Lining Deplorables Up & Shooting Them, Stalin style! This is Entertainment?


Ft Collins, CO –-(

“I do not wonder that the sordid hypocrisy of elitist/leftist politicians, who enjoy continuous protection provided by stone-faced men bearing ‘weapons of war,’ yet so pseudo-sanctimoniously insist that ‘ordinary citizens’ should never be allowed to keep nor bear arms of any kind, is never questioned by the media.

I do wonder why Republicans don’t bring it up!” ~ Thompson

Hollywood’s leftist elites are piously defending their soon-to-be-released [March 13, 2020] film, “The Hunt,” falsely calling it “satire”

The film is a vivid manifestation of leftist Hollywood’s constitutive aspiration:

Communist thugs, using “weapons of war,” wantonly murdering Republicans and assorted other “Deplorables,” who have the audacity not to support leftist political candidates.

Lining them all up and shooting them, Stalin style!

Curiously, actors in this film who are depicted gleefully gunning-down all of us disarmed “Deplorables” are using “weapons of war,” which the entire cast of current Democrat/socialist presidential aspirants claim to hate.

Apparently “weapons of war” are just fine, so long as they are restricted to the hands of Communist thugs, and are used exclusively to murder political opponents.

Maduro, down in Venezuela, may have seen a pre-release screening of this film.

After consistently decrying privately-owned guns and forcibly confiscating them as fast as he could, he is now arming his cadre of nationalized thugs with, you guessed it, “weapons of war,” and sending them out to exterminate what resistance remains.

Hollywood leftists apparently think this is all so funny, “satire” they call it.

But to us “Deplorables,” there is no doubt this is their wet dream.

“You have probably never seen the pillage of a town, people around you hacked to pieces, or else you would not speak with such indifference towards your own country.” ~ Mukta Singh-Zocchi.

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I fully support the release of this movie. Keeping in mind that when the SHTF and Patriots have finally had their fill of the Socialist/Communist Ideology being fostered by the Leftist Elites. They will know where the idea of lining traitors up against a wall and execution them came from. Oft times in the last 100 years. Science Fiction has become science fact. The imagination of Hollywood has become the morality of the Nation. Let their fantasy become their nightmare. No Mercy Asked…None Given. Keep Your Powder Dry.

Wild Bill

@Dark, The libtards have not the skills to do this themselves. They expect to get control of government, and have the government do it. All we have to do is get out the vote. Cheap, easy, no fuss, no muss.


Internment correction camps, and gulag type operation’s were promoted by the left wing of the Democrat Party’s leadership (they had a left wing once, now they all are) SDS in the 1960s-1970s. PBS even had some of their leaders (similar to today’s four bitches) talking about this correct or die project in the 1970s. Anyone thinking that TODAY’S Democrat Party LEADERS are not dangerous has no idea of what will eventually come–and it isn’t paranoia if they really are out to get ya!


It is the liberal’s dream, and that’s all it will ever be, a fantasy. Now, on the other hand, gun owners are capable of doing much more than dreaming, as many of us have served in the military and many of those have been in actual combat. Should it come down to it, we know who would prevail.


Having only seen the trailer presented in this posting, I am immediately turned off from any desire to see the film. The violence presented, both with and without firearms, is over the top, and I do not find this entertaining. Funny, how the gun grabbers not only never eschew gratuitous violence by Hollywood, but they promote it, despite their pious claims for a peaceful society.


I imagine there are only a handful of movies ever made that didn’t involve a gun or violence. These people are suvh hypocrites.


I could be wrong but I believe it was George Washington who stated “The American people should always posses sufficient arms and ammunition to protect themselves from anyone who would attempt to abuse them. Up to and including their own Government!”
Any questions?

Deplorable Bill

Patton once gave a speech. Part of it went: Some of you are worried you will chicken out in combat, I assure you that you will all do your duty. When you put your hand in a pile of goo that moments before was your friend, you’ll know what to do. It should surprise no one that evil, left leaning, people came up with a movie like this. It should surprise no one if/when some want to be nut case takes this movie to heart and films his own version of it — FOR REAL. I WAS UNDER THE NOTION… Read more »


You may want to look into the company that did it a little more. The other movie they did was about white liberal racists hiding the fact that they were racist and telling themselves how good they were while committing evil. The company itself is not right wing, but it is definitely not kowtowing to the left by any means. When Hollywood yanked it before it hit theaters, they were invited onto the BLAZE to speak about it on air. The fact that it is being released now, and that the Left is trying to call it satire when it… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Rev. you do have a point. I did assume that a left leaning, anti Trump, want to be socialist, America hating, company/producer made this movie. That being said, I still remember when some murdering nut case, up north east someplace I think, actually did kidnap people and hunted them down with a bow or a cross bow. That was before kids with video games, before people were mind numbed to killing/murder. Knowing this, knowing what this movie portrays, knowing what the left’s (D.N.C.)personal terrorist organization’s idea of right and wrong is, I see real potential for human lives lost….all for… Read more »


@Deplorable Bill Yes, but that is nothing new to Hollywood. Remember the Van Dam movie “Hard Target”? I think that is the one from the 90’s that was based off that idea. Regardless, its already out there. Now I am sure that you know as well as I do, that the radicals on the left who are calling for violent revolution do not need nor care about using a movie as an excuse for their actions. The only excuse they have ever stated as their reason when caught on camera unawares has always been the same, that other people reject… Read more »

Will Flatt

Rev, I concur 100%. The Left’s desire to eliminate all opposition through murder is historic and current. When you have leftists like Reza Aslan promoting Bill Ayers’ plan to round up conservatives and eliminate us by the TENS of MILLIONS, and this plan has existed for over 50 years, you see that this long-term strategy will NEVER go away.

The communist model of ‘PEACE’ is “THE ABSENCE OF OPPOSITION”!!

Ansel Hazen

Written because Kipling lost a son in WWI and my understanding reflects his sentiment towards Germany (and now as we know it the rise of Hitler). So with apologies to Kipling: It was not part of their blood, It came to them very late With long arrears to make good, When Deplorables began to hate. They were not easily moved, They were icy-willing to wait Till every count should be proved, Ere Deplorables began to hate. Their voices were even and low, Their eyes were level and straight. There was neither sign nor show, When Deplorables began to hate. It… Read more »

Pa John

I fully expect and PREDICT the Standard Typical Hollywood Action Movie Plot Line: The movie will begin with hateful ultra rich “elites” first rudely kidnapping, and then utilizing high tech kill toys, to ruthlessly murder some number of kidnapped “deplorables” in totally unfair & pointlessly cruel ways. The bad guys are shown to be really really really bad. “They have us surrounded, the poor bastards!” – Band of Brothers. After some suitable amount of bloody violent carnage, the “deplorables” finally start getting serious, and it then becomes a battle of wits and knowledge of survival in the wild, and the… Read more »


These Hollywood assholes did the same thing with their new movie “Jo Jo Rabbit.” It was all “satire,” of course, even though it made light of Hitler as a comedic buffoon. Leave it to Hollyweird to misguide the public through use of subliminals, disguised as “satire,” when they know damn good and well they are seed planting. “Baa, Baa, Baa!,” little black sheep. Follow me to where all your dreams come true. It’s a little place I know called the slaughterhouse. Once on the other side, feel free to be whatever you want. After all: would I lie to you?… Read more »


You are right on Joe, guaranteed MORE conservatives own them, AND know how to use them extremely well.
Yeah, I believe the movie rolls would be reversed big time for sure in an actual SHTF scenario… Just sayin……

Scotty Gunn

They think they will win. That is the satire part.


There is a movie on Amizon Prime called “Keep and bear” the movie. I think everyone should see this movie, If you are a 2A person it will help reinforce your argument. If you are not, but have common sense it will make a believer out of you.


If you haven’t seen the movie, what good is your opinion about it? For the previews I saw it looks like the “deplorables” win in the end. Which is a good thing.


There’s stupids on the left, and stupids on the right. If this is a movie that will get left wing people excited about ownership and use of firearms… I’d call it a win for all of us.

It’s fantasy, and people are jumping to conclusions on a movie, no one has yet seen. If it’s as cut and dry as ‘killing deplorables,’ I’d call it bad, but I’m sure it’s not.

Expecting a film just banking on controversy to get ticket sales for an otherwise mediocre movie.


After I got to see “Django Unchained” I thought, “What was all the fuss about.” I thought it was a good movie. I suspect this one will be much the same.