Magnum Research Launches New Custom Build Website

Magnum Research Launches New Custom Build Website
Magnum Research Launches New Custom Build Website

Pillager, MN – ( – Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world-famous Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to announce the launch of their new comprehensive custom build site,

This new site combines the existing three custom sites that Magnum Research currently offers. The site will be a great tool for Magnum Research fans to explore the customization options available for Desert Eagle pistols, Rimfire Rifles and BFR Revolvers. Customers can create their perfect custom Magnum Research product from start to finish with online graphics that reflect each detail as they are selected by the user. This allows the customer to see exactly what their custom build will look like before placing an order. The website also offers customers the ability to create an account, and contact the Custom Shop directly.

BFR Revolvers
Rimfire Rifles

The new Magnum Research custom website was designed and developed by Josh Eastman from Beyond the Brand Media. The site is a custom developed firearm-builder. Eastman founded Beyond the Brand Media in 2012 to help businesses in the firearms industry with online e-commerce and website solutions. He has worked in the firearms industry for 10 years and is currently serving more than 30 companies in the industry. Based in Manchester, NH, Eastman and his company specialize in custom web design, e-commerce and brand development and complete all web work in-house.

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About Kahr Firearms Group:

Kahr Firearms Group, formed in 2012, includes Kahr Arms, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research.  KFG Headquarters reside in Greeley, Pennsylvania. Kahr Arms produces small concealable handguns in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45ACP. Auto-Ordnance is the maker of the famous “Tommy Gun”, M1 Carbine and WW2 GI Model 1911. Magnum Research Inc., designer and producer of the world renowned Desert Eagle Pistol, Baby Eagle, MLR .22LR and .22Mag Rifles and BFR Revolvers. All three companies are proudly located in the USA. 


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MICHAEL J (@retaile23)
1 year ago

Pricy guns in assorted flavors!

tetejaun (@tetejaun)
1 year ago

Magnum Research…making gold colored guns for Muslim dictators and drug gangs since 1990.

Will Flatt
Will Flatt
1 year ago
Reply to  tetejaun

That is the most libtarded cancer I’ve seen anyone post on here in a while. Congrats.