Virginia! We Need Boots on the Ground and Trainers

VCDL Gun Rights Lobby Day Virginia
VCDL Gun Rights Lobby Day Virginia

Virginia – -( Oath Keepers and patriots!

Our patriot brothers and sisters in Virginia need our boots on the ground, and they need us to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, as they stand against unconstitutional violations of multiple provisions of the Bill of Rights. We need you to help!


1. Critical Gun Rights And Pro-Constitution Rally On Monday, January 20, 2020:

Virginia gun rights groups and patriots, led by Virginia Citizens Defense League, are assembling for a massive rally in the state capital of Richmond, VA on Monday, Jan. 20. Go here for info on the rally. All who can make it are urged to attend to lend our voices in support of the rights of the people of Virginia.

It is critical that we have a strong presence at that rally to show our support for the people of Virginia as they stand up for their rights, and as they work to put pressure on their state legislators to honor their oaths by refusing to vote for any legislation that violates the right to keep and bear arms. See below for details on why this is so critical, and what we can do to help.

2. Oath Keepers Is Sending A Leadership And Training Team To Virginia To Assist In Organizing Resistance To Unconstitutional Acts And To Organize And Train Armed Posses And Militia.

Oath Keepers national leadership and some of our best trainers are on their way to Virginia to work boots on the ground, starting right after New Years Day, to do all we can to assist in organizing, training, and advising local town and county resistance to the unconstitutional and dangers actions of the Governor. We will stay for the duration, until the work is done! Among our trainers are U.S. Army Special Forces veterans and SWAT law enforcement trainers. They will focus on helping Sheriffs raise and train an official armed posse in each county, under command of the Sheriff, and on organizing, training, and equipping official county militia, under the authority of the county government.

In addition, they will form up and train Spartan Training groups in each county, to bring all patriotic Americans together to train in critical skills so they are a pool of well-trained volunteers that constitutional sheriffs and patriotic county officials can call on to assist in time of need, and that can serve as posse and/or militia. See below for details.

WE NEED MORE TRAINERS! If you are an experienced military or law enforcement trainer, please step up and volunteer to help. Email us at: [email protected] Put “volunteer military trainer” or “volunteer LEO trainer” in the subject line. See below for details.

If you cannot make it in person to volunteer to help organize and train the patriots of Virginia, please donate to support those who can make it.

3. Oath Keepers Will Directly Outreach To The Virginia National Guard, State Police, And All Local Law Enforcement.

We will be directly reaching out toe all levels of military and law enforcement in Virginia that the governor may try to use to enforce his unconstitutional tyranny. We will do so through several different outreach methods and missions. See below for more details and info on how you can help.

2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties, cities, and towns.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Map
Second Amendment Sanctuary Map


The Virginia Governor, with the assistance of oath-breaking politicians in the state legislature, is not just violating the Second Amendment. He seeks to violate the First, the Fourth, the Fifth, and the Sixth, through criminalization of free speech and assembly and gun confiscation without due process via horrendous “red flag” legislation, as well as weaponizing the state statute against paramilitary training to ban even training for lawful self-defense or defense of others, or assembly and speech while armed. And, of course, seeing to ban entire categories of weapons essential to a well-regulated militia, and attempting to criminalize normal, wholesome family shooting activities.

In addition, the Governor has begun to threaten to use the VA National Guard against the people of Virginia, in reaction to sheriffs and county officials declaring their counties to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries and pledging to refuse to comply with the Governor’s edicts and pretend legislation.

We are confident that many within the National Guard and State Police will refuse those orders and will stand down, but we want to maximize that outcome and we want to prepare the people of Virginia for the worst-case scenario of attempted use of force by the Governor to carry out his orders.

Oath Keepers is responding to the crisis in Virginia, where the leftists are in a full-frontal assault against the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Our response will be multi-pronged, and will NOT be a one-day response, but will instead be an ongoing campaign/deployment that will begin right after New Years Day.


1. Attend the January 20, 2020 Gun Rights Lobby Day.

When: Monday,20 January 2020
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: General Assembly Building — Richmond VA

Go here for details on the rally. IF you are within driving range and can attend, please do! The goal here will be to maximize the size of the audience at this rally, to help send the message to the VA legislature that the people of Virginia want them to do the right thing and refuse to vote for these atrocious and dangerous bills that violate the rights of the people – and that the people of the United States stand in unity with them.

We urge you to dress like average Americans, not in camo or full battle rattle. Our purpose is to be force multipliers for the people of Virginia. Oath Keepers shirts, hats, etc are fine, or any other patriotic gear, but please no camouflage or military gear. We want to present as quiet professionals. That is according to the wishes of the event organizers and of the Virginia patriot groups we are already working with, who have the most skin in the game in their home state. Please respect their wishes and help them in their chosen strategy. They also prefer that we go concealed carry for those who will be carrying. And they prefer that there be no long guns at the rally. Again, this is their preference and we owe it to them to abide by that preference. We are there to support and assist them in their political fight to try to keep these bills from being passed in the first place.

2. Oath Keepers is deploying a leadership team/training team in advance of the Jan 20 rally and that team will remain in the ground in VA after the rally, for the duration to do the following:

A. Urge all counties to follow the example of Tazewell County, VA by passing a resolution establishing an official county militia.

Tazewell County, VA has already taken the momentous step of passing a resolution to establish an official county militia, under the authority of the duly elected county political leaders. That is historic. A resolution to establish a formal militia in the county is a critical first step. And every other county in VA should follow Tazewell County’s superb example. Oath Keepers will be sending in national leaders to advocate for and assist, all counties in VA in following Tazewell county’s example.

Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, will be there in person to lead this leadership team and he will put his legal training from Yale Law School to use in assisting in the drafting of any needed resolutions. It is critical that the people of Virginia use their official county governments to organize militia units instead of just organizing private groups. An official county militia would be acting under, and pursuant to, the full authority of the elected government of the county, not just a private “militia”. That is an important distinction, especially considering the clear intent of the anti-gun leftist to weaponize the state statute against paramilitary training to try to shut down any and all training for self-defense or the carrying of weapons for self-defense When a town or county government stands up, that pits one government entity against another, and puts patriots in a much stronger position.

The Founding Fathers fully utilized their town and county governments when resisting the tyranny of the Crown. We must do the same when resisting the tyranny of the governor and the state legislature. NOTE: this does NOT mean we will not be working with non-official volunteer militia in Virginia. We already are. We just want to maximize the use of the county government as a mechanism of organization and authority.

B. Assist in the raising up, organizing, training, and equipping of official county militias.

Once a resolution has been passed to establish an official militia in a county, the next step is to actually organize, train, and equip that militia unit or units in each county, comprised of the able bodied men and women of that county (should be considered a duty for the men, but an option for the women who can also serve). To assist in doing this, Oath Keepers is sending some of our most experienced military and law enforcement trainers, including former U..S. Special Forces trainers and SWAT certified LEO instructors to VA to assist with forming and training these militia units. We will stay on the ground in VA as long as necessary to get this critical work done.

If you are a QUALIFIED and experienced military or law enforcement trainer or veteran with sufficient experience to train others, please do volunteer to assist as a trainer. To volunteer, email us at: [email protected] and put “Volunteer military (or LEO) trainer” in subject line. Please provide any documentation of your service and training you may have, such as DD214, training certs, school graduation certs, etc Please also submit a copy of you drivers license, your CCW if you have one, and your full home address and phone number. All volunteer trainers must go through a background check. No exceptions. NOTE: You DO NOT have had to have served s a formal trainer to be qualified to teach. We would consider an experienced infantry NCO, for example, as qualified to teach others what he knows (or whatever your MOS was). If you are competent and know your stuff, step up! Of course, if you were a formal trainer, even better. But we will put you to work if you are well trained.

C. Reach out to all the sheriffs and encourage them to form armed posses.

We will go to the counties that have declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties (with the sheriff making similar declarations) and urge them to take the necessary next step of forming an official sheriff posse under the command of the sheriff. Declarations are a wonderful first step. But they need to be followed up by actually organizing a real, no-joke sheriff posse. A great example of what is possible is the 3,000 man posse that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. Sheriff Arpaio having that large posse was a game changer in his Mexican Stand-offs with the Obama Administration. It made it a very messy and risky proposition for Obama to try to play hard ball and use force.

Bottom line is we will reach out to all county governments, sheriff departments, and town governments who have declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries to offer our assistance in organizing and training both sheriff Posse and official county militia, as well as in drafting any resolutions, training curriculum or other documents needed.

D. Form Spartan Training Groups in each county:

Open to all citizens local to the Constitution, regardless of what group they may be in. (excluding anyone who seeks to overthrow the U.S. government or who discriminates along racial lines).

These will NOT be official units, but will instead be akin to what the Founding Fathers called “training bands” of locals who get together to train, cross-train (sharing skills) and to iron out the bugs of working together. The goal is a trained pool of men and women in each county – as large as possible, and as inclusive as possible- that can serve as a turn-key posse or militia for the county. This means the people are ALREADY organizing and training, even if the county sheriff will not yet from a posse, or even if the county government has not yet followed Tazwell County’s example by passing a resolution to form an official militia for the county. Time is of the essence, and the patriots of Virginia must start training and organizing now, other than waiting until after those official units are formed.

Whether you are a three percenter, an Oath Keeper, in a privately organized volunteer militia, some other group, or in no group at all, you will be welcome to train with us. The goal is to train EVERYONE in the county who is loyal to the Constitution. We will train them in six critical skill categories: safe, effective firearms use and small unit tactics (in both a military and law enforcement role); emergency medical; emergency communications; emergency engineering; emergency preparedness and disaster relief; community intelligence (for law enforcement and military roles). Among the goals of such groups will be the establishment of armed neighborhood watches, armed church security, preparing churches to be places of refuge, forming and training up town and county volunteer emergency response teams, and organizing as a turn-key posse in waiting and/or militia in waiting, for the county to use.

Additionally, those Spartan Training Groups can work together to urge the Sheriff to form a posse and use them in it, and they can work to urge and encourage their County government leaders to form an official militia.

3. Outreach to all levels of military and law enforcement in Virginia. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

We will be directly reaching out to all levels of military and law enforcement in Virginia that the governor may try to use to enforce his unconstitutional tyranny. We will do so through several different outreach methods and missions. Stay tuned for details. However, if you are a military officer or NCO (current, former, or retired), who wants to help us outreach to the Virginia National Guard, or a law enforcement officer (current, former, or retired) who wants to help outreach to VA LEOs, please email us at: [email protected] Put “VA military outreach volunteer” or “VA LEO outreach volunteer” in subject line. We will give details to vetted volunteers.

We are fully committed to doing all we can to assist the patriots of Virginia in sending up for their rights as they encourage the military and law enforcement units of Virginia to refuse unlawful orders and by doing so, buy more time for the Federal Courts to step in and strike down as unconstitutional wherever pretend legislation nonsense the Governor or State legislature may pass.

Please help us all you can in this mission, either boots on the ground, or by donating to support those who CAN go, to serve in person. Every little bit helps.

Our trainers will need travel expenses, as well as food, lodging, and training supplies and equipment. Please help us.

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers

About Oath Keepers:

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like-minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us, God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.

For more information, visit


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Virginia is a fitting place for the next revolution! Train in and secure!


Whoever you are please maintain decorum and behave yourselves. Coordinate with Virginia Citizens Defense League for how you can help since they are the driving force behind the Virginia opposition to anti gun legislation. My personal opinion is to remember that just because you can do something does not mean you should. Nix on camo, open carry of rifles. Dress like you want to impress, not frighten, folks who may not agree with your position. This day is called Lobby Day in Virginia and is an opportunity to speak directly to legislators who both support, and don’t support our positions.… Read more »


BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA! I would guess that a whole bunch of people from around the country are finally hoping this goes hot or near so so this citizen control issue can come to a head. The BLM cattle ranch thing in Nevada brought in folks from all over kinda like the minutemen of our founding days. Like all other states, the VA nut case can have his state police “legally” arrest and remove sheriffs and if that fails or whatever the national guard can be used in his state by him (he is the commander-in chief as are… Read more »


This has no connection to the idiots in Nevada grazing their cattle on MY land!


No Jim you need to read the constitution if he passes those laws and orders the state police or National guard it is a illegal order punishable up death for obeying no governor or president or other may issue a illegal order


Wise words from a great Virginian!
“ The beauty of the second amendment is we won’t need it until they try to take it away.”
Thomas Jefferson


And all this because people are too LAZY AND APATHETIC to vote.

Heed the Call-up

With the exception that there are still a number of localities where the supervisors, council members, etc., have yet to meet and have a vote on the resolution. Although there are several or more that have either voted it down or decided not to vote on it. My county, Chesterfield, when they meet this month will be voting on it, and based on what I have read, is likely to vote for it. I believe these Leftists have made a grave error in their tactics and will learn a lesson they will not forget for many years. “Massive Resistance” failed… Read more »

Gene Ralno

Such mobilization signals resistance that seems to have escaped coonman. Perhaps he believes his role is to crush the people who voted for him. Perhaps he thinks he’s now king. I wonder if he knows he’s breaking the law. Clearly, he’ll be the goat if this triggers the inevitable next revolution.


ALL communist democrats believe government is master and the people are merely slaves.
For far too long the American people have sat, quietly, and allowed these usurpations.
Time to stand up. Time for tyrants to feel the wrath of a free people.
I won’t hold my breath. Cowardice has a very tight grip on Americans.


Speak for yourself. No go back inside your house and hide in the basement.


“coonman”? Don’t know what that means.


I think he’s talking about the VA. Governor being “coonman”. Running rough shod over all the people voted for him.


Nickname in his college yearbook, under the photo of blackface and a KKK costume. Other nicknames as well. Just do search and you’ll find it.