution manual press. It comes with a 10-inch high definition tablet and mount and JamSense and TorqueSense sensor ware.

Lyman Products Mark 7 Evolution with Autodrive and optional sensors

It features a 1.5 high torque motor, a maintenance-free timing belt drive and a CNC grade planetary gearbox. It is microprocessor controlled with a digital clutch making it adjustable on the fly and a digital job and immediate stop. All the features are monitored through a computer with a life-time of downloadable software upgrades.

Optional sensors are also available including a Wired Remote Stop, DecapSense, SwageSense, PrimerSense, PowderCheck, BulletSense, and a Primer Orientation Sensor.

Lyman Products’ Mark 7 Evolution 10-stage Manual Loading machine is $2,995.00 and the Mark 7 Evolution Autodrive is $1,994.95. Optional sensors start at $199.95.

To understand more about taking your reloading to the next level, watch this video:

*Speeds vary based on machine settings.

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About Lyman Products:

Lyman® Products has continued to be a leader in developing innovative products for reloaders and shooters for over 140 years. Lyman’s reloading kits, presses and dies have provided reloaders with all the high-quality equipment they need to start reloading. Mark 7, Pachmayr, TacStar, Trius Traps, A-Zoom Precision Snap Caps, Butch’s Gun Care and Targdots are all under the Lyman brand. For more information please visit us at Connect with Lyman Products on Facebook at and follow us on Instagram @LymanProducts.

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I think I’ll just DIY automate my 12 year old Hornady LNL AP. and have $4500 left to purchase reloading components.


For five grand, I will stick with my Stars and Dillons.


I’ll take two


Was it wrong of me to snicker when I read this: “The Mark 7 Evolution Auto drive increases bullet production for up to 3,500 rounds an hour by automating the Evolution manual press.”

“Laura Burgess” strikes again.


– No more than I am to think of how much ammo I can buy for the $6.4k cost of setting up this complete rig. Doubt I’ll ever burn through that much ammo. Add in labor and materials and I’d better be equipping an army. If I get into reloading, it will be for tailored loads – but need to become a much better shot before that even comes into play…
This product must make sense for some – but not for me – yet.


I have been handloading ammo for 52 years. Started with a Lee Loader and then a Lyman Spar-T and then in ’72 got my first RCBS Rock Chucker. I have worn out two of those over the years and currently have two of the last ones they made. I am sitting here typing next to almost 100,000 rounds of ammo that I loaded on those Rock Chucker presses. That, of course doesn’t count the over 200,000 I have put down range over the years. My eldest started with a Rock Chucker but it wasn’t long before he “upgraded” to a… Read more »