Hank Strange Deplatformed and Censored by Facebook

Hank Strange Deplatformed and Censored by Facebook
Hank Strange Deplatformed and Censored by Facebook

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Censorship of pro-gun content in big tech is nothing new. Once again, the Internet giants of Silicon Valley have shown their disdain for everything that they view as right-wing.

Internet personality, Hank Strange, is the latest victim of this purge. Facebook has removed his public page. Saturday, a friend of Strange’s told him that his Facebook page was missing from the social media platform. The next day Strange logged onto his Facebook account to find his page was unpublished for “violating community guidelines.”

According to Strange, there was nothing posted on the page that violated Facebook policy for pages. Facebook forbids private sellers of firearms on their platform. Being a long-time follower of Strange, I can’t recall a single time that Strange or anyone else selling guns on his Facebook page. Like many others, Strange does post deals that he finds around the internet, but the terms of service do not forbid the sharing of deals.

Strange surmises that Facebook might have deemed the sharing of deals a violation of their terms of service. He immediately appealed the decision, but as of today, the page is still down. Facebook, to this point, has not responded to his appeal that he filed on Sunday morning. There is no timeline for the company to respond with a final decision.

“Zuckerberg talked about moving Facebook back towards freedom,” Stange told AmmoLand by phone. “This doesn’t look like freedom to me.”

Zuckerberg recently said the company would err on the side of freedom when it comes to content. It doesn’t appear that this policy applies to guns. Although Strange surmises, it could be the algorithm that is false flagging his content.

Facebook has to moderate thousands and pages and millions of posts across the website. Humans do not do most of the moderation on the platform. Facebook uses machine learning to review comments and pages, and it is not uncommon for the algorithm to false flag content.

Strange also think situations where pro-second amendment content gets censored highlights the need for our own pro-gun social media platforms. In the video world, there is Full30 and GunStreamer. Some social media sites are gun-friendly, but most run on a shoestring budget and are unknown.

“I am an advocate of me having an ecosystem of our own,” Strange said. “I would like to see the firearms industry think about that. They need to either to initiate a pro-second amendment, and a pro-freedom platform or all get behind and support an already existing platform.

Without massive support of the gun industry, it is hard for any pro-gun social media platform to get any traction. Most successful gun specific social media sites are message boards that existed before the invention of Facebook.

Second amendment advocates worry about a future widespread and sudden purge of pro-gun content. Strange and others do not think we need to abandon current sites, but we need to have a back-up plan.

The second amendment community is at a crossroads. We need to give up a little convenience and start using pro-2a sites to avoid being deplatformed.

About Tred Law

Tred Law is your everyday patriot with a deep love for this country and a no-compromise approach to the second amendment. He does not write articles for Ammoland every week, but when he does write it is usually about liberals Fing with his right to keep and bear arms.

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..Hmmm, a Christian baker has to endure long period of high stress and large sums of money to be protected from providing custom services/goods, but not generic services/goods. to a couple of deviant lifestyle persons. But, Facebook can deny generic services to someone they disagree with. Sounds like a case for review against Supreme Court finding in the baker case.


Yes, the free exchange of information…about socialized health care, a kajillion dollar minimum wage, equality for everyone (except tax paying white guys) and murdering babies in the womb. Nothing about actual freedom, liberty and the means to protect both.

I quit Facebook 5 years ago….they finally quit me last year.

Avoid social media like the plague…’cause it is!


Old vet, I’m with you, almost. I had an account about 12 years ago, posted on it, well tried to, once, couldn’t understand it, couldn’t make sense of it, canceled my account and left and never touched it again. It’s stupid, it makes peoples brains stupid.


Does Suckerberg, not look like the person who would stab you in the back? If everyone using Suckbook, had loaded false information, in the person section of their page, as I did, all that data would be worthless. A site needs to be setup with everyone using the Tor browser to sign in with. Allowing anyone to view your personal shit, is just asking for trouble of some kind. Same as a search engine like “DuckDuckGo”, where your searches are not saved for any amount of time. In these social-media times we live in, anonymity at all times, when one… Read more »


Facebook supports two things, Dope and Homosexuality.


What is needed is not a social media site comparable to Fakebook where the gun guys gravitate. Nope. An all guns al the time site would limit the people who would go there. What we NEED is a site that is truly neutral on EVERY count. I know of churches, organisations, etc, that have pages for their members on Fb, and we cringe to be using that rotten tool to further OUR communication. We’d ALL like to find somewhere neutral. Fb also purge antiabortion anti-forced vaccination, anti natural health, aritists and creative groups that don’t have trashy stuff, a film… Read more »


Facebook is not by any stretch of the imagination “free speech” and the 1st Amendment does not apply to them. As a private entity it can do whatever they please and they still answer to no one. The pure genus of how so many are literally trapped and dependent on this form of media is mind boggling. But as it’s been said before “Necessity IS the mother of invention”. There was a day before facebook and there can be another. Censorship is the tool of democrats, communists and those on the right. They know quite well how powerful it is… Read more »


You say “free speech” allows Facebook to discriminate over perceived content. Fine. But as we have all seen, “free speech” does NOT yet allow me to decide to NOT serve certain groups/individuals of certain proclivities when they demand I support and aid and abet their chosen activities. Its neither or both. Can’t choose. all er nuttin. If Facebok can “discriminate’ based on “content” so can I in Y business of making custom cakes, photographps, flower arrangements, greaphic arts services, and the use of my personal property, the venue someone wants to corrupt with their “ceremony”. If a given service is… Read more »


Spot-on till I got to Censorship, then my brain did a shut-down. We have seen how these a-holes, Gates, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg put themselves above the law and everyone else. We need someone with BALLS in congress who would squash them like a bug and protect our Constitution as a whole, the way it was written.
“What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson


Getting John Q Public to stop using Facebook just because someone was “wronged” would be akin to having them put down their cellphones, which would be akin to sticking the pointy end of a knife into their overinflated egos, which of course would be a crime of the first magnitude against their vanity—-and that ain’t going to happen!


Ah yes, cellphones. Just as the US is getting ready to switch over the cellphone service to 5G. O, by the way, a Chinese company manufactures all the 5G hardware in China, which is being distributed throughout the US, by our providers, to be installed on the grid. Is there a back-door built into the software or hardware itself, for China to eavesdrop or use it as they see fit? Only time will tell if the hordes want to invade.

Deplorable Bill

Yup, Hitler had Goebbels the propagandist. The socialist, communist, demoncrapic, left leaning rinos have face book, most of the main stream news, amazon, ebay and more. What is going on here in America these days is something to be expected in places like China, Russia, Iran, Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Serbia, Lebanon etc. Try buying AR parts on ebay or amazon. They were plentiful just a year ago.

Arm up, carry on.


“We the people are rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts-not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”- Abraham Lincoln


13uttface algorithm: word=gun——->Trash folder


Simple remedy,Everyone stop using facebook. Thus there goes his revenue, thus there goes his power.I don’t have dumbbook, never have had it, never will have it.

Wild Bill

, Thank you for your service. No one that practices proper operational security uses Facebook. Maybe gun owners could coordinate among our selves a date, time, and statement for quitting all at the same time. Like a mass walk out. The Great Facebook Walk Out of 2020!


He who uses Facebook, is akin to an AR owner, using his rifle, barrel up, as a cane with a 2oz trigger pull,

Pa John

Hank Strange is a proud, patriotic, gun owning American who happens to be black, and so this is clearly racism. Turn the left’s own favorite tool for when they have nothing else, the magical term that until very recently was able to quickly render many “white” people instantly stupid and pliable – was to cry “racism!” Again, following the left’s lead, Facebook is not to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, because that is not how the left perverts our legal system and culture. No, Facebook, just like Trump or judge Kavanaugh, gun owners, or… Read more »


Sucktheturd is an asshole, just another Dem./lib “tool”… Time to make a conservative/right network, the HUGE $$$ loss will take the pedestal standing leftist assholes down.

Charlie Foxtrot

Hank Strange’s Facebook page is back up again. His site was temporarily taken down due to a copyright claim from Epidemic Sound. As it turns out, it was a technical error by Epidemic Sound that automatically tagged Facebook videos as using copyrighted material. This apparently affected LOTS of Facebook accounts, including those with paid licenses from Epidemic Sound. Well, at least Hank Strange got his 15 minutes of fame out of it. LOL

Deplorable Bill

The owner of Face Book, one of the richest people on the planet and now he is a tyrant. Seems I read something like this in the declaration of independence. A king thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant. censoring people because they are not in lock step with the socialist, communist, demoncrapic, left leaning rino party is a trait of the communist party. He’s not alone, try to find AR 15 equipment and accessories on ebay and/or amazon. This is all a part of the socialist, communist, tyrannical demoncrapic parties’ plan to disarm America so they… Read more »


Zuckerburger is just like ‘MiniMike’ Bloomberg. If I’m so much richer than you then I’m smarter than you and I know what’s best for you, although, I haven’t seen Zuckerburger claim sainthood as MiniMike did. (I’m going straight to heaven unlike the rest of you peasants) Arrogance like this just makes me sick.

Wild Bill

, Didn’t Suckerburg steal the idea from a roommate and have to pay a huge settlement later? Stealing … yep … he sure had a novel idea.


No Bill;
It’s not stealing if you’re so rich you can buy your way out of it. We have many examples of this in congress. Equal justice for all, more equal for others.

Will Flatt

Facebook is committed to purging ALL pro-2A and pro-gun accounts, and anything The Zucc says to the contary is a lie designed to mollify the gullible. They – and other social media giants like Twitter – will deplatform conservative influencers even more aggressively in the lead-up to the 2020 election, in the false belief that if they suppress our presence on the big-brand social media, they can swing the election. It is this same hubris and self-unawareness that caused all Leftists to be surprised and shocked when Trump pullled off an Electoral College landslide and trounced the Queen of Rot… Read more »