Virginia House Delegate Levine Can’t Define His Own Gun-Control Ban ~ VIDEO


Gun Banner Levine Ebbin Town Hall Explaining the Good Reasons for an Assault Weapon Ban
Gun Banner Levine Ebbin Town Hall Explaining the Good Reasons for an Assault Weapon Ban

USA – -( Virginia House Delegate Mark Levine would be amusing if he wasn’t so serious.

The Democrat who represents portions of Alexandria, an area just a short row down the banks of the Potomac River from Washington D.C., held a town hall to explain what his bill, HB 961, would do. It would be easy to mistake his pantomime for a comedy sketch. Except, that is, he’s acting out every misnomer and stereotype of a lawmaker who doesn’t know the first thing about the firearms he’s attempting to outlaw.

Del. Levine attempted to distinguish between “legitimate” hunting rifles and “assault weapons” by acting out typecasts and repeating false narratives of how the rifles work. He never considered for a moment that Virginians hunt with the “scary-looking” modern sporting rifles, or that his facts about mass murder events with firearms were completely wrong.

Del. Levine ignores that modern sporting rifles – or MSRs – are semiautomatic rifles, with one round fired for each squeeze of the trigger. It’s a technology that’s over 100 years old and functions in the same manner as many handguns and shotguns. They are not “more powerful,” as he claims. In fact, Virginia requires the use of more powerful calibers for deer hunting than the AR-15’s which is most commonly chambered in 223-caliber. The characteristics that Del. Levine uses to disqualify are cosmetic and have no bearing on the function of the rifle, only make it easier to operate safely.

He never considered for a moment that Virginians hunt with the modern sporting rifles in larger calibers either, or that his facts about mass murder events with firearms were completely wrong. In fact, murders for 2018 across the United States with any rifle accounted for just 2.1 percent, at 297. Murders by hands, fists, and feet were more than double at 672 and murder committed with knives or cutting instruments were more than five times than that committed by rifle, at 1,515.

Facts be damned, though, for Del. Levine. He explained his bill to ban so-called “assault weapons” and “extended magazines” would reduce murders, just like he claims it did with the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. Except, that’s not what happened.

The CDC investigated and concluded that the gun control laws had nothing to do with the crime reduction rates and those falling crimes rates continued to fall after the ban expired in 2004.

“Our bill allows people to keep their weapons, including their AR-15s and the like,” he explained. “They can keep their weapons, but we’ve asked them to do what people do with their machine guns when they were banned in 1934, to basically get a permit so we know where they are so they aren’t used by criminals.”

Del. Levine likened law-abiding Virginians who own modern sporting rifles to 1920’s era gangsters. The comparison, he alleges, is that the possibly hundreds of thousands of Virginians who lawfully and peacefully own MSRs today, are criminals-in-waiting, just itching to commit horrendous crimes with their rifles.

The peaceful protests in Richmond proved otherwise if the decades of rifle ownership in Virginia weren’t proof enough. Del. Levine invoked the tragic murders in Virginia Beach, but failed to acknowledge those crimes were committed with a handgun. He demonized the use of a suppressor but ignored two handguns were used and only one of those was fitted with a suppressor, or that local Virginia Beach ordinance banned the use of suppressors.  Police responding to the crimes committed in a “gun-free zone” where law-abiding citizens were denied their right to self-defense told reporters they distinctly heard gunfire and followed it to confront the murderer. The use of suppressors, which are legal in 42 states, in the commission of crimes is so rare it is barely measurable.

Delegate Levine didn’t propose a measure to increase penalties for those who criminally misuse firearms. He didn’t offer solutions to punish those who use firearms to prey on society or carry guns into schools or even those areas already declared “gun-free.”

The hard facts don’t lie but do demonstrate HB 961 is an attempt to demonize and ostracize law-abiding Virginian gun owners by making them criminals unless they surrender their rights to Virginian authorities by way of a permission slip to exercise their God-given rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It does nothing to reduce crime or make communities safer.

Perhaps Levine and his colleagues should listen to Virginians, rather than insult and demagogue them.

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Social/Democratic/Communists are the Proof Liberalism is a Mental Illness…


I wonder how many of his own relatives 75 years ago were eliminated in the Holocaust? Mass murderer Adolf Hitler at a dinner talk on April 11, 1942 said: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So, let’s not… Read more »


Since my post about Levine was removed I’ll try again. Delegate Levine is a “rump ranger” so there is that.


This guy HAS to be with the UN….look at the flags!


HUH… i guess that’s why they say “Spray and pray”! Because firing from the hip and swinging it back and forth will be 30 kills from 30 bullets?? What a freaking moron!!! These guys are clueless and Bloomberg loves paying them under the table!!


This is painful. Do people realize he is insulting their intelligence?

Heed the Call-up

option31, no, anyone that would vote for him probably does think on that level. Those, like us, laughed, but, for me, it is dark humor, since I live in Virginia. He actually is even worse than that video depicts.


I saw a bunch of flags on the stage, Mexico, Ireland, Japan, Brazil,etc…no AMERICAN flag to be seen. To which flag does this politician pledge allegiance to?

Rebel VA

Where is the American flag? Apparently he dosen’t even know what country he is in!!!
He is eat up with the dumb$$. nuff sed


God bless that man who “grabbed that red hot magazine” and saved all those lives. Un-freakin-believable. Like the article author said, this would be comical, downright side-splitting hilarious, if it weren’t so sad and scary, as to just how clueless the people making these gun laws actually are about the guns they’re legislating against! I had to stop watching after “red hot magazine” because that was just too painfully ridiculous to bear any longer.


Outright lies. No surprise.


This levine traitor reminds me of the Khalifornia idiot who held a press conference along the same line. This idiot legislator held up a MAGAZINE, identifying it as a rifle, and claimed if you pulled the magazine’s trigger the magazine could kill 30 people at one time. He actually described how a magazine could shoot people. I guess he wanted to prove to people as dumb as he is they should vote for him. I don’t recall his name but he was a Latino and was possibly named Leon. Knowing how stupid the voters are in that state he will… Read more »

Arizona Don

All the mass murderers, by individuals, in the world combined do not amount to even one tenth of one percent of the murders committed by socialists (communists, fascists and marxist) governments during the twentieth century when those dictators murdered somewhere between 170 million and 260 million of it own citizens. Although there were three that were the worst, Mao, in China, Stalin in the USSR and Hitler in Germany there were perhaps over a dozen more throughout Europe and Asia. However, there is one thing all of them had in common. They all confiscated the guns from the citizens FIRST!… Read more »


Don’t forget the Khmer Rouge. While their numbers weren’t as great, their percentage was greater.

Deplorable Bill

Roy D. I am so glad you were able to find and post this here. It is the truth and we should ALL hold to it and remember it for what it is. Dictators, socialists, communists, demoncrapic, left leaning rinos fear the armed society, and well they should as we have the final say so for life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness.

Arm up, carry on.


Have you read the novel, “In the Shadow of the Banyan”?


The quest for absolute power by those on the left, cares nothing for truth nor do they recognize any boundaries they want to do away with as long as it promotes themselves to god status.


A Democrat gun grabber, opened his mouth; LYING!!!!!

jack mac

The article states this a town hall meeting in Virginia. Can not tell by the flags shown even what country it is in.


If we can’t deal with the Democrats/Socialist rise to power by stopping them, even eliminating them as a political power, then we need to let go of pre-WWII Germany having had any chance at stopping Hitler. It’s the same ol’ thing: they get up and there waving their arms all about while making political rhetoric look like theater. And since when has political acting, ever amounted to squat? By law they are allowed to lie to you, deceive you, and use misdirection: all just to get elected. What was it again, that were the basic tenets of the Democratic Party?… Read more »


@StWayne – As counter point to #2 – see current events. Before trump was even inaugurated they were looking to impeach. Hardly qualifies as waiting until end of term. OTOH – Their rules only apply for their politicians. All others must abide.


Democrats have become an Illegitimate gov.


Typical ignorant lying Democrat liberal.


He claimed someone stopped a mass shooting by grabbing the “red hot magazine” away before they could complete a mag swap. Red hot magazine! What an effing idiot!


Fully semi-auto magazines get so hot because of the friction of the 30000 rounds per cubic second fired because it’s got a pistol grip which could never be used for precise shootin’ and killin’ of animals, therefore, no one needs one.

Heed the Call-up

Terry, LOL

Heed the Call-up

Arizona, yes, that was just one of the hysterically funny bits in his dialog, too bad he appeared to be serious or it would have made a great comedy skit. Well, I guess in a way, it still was.