VA Gun-Grabbers Charging ‘Racism’ Demonstrably Following Communist Agenda

Comrades Hand Over Your Weapons
“Comrades hand over your weapons.” What a “progressive” idea! (Communist propaganda poster-1918)

U.S.A. – -( “Today many condemn the idea of nationalism by connecting it to race hatred (e.g., white nationalism),” classicist and commentator Victor Davis Hanson observed in the November 2019 issue of Hillsdale College’s always-enlightening Imprimis. “But historically, the modern nation-state has proven uniquely suitable to preserving individual rights. The American nation in particular was successful in uniting individuals of different races, ethnic backgrounds, and creeds into one people based on shared principles, a unique physical space, and a common national story. Our nation is the best example in human history of positive nationalism.”

You wouldn’t know it listening to the coalition of politicians, pundits, “journalists,” academics and assorted professional disarmament zealots attacking Old Dominion gun owners before and after Monday’s hysterically anticipated “Lobby Day.” If theirs were the only words you heard, and for most people they were, you’d go away believing the “racists” and “extremists” who emerged from their “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” to terrorize “progressive” Richmond had transformed the famous bumper sticker slogan into “Virginia is for Haters.”

Case in point were the words of the man waging what one demonstrator’s sign pegged “The War of Northam Aggression,” Governor Blackface himself. He initiated the hysteria by ordering a caged-in citizen disarmament zone around the Capitol, and by smearing gun owners who had peaceably lobbied while armed, without incident, for years:

“Three years ago, Virginia and the nation, watched horrified as civil protest was marred by violence and hate.”

The message? Gun owners are violent. Gun owners are racist.

“R” is the new scarlet letter, you see. It’s like being tagged as a child molester (at least until the “progressives” finally “normalize ” that, and ruin the life of any “hater” opposing it). Get accused and your life will be ruined. Good luck holding on to your job or to customers or getting new ones. And don’t expect the world to go easy on your kids.

Ideological “cleansing”: What a way to punish and ostracize those whose political viewpoints stand in your way.

And forget the fact that it’s not us who posed for a blackface/Klan picture. “Progressives: have a way of overlooking when the sins are theirs, and a complicit media redirects attention so the public will “pay no attention to the man behind the [sheet].”

Despite things not working out the way the governor ginned up all that fear for, reality hardly stopped his political allies from doing what they do best, springboarding off his lie and adding whoppers of their own.

“Annual gun lobby day protest in Richmond drew large numbers of white nationalists, militias, and racist conspiracy theorists this year,” the ever-odious Rep. Don Beyer tweeted. “Neo-Nazis tried to use this rally to launch violent attacks. Trump’s symbolism and memories of Charlottesville are vivid in many minds today.”

Taking their cue on what to amplify, NBC was representative of the rest of the DSM (Duranty/Streicher Media), breathlessly planting seeds like:

“On far-right corners of the internet, some have said the rally will accelerate a ‘race war.’”

What “far-right corners”? As if on cue, “authorities” had miraculously picked some low-hanging fruit they’d infiltrated and surveilled for God knows how long, an illegal alien from Canada and two “neo-Nazis.” Any guesses which one is the CI? Hey, who better to conflate with Bill of Rights advocates?

Never mind that “Nazi” is short for “National Socialist” and protests (lies) from the left notwithstanding, UK Liberal Party supporter George Watson definitively debunked those in his landmark “Hitler and the Socialist Dream,” documenting:

“It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too.”

Trying to keep up with its relative network, where one reporter called Lobby Day a “white supremacist rally,” MSNBC told its viewers “white nationalists [are] swarming the … Capitol.”
Never ones to whom little things like the truth matter, the rice bowl gun-grabber groups weren’t about to miss an opportunity to join in and bear false witness:

“[W]e have received information that heavily armed white supremacists will be seeking to incite violence…”

“VA is in a state of emergency because white supremacists and nazi’s are using their 2nd amendment rights to shutdown the 1st amendment rights of students, veterans, and clergy,” the ever-freaky David Hogg chimed in.

Never mind that Black Guns Matter provided much rally leadership, that gun owners of all races gathered together in a spirit of determined fellowship, and that all conducted themselves with outstanding good behavior. The one arrest was of a young woman wearing a bandanna, and the complaint by her companion gives a pretty strong indication of whose side they landed on:

“‘Way to keep our city safe guys while there’s f****n’ Nazis and terrorists around here,’ the man says.”

The portrayal of gun owners as Nazis and racists because the majority are white is part of a larger racist political power seizure, and much of that is being fueled by academia, where “conservative” speakers are banned because of the “hate speech is not free speech” tyranny.

And let’s not forget the “professionals.”

“A psychoanalyst from the New York Psychoanalytic Institute is on a speaking tour where he discusses how ‘whiteness’ is a ‘malignant, parasitic-like condition’ to which those of pallid skin tone ‘have a particular susceptibility,’” The College Fix reports. This is not just some random outlier—Dr. Donald Moss is viewed as an “expert” all over the world, and is “the program chair at the American Psychoanalytic Association.”

As an aside, such as these are consulted to determine if you should be subject to “red flag” confiscations, and based on his lunatic “theory,” your skin color makes you eligible. His “solution” …?

“Effective treatment requires a combination of psychological and social-historical interventions, which can reasonably aim only to reshape whiteness’ infiltrated appetites – to reduce their intensities, to redistribute their aims, and to occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation.”

Forget treating guns as public health model pathogens. This guy says whites are the disease, to be cured or eradicated. And the first step to destroying a virus is to remove its defenses.

Which brings us to Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders’ “field organizer,” who actually called for the implementation of Stalinesque gulags to provide such “effective treatment.” Sanders, of course, is the subversive who “launched a political revolution” with the Democratic Socialists of America, a group that used to post its “songs of the revolution” until other people started noticing. Fortunately, the Internet Archive still allows us to see what they don’t want us to:

Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping,
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie,
And when the revolution comes,
We’ll kill you all with knives and guns,
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie

And that brings us back to Rep. Beyer’s tweet, or more specifically one of the many replies to it by Daily Press and Virginia Pilot reporter Marie Albiges, who posted a photo showing:

“A group of women has started chanting ‘no white supremacy’ and men with gun saves lives stickers are responding with ‘four more years’”

Who are those women?

“This is @Carl_Dix and the Revolution Tour,” the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA replied. “Contact us for interviews. Here’s the full statement.”

Go ahead and read it.

“The Revolution Tour &@Carl_Dix stand for the OPPOSITE of the fascist, phony “gun rights” #VirginiaRally in Richmond,” they also tweeted. “They courageously stood up to the white supremacist, gun-toting mob to represent for REAL REVOLUTION as re-envisioned by Bob Avakian.”

I leave it to you to look up Dix and Avakian on your own. By now all but the willfully blind will have gotten the picture.

It’s no “rightwing conspiracy theory” to conclude Northam, Virginia Democrats, most of the media, the gun-grabber groups, “liberal academia” and the rest of the “progressive” anti-gun establishment’s talking points are perfectly in sync with domestic enemy communists who want to destroy the system of individual rights established by the Framers of the Constitution. And no surprise, those who hate our freedom aren’t above exploiting it to help advance their totalitarian agenda.

“Funds urgently needed each month to maintain, upgrade, and expand,” they plead. “Sustain or donate generously NOW!”

The button to donate goes to a Paypal account. That would be the same Paypal that “targets conservatives, threatening to shut down website funding.”

A quote attributed to Vladimir Lenin by “fierce anti-communist” Major George Racey Jordan said:

“When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract.”

We’ve seen that with the way many banks and businesses have decided to let corporate social justice warriors who ascribe to the same communist-inspired gun-grab ethos stick it to gun owners and gun-related businesses. We’ve seen it in the way some anti-gun billionaires have begun proposing collectivist economic appeasement ideas as if that will ultimately keep them from being carted off in tumbrils when what they’re enabling comes to pass.

Some of us understand full well that what’s at stake is existential and that if we fall, history shows us what we can expect. We still need to do what we can to persuade our approachable countrymen to step back from the precipice, but ultimately, if it’s just us, we will not disarm. Not for the wannabe rulers, not for the useful idiots demanding to have their teeth pulled, and certainly not for genocidal communist purveyors of human misery, whose words most “commonsense gun safety law” supporters (but not all) are too damn dumb to realize they’re repeating.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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How ironic for a party that paints itself as inclusive, open, and champion of the weak and oppressed. They are and have been the very antithesis of all that is uttered from their collective voices. They are very comfortable with what they espouse, they just do not seem to see that the power they crave, belongs to US, not a party.

On a side note, we are witnessing in China the real and present dangers of “Open Borders”.


The sooner we tie all these groups together the better. Progressives, liberal, communists, Marxists, socialist – all flavors, black and white supremacists/nationalists are all merely schisms of authoritarianism. They all have the same end game – enslavement of the masses, they only denigrate different groups. The other fact is: gun control is race based and we need to use that also. once we do that we take their trump card away and use it against them. Once we effective point out their insidious racism they are effectively neutered. We are in a fight for our rights and being all… Read more »


@option31 – Unfortunately they think the same as us. We can present facts and logical arguments – but they deny those facts and argue completely unrelated BS. When I’ve talked to the faithful – my words seem to just slide by with no impact whatsoever. Quite frustrating – but worse, in some areas they are so numerous that they have created feed-back loops to reinforce their nonsense. Again – of course they say the same of us. So many sheep – how is any sheepdog supposed to save them from themselves? Does one focus on steering sheep away from the… Read more »


Place this in the current American context. Both progressive and communist ideologies as practiced on American college campuses begat the Progressive New Left. The seminal moment of the Progressive New Left was the anti-war movement of the 1960’s. That movement originated in the Civil Rights movement but soon found itself on classical liberal turf there so they moved left, purged the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other anti war groups and became purely bolshevik. Gone were liberals like Carl Oglesby and in came the Bill Ayers crowd. Bolsheviks. Since that time the former SDS folks have morphed in… Read more »


Thanks David for a great post. Folks of different races were there, as you said, in fellowship and with good behavior! And they left the area clean with no trash on the ground!


And no matter what happened, who attended, and the voluntary cleanup, the press reported what they had decided in advance was going to happen. Some of the stories were probably even written BEFORE the rally. How can the people learn the truth when the press and media are controlled by the socialist left? It has been suggested that the invention of the telegraph contributed to the U.S. Civil War. It allowed stories to be quickly sent to newspapers all over the country and started the process of publishing “news” without taking time to get all the facts and consider what… Read more »


Great minds certainly do think alike. I have continuously telling everyone on every site I read and comment on NOT to telegraph their punches. Arm up, train, prepare, but tell NO ONE what you have. Don’t brag on “social media” and don’t let anyone know what, how many, or how much you’ve prepared. Surprise is a wonderful weapon. Oh, and VOTE VOTE VOTE.


I commented on another article just before the Lobby Day kickoff that the VA legislature would go ahead with their gun control laws no matter what happened on Lobby Day. They were not gonna listen no matter what. BUT, the good citizens of VA who showed up demonstrated that we gun owners are law abiding, peaceful, and patriotic. The next moves made by the “law makers” in response to the civil disobedience that will now ensue will be the turning point in our fight for our 2A and other rights. Whatever happens, good OR bad, will be on THEIR heads… Read more »


I was talking to some friends/former colleagues the other day. All of them prior military/current LE with SWAT and specialized units. They said that large groups of LE are now stashing weapons and ammunition. Said that agencies are receiving TREMENDOUS resistance on Red Flag Laws and the entire atmosphere is very tense. They stated that there is frequent discussion as to what circumstances would lead to the emergence of highly trained “hard targets”. They said while the general population has been vocal about the infringement of their rights, LE cant speak openly about their beliefs for fear of administrative consequences…… Read more »


They gun grabbers ( Democrats ( Demo rats ) are trying to do what they having always done
divide the people and control them with the racist BS. Just think what the people could do if we all pulled together we just might be able to control them. The people should be the boss not the politicians!!




Another cerebral, beautifully written piece David – thank you. Any honest communist reading this should struggle to find an argument and realize that we are right and they are wrong. Of course, I am assuming the communists are able to read, comprehend, and form logical thought processes.


Generally no. They are brainwashed with propaganda based in lies and deception. Lenin: “Lies told often enough become truth.”


Great article. Really worth reading, and commend you on writing it.

The only way to combat a diseased thinking like this, where Progressives attack normalcy with inflammatory words, is not to cure but to remove the infected brain.


Well, David, this was well worth the wait.

Excellent. Probably one of your best.


File me under broken record (if you’re old enough to know that reference), but the most important thing you can do now is VOTE. No excuses. The second most important thing to do is remind other conservatives to vote. And not just in national elections. Everything from local school districts, cities, counties (parishes if you’re in Louisiana), and states, too. Every election needs you voting conservative and your friends voting conservative.


Good luck with that. If you recall, one of the reasons Virginia is in this mess is that the state Republican Party didn’t think it was worth the effort to give many Virginia voters any Republicans to vote for.

As the saying goes, if voting really changed anything, they would have made it illegal.


Great work!


“And to the Republic for which it stands”. Yes, that’s right, a “REPUBLIC”, not a pure Democracy. In the Republic, elected servants have a constitutional duty to follow rules that are crystal clear on what they can do, and what they cannot do. They are representatives in a “Republic” where they must protect the rights of the individual from majority rule, not the other way around.


Not one Democrat ever calls U. S. a Republic;
“one nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and justice for all”

Hearing Democrats recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” During the Trump Salem Witch Trial seemed redundant imo.


I like the picture of the people turning in their arms! When all the Veterans turned them in, the Communists promptly shot them! Thus demonstrating the real terror of Bolshevism! Don’t be fooled by their sweet sounding lies!


In every Communist takeover the first ones arrested are the intellectuals and journalist that put THEM in power.

For the life of me I cannot figure out what these people to have after fundamentally transforming America into something it isn’t supposed to be. THEY will be in charge but as posted in my first comment, everyone looses, but the everyday progressive doesn’t seem aware of that.




I explained this to another commenter the other day. (Not going to name him in case he doesn’t want to be connected to it.) There is a difference between Nationalism as a viewpoint, and racist groups which use the name “Nationalist” in their title. The problem is that the media routinely tries to redefine terms and make them mean something else entirely. 1. Gender- Used to be description of biological sex due to present genitalia. 2. Liberal- Used to mean “Free with” and particularly when viewing rights as in classical liberalism, until Progressives stole and co-opted the word to make… Read more »


Vilify is ironically the tool of the left which needs no verification or discussion. That being said, I just ignore everything that’s being spewed just because it’s them. Did I just shut down dialogue?