Virginia Aftermath: Is Dem Gun Control Push Political Suicide?

Richmond Aftermath: Is Dem Gun Control Push Political Suicide? Photo by John Crump
Richmond Aftermath: Is Dem Gun Control Push Political Suicide? Photo by John Crump

U.S.A.-( Despite the massive gun rights rally in Richmond by Virginia gun owners and supporters from several other states, Democrats in the State Assembly are continuing to push their restrictive gun control agenda, leading to speculation they are so fanatical about guns they are willing to commit political suicide.

Already, there is an online petition at for the recall of anti-gun Gov. Ralph Northam. His emergency order that temporarily prohibited the carrying of arms inside a security fence erected around the capitol in an effort to disarm “Rally Day” demonstrators infuriated grassroots rights activists who have brought guns to the capitol before without a problem. The number of signatures on the petition was approaching 80,000 by Wednesday morning.

Such a petition has no force of law, but it does signal the growing anger toward Democrats now in the majority in Richmond. They’re in power only because of a low voter turnout last November, something not likely to happen again, because gun owners have long memories. Democrats also benefitted from a $2.5 million expenditure by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund.

The next election for the House of Delegates is in November 2021, and if gun owners can maintain their current momentum, power will shift dramatically in the capitol. It’s a safe bet more than 40 percent of Virginia voters will cast a ballot next year.

Northam cannot run for re-election in 2021. Already declared in the race to succeed him are Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, both Democrats. Now might be a good time for gun owners to be recruiting a Republican to run for the office.

This November’s presidential election could provide a hint about the damage Northam and his Democrat cronies are doing to their party. The state was blue in 2016, but that appears to have changed dramatically now that gun owners have been energized. Hillary Clinton won Virginia in 2016. Barack Obama won in 2012.

Official estimates place the number of people attending the rally at 22,000, most of them outside the secure Capitol Square area carrying one or more firearms. Nobody was harmed, although Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Will Bunch asserted it was a turnout designed to “to scare away any citizens wishing to use their 1st Amendment rights to speak out against them.” There is no evidence of that.

There is ample evidence of diversity in the crowd that some had attempted to portray as a “white supremacist” demonstration. It was a remarkable cross-section, with gun owners of virtually all ethnic backgrounds.

However, one day later, the Virginia Senate “gave preliminary approval” of SB 240, a proposed “red flag” law 24 hours after the massive rally, according to WTVR News. Was that the Democrat Senate majority thumbing its nose at Second Amendment citizens who attended the rally?

Writing at Reason, J.D. Tuccille questioned the “credible intelligence” that enabled Northam to declare his “state of emergency” and disarm the estimated 6,000 citizens who got inside the security barrier.

“Maybe it exists,” Tuccille said about the alleged information, “but governments have a long history of feeding the public’s fears to delegitimize opponents and justify extraordinary actions.”

WTVR is also reporting that a federal prosecutor in Maryland has “disclosed the existence” of a video in which former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Jordan Mathews—arrested by federal authorities and now in custody—allegedly advocated killing people at the rally in hopes of sparking a civil war.

Others wonder if Northam didn’t announce the temporary weapons ban as a means of disarming people but to also discourage larger attendance.

CNN seemed compelled to headline a story about the event with “Virginia gun-rights rally concludes peacefully despite earlier fears of extremist violence.” None of those alleged fears was voiced by anybody organizing or attending the rights rally. Perhaps the Democrats huddled inside the Capitol were fearful of a large group of gun owners, and maybe the media was disappointed at the calm demeanor of those heavily-armed citizens.

Lots of points were scored by people attending the rally, who cleaned up after themselves, leaving the neighborhood around the Capitol in better condition than when they arrived only hours earlier.

Some grassroots activists have suggested on social media that the real “cleanup” in Richmond may have to wait until November 2021.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Ansel Hazen

Doesn’t matter one bit what the libtards think of the whole thing. You all conducted yourself in a fashion that is beyond reproach. Well done Virginia.


Keep on smoking whatever it is you are smoking, amigo. After you are through with the bong realize a wise man does not count his chickens before they are hatched.

Some guy

Correct, especially when dealing with a treacherous piece of shit democrat.


Will, if 90% or more of conservatives show up in November and vote, you may be right. If 40% say, “Will was right. Trump’s got it. No need for me to stand out in the rain waiting to vote,” then reality justify superboy’s caution (see below.)


Those corrupt politicians in VA are passing unconstitutional gun control laws despite their constituents desires to the contrary, and declining laws proposed to actually impact crime and violence.


yea it is quite odd that 24 hours after they pass a red flag law they vote down a law to increase the penalty for felons who use firearms during the commission of a crime. talk about out of touch with reality = delusional.


They were voted in to get these bills past. They are doing exactly what they said and were voted into office to do.

Heed the Call-up

No, Bloomberg paid them to pass “gun control”, idiots voted for the money, not the “control”. Over 125 of 133 localities sent a message to our Capital stating “we will not comply”. I believe that tells us what the voters expect, not the few localities with enough votes to change the election results of the vast majority of localities.


If these democrats won a 60-40 election result of a 40% voter turnout, then Virginia’s future was decided by 24% of registered voters. If you’re a registered voter in Virginia, and you didn’t vote, then you’re not qualified to protest or complain. You might as well just take your AR15’s and 17 round Glock mags to the nearest VSP office and hand them over now, because this is YOUR FAULT!

Separately, Michael Bloomberg should be arrested and imprisoned for interfering in elections in 20 states where he is not a resident.

Will Flatt

These commiecrats are daring people to start a shooting revolution. But instead it will start when the commiecrats’ lackeys make the first move.

Wild Bill

@OV, It will be soon. Avoid any confined place where you would be breathing someonelse’s exhalations. Get that flu shot, fast. Lay in a super supply of extra food, gasoline, a case of water and what ever else you would need to stay away from people for a month.
It is important that the patriots survive.


YEP wrong WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!


If you own a gun and want to keep it VOTE! I believe if every gun owner would vote we could solve a lot of the problems facing this country.

Heed the Call-up

Olddog, maybe, maybe not. I attend gun shows and other events as a member of rights groups and get to talk to many people. There are people on both sides of the aisle that are firearm owners that ignorantly believe in “gun control”. They just can’t believe, even when the candidates plainly state their intentions, that these bills would be passed. Some claim that the bad bills were struck down in the past – not entirely correct, as we have had bad laws passed, and still have a number of other bad laws still in our state code. Some believe… Read more »


@Heed – TY – TY – TY. We need to educate all – including gun owners. I’d add to what you said that while shooting is fun, fun is not the only reason to own guns. Many firearms represent history, collecting them leads to shootings about the same as matchbox collecting leads to arson. Hunting provides sustenance, connection to nature, and help with conservation efforts – yes there are a few hunting accidents, but I suspect it is safer than mountain biking – and (in part) thanks to efforts by gun safety groups getting safer (actual gun safety groups as… Read more »


I fear our largest concerns in November and all future elections is voter fraud along with their criminal acts allowing Illegals the right to vote.


THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD! IT dose not statistically happen! Mass disfranchisement dose happen. But not voter fraud. There are a handful of cases each year across millions of votes cast.

Heed the Call-up

Tom, please sober up before you post. Yes, voter fraud is rampant, regardless of what you tube tells you. The fact that you use youtube as a source of factual information tells us you are clueless.


He is on MEDICAL-WEED, HIGH DOSES !!!!!!!!


then HOW didit happen that in one precinct in Ohio the ballots returned were 104% of the number of registered voters, (more ballots than registered voters, in case you are slow…) and that 100% of them were for the Dem candidate.. a statistical impossibility.

And also explain WHY that Ohio woman was charged, arrested, convicted, wwent to prison for voting six times in a recent election.. all by herself.
VOter fraud, both of those cases, and yuo say it does not happen?

You are either deluded or are delibaratlty trying to delude others.


Ansel Hazen

I am just returning from a monthly meeting of my county’s GOP and one of the topics tonight was how to get put on as an election clerk so we can have eyes on the ballots to be sure there is no tampering. I plan to apply and I will be carrying hardware if I get on.


Also the Felons that the Demo-Rats want to restore their Voting Rights!!!!!!!!!!


What we are seeing is an unmasking of Progressive New Left types who have been flying under the false colors of “liberal democrat.” Now that they have power the gloves are off and they will try to enact their radical agenda to transform Virginia and America in to socialist utopias. Gun rights elimination is one track, and you will see parallel tracks of property, self-defense, due process and economic rights disappear. They will enact a post-natal abortion policy as quickly as possible and many other radical measures. All of these measures are designed to neuter the public while at the… Read more »


“Is Dem Gun Control Push Political Suicide?” Eventually. Ask the Redcoats how it worked out for them.


While the Supremes have, in their infinite wisdom, found the Bill of Rights are not absolute, not without restriction, we must never forget, ONLY one of those Amendments specifically has included therein “shall not be infringed”. Is this not clear and convincing evidence the Founders without question held the 2nd Amendment tantamount to the preservation of the Republic? Following the 1st Amendment with that quoted wording contained in the 2nd WAS NOT by accident! Furthermore, powers not delegated to the Nat’l government or to the States, are reserved to the People, (10th Amendment), as such, those restrictions now proffered by… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

I also believe strongly the amendments are numbered deliberately and in such a way as to reaffirm and support the ones that precede them in the list..

Arizona Don

If it were not for the second amendment the rest of the constitution would no longer exist!


GQ is being especially hateful:



That article created a new standard for “reporting.”

How’s this? “Violence, assaults, and buildings set on fire by Antifa extremists–all narrowly avoided by the presence of armed police squads with paramilitary riot gear.” See, I can make up crap about things that might have happened, too. Any hack writer can do that, and maybe more of us should!


Anyway, who reads GQ? New York fancy boys who think $17.50 is a fair price for a martini?

Heed the Call-up

Wow, that was a verbose, delusional rant. I am not sure the person that wrote such garbage needs glasses to see better, but electro-shock therapy to clear her mind. People where wandering all over the city armed? I guess all the minorities, women, LGBTQ members, and children were also identifying as male members of these white hate groups she claims all that attended belonged to? I don’t recall seeing anyone exhibiting any fear while I was there – no even the police, dressed in regular uniforms, standing around in states of boredom and serenity. She did state one fact, there… Read more »


Dave, you write: “Official estimates place the number of people attending the rally at 22,000 …” Be very careful here. The Capitol Police low-balled the estimate and that is now being used by the enemy. Instead, suggest you revise your text to include VCDL’s estimate: “” “Official” counts for events like this are always hard. The capital police estimates say 22,000. EM Ed Levine guessed “50,233” 🙂 and another member used the same software the park police used on the mall to count people density from helicopter photos and his software says between 50,000 – 100,000. Here is a couple… Read more »


VCDL does not appreciate those who Bear False


Don Beyer is from Virginia; his lies make it worse.


Palmetto has really stepped up. See here:

Ask a Progressive what a “stripped lower” is. Go ahead.


Isn’t this SOP by the media? 125 people show up at a progressive socialist democrat event, and it’s “Thousands cheer Warren’s plan for everything free for everyone!” Trump fills a stadium with 20,000 and another 15,000 outside, and it’s “unruly crowd of white supremacists and neo nazis threaten neighborhoods near stadium.”

Heed the Call-up

Dave, correct, those linked pictures are not of Richmond, nor next to the Capital. I have included a link to a story with actual photos of the event in a response to Mack’s post.

I am not sure how many attended, since I don’t have any crowd statistical tools, but it definitely was a very large crowd. As per usual with a VCDL rally, it was peaceful and the area was at least as clean as it was before the event.

Heed the Call-up

Not sure where that picture was taken, but that is not Richmond, nor near the Capital where the event took place.

This link has actual pictures from the event:


Virginia gun bills . Governor Black-face Northam has an alternative plain when it comes to the multitude of gun bills he wants passed which include additional background checks, prohibiting carrying in public spaces, limiting magazines to 10 rounds, limiting purchases of handguns to one per month, and limiting access to firearms to only those over 18. . While we’re all upset over this overt attempt to roll back the freedoms of the Bill of Rights, his ulterior motive to these bills is to try and sneak through legislation that increases the governors term limits from 4 to 8 years, removes… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Ya, der furor.

Arm up, carry on.

Greg K

There’s a whole host of states this thing could start in. WA, OR, CA, ID, Mont, CO, etc. What they mostly have in common is Progressive invasion of the parasitic variety…whether it be environment, high tech, or manufacturing, they insert themselves to suck up all the resources, while pretending to defend said same. Yesterday I saw a law proposal in New Hampshire (If I recall correct) that they want to start a gun database with the Dept. of Environmental Management. Can’t make this crap up. It will happen when the moms decide that the material things don’t outweigh the Progressive… Read more »

Greg K

It isn’t just those states, look at the East Coast, Me, RI, Conn, NY, NJ, MD, Del, DC, and it is Spreading West, Pa, Va, plus other in certain areas, all of the Libs have destroyed their states and moving to other states but not leaving their insanity behind in their old states, they also destroy local economies by demanding all kinds of premiums that they had in their old states, full time police, full time fire departments, curbs and sidewalks sewer and public water, they want to live in the country but want all of the city frills to… Read more »


Here is Senator Amanda Chase on what she has to say about this:


Chase’s FB post:


Just splice in.


No, if you don’t agree with them you need a stretch in a re-education gulag or dragged from your home into the street by the hair, murdered, set fire to and left as an example to other freedom loving individuals.


Northam is nothing but a puppet on a string. Bloomberg and Soros are pulling the strings in Virginia. They have planned and financed the attack on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Bloomberg’s attorneys have written the proposed legislation that is being introduced by the Dem lawmakers. Their goal is to destroy our American Heritage! If their attack is successful in Virginia, they will export their plan in short order to the rest of the states. Fortunately, they have awakened a sleeping giant in true American Patriots in Virginia. Hopefully, the rest of us will be on full alert to… Read more »


Just a thought: Virginia may have seen its best days in the pro-gun arena. Why? Simply because of the influx of new residents from New York, New Jersey etc, into areas like Northern Virginia. When you establish hotbeds of Liberalism it doesn’t matter how the rest of the State votes, they simply don’t have the numbers.


The basic political problem in the US is large cities. Look at Colorado and Nevada to see the tails wag the dog.


That’s because you failed to quarantine them… (just kidding). It is a huge problem and I do believe the only cure is secession on a large scale. Create red areas where no lib would want to live. The alternative is terrible to contemplate.

Wild Bill

@Q, Yep, it is the cities! Maybe the Wuhan Corona virus will solve this problem, soon.


Does the estimate of 22,000 include the convoy of busses that couldn’t get through in time? Still waiting after the event was over!

Looked like many more than 22,000 in attendance, but that’s the objective :- downplay dissent


I don’t usually repeat hearsay without facts but wanted to share this. I read somewhere that crowd-counting software estimated 55K to 60K people, based on drone and helicopter photos and video.


I was there and VCDL insists the actual number is much larger than 22,000.

The streets that were officially closed were swarmed with rally goers.

Many more, who wanted to be there, were stuck in purgatory waiting for the shuttle buses.


Guess you don’t that in addition to controlling redistricting, they’re proposing a bunch of laws that’ll make sure they can never get voted out. For example, deciding the governor’s race, probably other statewide ones as well, by who wins in the various Congressional districts. Which thanks to two Obama judges are gerrymandered, which is how they won the state legislature in the last election.


Why waste the time and effort (and cost of a rope)? There are easier ways to fix the problem…

Wild Bill

US, Yep, all work is cumulative!


No; the reason the Dumbocrats won was because the GOP voters did not get off of their fat azzes to bother to vote.


I usually disagree with superboy, but I’m afraid he’s right on this one. You don’t win elections by not voting. And these days, with weeks of early voting allowed almost everywhere, there are very few valid excuses for failing to vote in every single election from local school board through president.

Regardless of gerrymandering and voting irregularities, if 100% of conservatives and republicans had come out and voted “against” the Democrats, we wouldn’t have the current Virginia problem.

jack mac

Give attention to school board elections. These boards determines who propagates our children.

Wild Bill

@OV, I agree with you and Bowser, and Clark did not wonder off into insult land too far, either!

American Patriot

The HEADLINE says it all….
Virginia Aftermath: Is Dem Gun Control Push Political Suicide? One can only hope!


They’re in power only because of a low voter turnout last November,
So in other words they have no one to blame but themselves.

Wild Bill

W, First I went to Northham will never know that I can not vote against him. Second, I was perusing my preferred publication (Guns Magazine) and discovered the pithy “The Press Perpetuates Prevarications”. A pretty provocative piece, I might add. Third, my favorite, however, was page thirty-two. You all get some mighty odd amateur authors, occasionally. All criticisms being pretend, you understand.

Wild Bill

, Golf ball! Golf ball in the rough! Ha! I had to say it before someone else got around to it!


“….Is Dem Gun Control Push Political Suicide?” If Virginians continue to elect these types of whacks into positions of power to ‘control’ their lives, the “suicide” will be on their side!


I hate to say it, but unfortunately, until the pro gun folks outnumber the libtard voting bloc in ANY State, including VA, the communists will continue to have control. The only 2 ways to change this are to either change the minds of enough city-dwelling libtards or somehow force electorate college-style elections at a State level.


That’s right.

The real test comes first next year, then the following.

Arizona Don

Those are not the only ways to stop this gun problem of intended confiscation. THINK.


It should be… Thank the Dems/libs that voted these assholes into office. Go for a recall if possible, if not FLUSH them all out in the next election.


I’ve lived in VA since 2008 and it used to be pretty good here. But right now I’m looking for jobs in Idaho.

Arizona Don

Good luck you will love Idaho!

Arizona Don

These so called democrats “are” committing political suicide in Virginia but also nationally as well. What they are trying to do with this impeachment scam is totally unforgivable and unacceptable here in the United States of America. However, we have many members of congress who openly attempt to promote communist ways and reasoning. Not just in Virginia. Bernie Sanders is only one of many. Just look at his support base! That is the threat. Some decades ago the communists infiltrated our education system it began back in the 60’s. Not long after they went after the (then) main media source… Read more »


Too bad he wasn’t in Pa he’d be in Jail for that for that gesture !!!!!!!!!!!!


Dems all over the US are in for a RUDE awakening come 2020 elections, if we make it to then before the SHTF.


See what happens when you let it? Maybe next time you’ll get off your duffs and vote.

Heed the Call-up

Hank, when this happens to you, we will be sure to say the same.

In my county district, the pro-rights candidate won handily. Unfortunately, a small part of the district also includes the city. There are not enough eligible voters in the county to out-vote the city voters. The majority vote in the county was out-voted by the majority vote in the city. Land-wise, it is a county district, population-wise, it is a city district.


Democrats won on a platform of gun control. They are fulfilling the promises to the people that elected them. They are doing exactly what they said they would and that’s what the people that elected them expect them to do.

Heed the Call-up

Actually, in Virginia they won on Bloomberg’s money and doing what he told them to do. He even had a meeting last week with them to demand they do what he paid them to do.

Arizona Don

Gun control does not work never has never will. Criminals do not obey laws. What is so hard for a democrat to understand about that. They have not worked for over 90 years so what makes you think they will now? So do YOU think gun control in the form of confiscation could ever work in America? Do you know what happened to hundreds of millions of citizens after the guns were first registered then outlawed and confiscated in dozens of countries throughout Europe and Asia during the twentieth century? Perhaps you should educate yourself and learn for yourself what… Read more »