Oregon: Gun Lock Down Law Hearing Scheduled

Locked Chained Gun Firearms Ban
The Slippery Slope to a total Firearms Ban

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- As expected, the Democrats in Salem are wasting no time trying to ram through their anti-gun agenda.

HB 4005, mandatory gun lock-ups, is now scheduled for Feb 7th at 1 pm in Hearing Room E at the State Capitol by the House Judiciary Committee. (Of course, everything is subject to change.)

This bill not only forces you to lock up your self-defense firearms, it punishes you even if you DO lock up firearms. While it penalizes gun owners if their firearms are stolen, it does nothing to penalize gun thieves.

The bill makes you strictly liable for the misuse of guns that were stolen from you!

It requires that you use dangerous and easily defeated “trigger” or “cable” locks that violate every rule of gun safety but mandates that you be prosecuted if you use them and a thief can defeat them, which of course any thief can.

The bill also virtually eliminates minor’s use of firearms even to protect themselves and their families in their own homes. Under this bill, a 17-year-old with years of shooting experience would not be allowed to have access to a self-defense firearm. Imagine how this will affect families in remote areas.

Needless to say, this bill will have a devastating effect on youth shooting programs.

The bill requires (for no discernible reason) that firearms that are lawfully transferred (through gun dealers) are locked up during transfer and make the transferor liable for two years for misuse of a legally transferred firearm if it was not locked. This assumes that for some reason the person to whom you lawfully transferred a firearm, with a background check, will not remove the required lock…for two years!

None of the components of this bill make anyone safer. In fact, these rules can easily get people killed in the event of a criminal attack.

Please use this form to contact the Oregon House members and demand that they vote this bill down in committee. You may alter the subject line and add your own message if you choose. (Not required.)

You can email testimony against this bill to the House Judiciary Committee here: [email protected]

The day before this bill is scheduled, February 6th, gun owners are encouraged to join our friends from Timber Unity on the Capitol Steps at 9am to stand up for liberty. Oregon Firearms Federation has been invited and we hope to see you there.

Oregon Firearms FederationAbout Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no-compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

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Nothing a saws all can’t fix. SUSPECTED carrier ? LOL


Hot lead here maybe. There? Kung fu kicks is about it.


Any heavy object makes a battering ram. But the controllers always expect the sheeple to do whatever they are told, even if it is “starve to death”. Like… well, like penned up sheep. 🙂
“When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion.” -The Secret Covenant


Just like all of the commie attempts at gutting the Constitution coming out of DC, this nonsense in the states will not stop until they are afraid to open their mouths or even be known to think like they do. In other words it is my opinion that until we start killing these SOBs it’s going to continue. I’m sorry to have to make that statement but I believe it is true and I believe it to be a valid prediction of the future in the United States.


Even if they do end up passing this nonsense, it is totally unenforceable. Kate “shitstain” Brown knows this, and doesn’t care. She will get to feel like a really important communist when she signs the garbage into law and her girlfriend eats her nasty old twat afterward in celebration.


That’s New World Odor, USA. Stinks to high heaven.


Keep pushing, keep pushing. One day the assault knitting needles will come out and be driven through the temple of these treasonous psychopathic control freaks temples as they are descending in an elevator somewhere. Keep pushing, keep pushing…


@USA – Like closing the barn door after the horse has left. Wish we could leave it up autocratic China to engage in brutal and useless autocratic-behaviors. There are approaches to slow the spread, but as the disease has been seen around the world it is way too late to stop it. Questions remain as to how contagious and how lethal the disease is, but medical science has come a long ways since SARS and MERS. Great strides being made on vaccines and treatments to point they’re about ready to start clinical studies. I expect there will be isolated outbreaks… Read more »


Ever read about the measles outbreaks that took place in the children VACCINATED for it but not in the ones that WERE NOT vaccinated for it? Do some research. I trust the government with vaccines about as much as I trust them with everything else they get their psychopathic Control freak hands on.


I love to read posts from folks who have FIGURED IT OUT! I have four VERY healthy sons who were NEVER VACCINATED. NOT ONE DAMN VACCINE. PERIOD. Plus I shielded their minds from the communist indoctrination centers by HOME SCHOLING ALL FOUR.


If you are a gun owner in Oregon, you need to leave and take your assets with you. There are many places out there that still allow you to set up shop without fear of protecting yourself. Just don’t go north, and don’t go south. These states suck just as bad if not worse than Oregon. Go Easterly, young man. Don’t look back. Let the progressives, the crazy few, float that state like California is doing: taxes through the roof, home costs soaring into the million dollar range, health care skyrocketing, homelessness and disease now reaching plague proportion. But hey!… Read more »


Easier said then done in LOTS of cases. Why not stand and fight in Oregon? Be willing to shoot blue coats in the head that try to enforce this crap and start picking off the legislatures that support it from afar. I bet I’m on a list! SCREW THEM.


As Patriots in the state of Oregon: they are too far in-between and too few to be effective. They are just enough in numbers for the state to make examples out of them. But I hope you’re right. For all our sakes I hope both you and Gdubb are right.


To hell with that. This is worth fighting for. Giving up is not an option and never should be. It’s not too late. We stopped the last barrage 2 years ago, and will never stop fighting to save our state, as I’m sure you and every Patriot would as well.