Leaked: New ‘Gun Control Playbook’ To Push ‘Red Flag’ Laws

Danger Red Flag Warning
Leaked: New ‘Gun Control Playbook’ To Push ‘Red Flag’ Laws

BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment Foundation is cautioning the public about a new “toolkit” [embeded below] for gun control lobbying groups to help them campaign for passage of so-called “red flag” laws that create “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” designed to take firearms from people based on allegations from family members, intimate partners or others, raising concerns about due process.

The document, leaked to AmmoLand News, was produced jointly by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the Giffords gun control group and the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence.

“This document,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “raises alarms because there’s a lot in it about taking someone’s guns, but only two paragraphs about returning firearms to their rightful owner.”

He recalled an earlier 80-page guide, reportedly paid for by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, discovered during an Internet search, that provided strategies to anti-gun groups for mounting gun control campaigns in their communities. He co-authored a book about that experience titled “Dancing In Blood: Exposing the Gun Ban Lobby’s Playbook to Destroy Your Rights.”

Gottlieb’s alarms were raised by the inclusion of a letter from a California sheriff’s official that referred to a May 2014 multiple murder in Isla Vista, California as “a shooting spree.”

“Six victims in that rampage were stabbed or slashed to death,” Gottlieb recalled. “It also suggests the shooting occurred at the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, but it didn’t. The term ‘gun violence’ appears throughout, but there’s not a word about ‘knife violence’ nor any mention of the fact that the killer bought three firearms, all legally with background checks and waiting periods.

“We’re all for preventing violent crimes and tragedies such as suicide,” he added, “but there are genuine civil rights and due process concerns related to the use of such orders to disarm someone, following a court hearing they may not even be aware of, before they have a chance to defend against any allegations. This guide asserts guns are ‘temporarily’ removed, but that is not really be the case in some instances.

“This document calls itself a ‘toolkit’ for saving lives,” Gottlieb said, “but it talks more about taking guns from people than protecting their rights and means of self-defense. So far as we can tell, this is just another gun control strategy guide aimed at preventing gun ownership rather than preventing tragedies.”

Leaked: New ‘Gun Control Playbook’ To Push ‘Red Flag’ Laws

Second Amendment FoundationSecond Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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Jack Blue

Red flag laws are tools of the tyrant. There is no reliable method for detecting precrime. And there is no shortage of charlatans, snake oil salesman, and Ivy League psychologists claiming they can. There are existing laws and approaches to protect the vulnerable from credible violent threats. Including the most effective approach – which is your inalienable right to buy a gun and get trained. Properly trained.


If you’re not willing to SHOOT training doesn’t matter.


Here is proof they will take your guns and “lose” them… and there’s nothing you can do! Get the word out!

Page 22:
“Consider amending policies to waive liability for damage to or loss of firearms that may occur in the course of an order.”


Giffords rants about guns, but does she ever say anything about the guy who misused one to shoot her?


She was strong Pro Gun until she was shot,as was her husband,then they TURNED VAMPIRES.

Heed the Call-up

Dos, they still are pro-gun, but only theirs.


Hey genius… did you know that the head of the SAF who is the guy that wrote this article is Jewish? Howabout Alan Gura, another Jew who won Heller in front of the SCOTUS? I could go on and on but I will just get to the point. Listen up… troll. Me and plenty of other Jews are shall we say… rabid 2A supporters, extremely conservative and have invested more love, time and coin in the 2A than you will ever know. I will not have you wantonly popping up here and smearing all of us with your broad anti-semitic… Read more »


“USA” I’m not Jewish, but I want to say you are mistaken if you believe what you are posting and you are more mistaken if you think you will find support for those views here. Gun rights are human rights and we are believers in human rights. If you want to learn a few things, visit jpfo.org. Given recent history, Jews have more reason than most of us to understand how important citizen gun ownership is. I hope you’ll educate yourself and let go of that anger you seem to have.

Will Flatt

@USA you say you’re not anti Jew yet every other post you screed onto this site is anti-Jew. You are a liar and your father the Devil is the father of lies.

Ansel Hazen

Rick, gun rights and the ability to defend oneself against violence are indeed human rights. Everyone deserves them no matter their racial or religious membership. And the people at JPFO are certainly the right kind of people. BUT those two pictures that USA posted, the head shots of legislators and news media employees are spot on in calling out 5th columnists that would likely and have likely used the cover of their so called faith as a shield. And it’s no different with the crowd that Ilhan Omar runs with either. Name an individual or group from the “religion of… Read more »


@Ansel Hazen
A prime example, George Soros is not a Jew. He may have Jewish heritage, but he is an atheist who in no way follows any tenant or creed concerning Judaism at all.

The only reason it came up as a defense of Soros being a “Jew” when it did was because of criticism of several individuals on the left for engaging in bigotry and advocating evil against Jews, and the left was looking for something they could use to switch the Narrative and blame the Right.

Ansel Hazen

Yes, Soros is a special kind of turd indeed. What I hadn’t outright stated previous is my amazement that Mossad hasn’t taken him out yet. Because you know they could. And that’s what I’m inferring when I say each group needs to police their own to avoid rightful criticism.


There is also a “Toolkit” on the books to save Liberty from those that advocate the overthrow of America thru unconstitutional means. TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242. explains.


I like how they claim due process is included in their playbook (taking away firearms and having a hearing within a short time) and how after the person has been cleared of being harmful to someone they “may” get their firearms back. feelings are good to have, but you shouldn’t let them rule your life.


All things we’ve covered in detail here for quite some time.


These idiots do not know if they are successful, they are already members of the NEW WALKING DEAD CLUB coming soon to a city near you.
Keep trampling CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, with Unconstitutional SO called laws(which is what they are doing) and blood will have to be shed.
The Constitution and BOR’S/Articles DEMAND it of it’s MILITIAS.
The Constitution’s,Supremacy clause makes all their passed BS NO LAW at all.
They are TRAITORS and guilty of SEDITION.


The thing about anti-constitutional people is that they are same as those immigrants fleeing so-called “oppression” from one failed country, and into the next because it’s what they know and feel they deserve. Rooting them out becomes impossible, as they keep finding more and more ways of turning the Constitution into just a piece of paper. Either you send them back to whatever rock they climbed out from under of their own country, or shed their blood there are no other options. Well, there is one last option: you could just always roll over.


After Hitler I am always amazed at the Jews against Firearms ownership.


Leftists masquerading as gun safety advocates like red flag laws because it circumvents the Constitution. No due process means they don’t have to justify their actions, only their intent.
Democrats have set a precedence of accusations without facts, to charge crimes without evidence.
Red flag laws are exactly that.


Will; I wonder if you if you pulled her turbine fast enough, if it would SCREW HER IN THE GROUND??????????


@USA; FINALLY someone else is talking about the “georgia stones”. Glad to hear some facts about the agenda of population control through the death of MILLIONS!


Red flag laws really aren’t necessary. Several states have laws that allow the police or mental health authorities to evaluate anyone and confine them to a mental health facility away from their firearms for 72 hours without any due process if they believe the individual is a danger to themselves or others. After 72 hours, the individual is either released if they are no longer considered to be a danger or they are offered the choice of remaining in the facility either voluntarily or under a court order. So why don’t these laws work? The problem is in most cases… Read more »


And therein is the lie of Red Flag laws. It is not about solving any problem, it is about confiscation of property without due process of law for the purpose of oppressing rights through the application of a judicial caste system.

Crime just happens to be the excuse of necessity to gin up fear among people in an effort to get them to fashion their own chains.

Will Flatt

Red Flag ‘laws’ are unlawful writs whose sole purpose is to end-run the Bill of Rights, hard stop. The men who write them are traitors worthy of a traitor’s justice, as are the redcoat SOB’s who carry out these deprivations of rights under color of law. Thats a felony, a capital felony if deadly force is used and the target is killed. In my state, if ANYONE (even cops), use deadly criminal force against you, you have the right to shoot them dead, period. What’s interesting is that my state is also one of the 17 that has passed this… Read more »

Will Flatt

USA, I think I speak for the majority of readers here when I say we don’t want to see your bigotry on parade, using every occasion or subject to trot out tired old tropes based on historic antisemitism. This convo has been done on other threads, but if you keep this up I’m willing to bet you’ll get booted from here.


Will Flatt. Yep, I hope it’s the majority. I just want to say to this stuff – ‘Yeah, I heard you the first time’. It drones on and on and on ….


It’s funny, but when USA was going on attacking Israel’s right to exist on that previous article, he wasn’t so ready to reply once I started asking some very pertinent questions about it.

They always run away to a new article if they get caught in a lie.


Will Flatt

@The Revelator – Yeah run away, but not before downvooting our on-point comments and memes like the petulant little children they are.


Well that’s all they can do… They cant argue against evidence, and if they already know they lost the argument there is nothing left for them. 🙂

Will Flatt

I laugh at how even though names aren’t being used, they’re downvoting my comments just for casting shade on their childish acting-out, which proves exactly what you’re saying, Rev.

Wild Bill

@WF, Here you go. Here is an up click.

Will Flatt

@USA – “JewNazi”?? I swear you’re the living embodiment of the Leftist NPC meme. Only a commietard would call Jews… Nazis.