Protect the Innocent.. and Other Tough Facts of Life

Texas Church Incident Shows How 2A Stops Mass Shooters
Texas Church Incident Shows How 2A Stops Mass Shooters

U.S.A.-( One of you sent me a note. We’ve never met, but the writer takes care of a few hundred people. He takes care of their comfort. They talk about spirituality, so he cares for their souls. He also wants to keep the group physically safe when they gather together. To do that, there are a few armed men and women in the group. From time to time, one of the group finds out that they are protected by people with guns. Sometimes, the Questioner objects.

The Questioner asks, ‘Why do they have guns in this place where we come together?’

The Writer takes them aside and gives them a simple exercise.

The first rule of the exercise is that you can’t change the rules.

‘In this exercise, there are three people. The Questioner, the Innocent, and the Bad Guy. Pretend that you are the Questioner. The Innocent is one of the kids that you know in the larger group. The Bad Guy is going to kill the Innocent unless the Questioner shoots the Bad Guy.

Now, the Writer poses this unpleasant problem,

‘Which person would Jesus want protected, the Bad Guy or the Innocent?’

The first thing that usually happens is the Questioner says this isn’t a fair problem and wants to change the rules.

‘But the bad guy shouldn’t come to church.. and if he does, he shouldn’t want to hurt anyone.. and if he does want to hurt the people here, then he shouldn’t have a club, or a knife, or a car or a gun.. and if he does, then the police should stop him before someone is hurt.. and if the police stop him, then the police shouldn’t hurt him.. and that is why I don’t have to defend the Innocent.’

And that isn’t what the Writer asked.

‘Who would Jesus protect? The bad guy, or the Innocent?’

The question is simple, but unpleasant. It isn’t a particularly hard choice to make. I think the difficulty with the question goes deeper than the use of force, deeper than the use of violence against another person, deeper than using a gun. I’m amazed that people are willing to sacrifice the innocent so that they don’t have to face the existence of evil.

Perhaps I understand a bit of how the Questioner might feel. I’ve met many men and women who are the Certified Good Guys who used violence to save others. I see a little bit of what it cost them. They know that there are monsters among us because they have seen the monsters. They have grabbed the monsters. These Good Guys are better men and women than I am. Their character is stronger than mine. They have looked into the soul of people who look like us but are not like us.

Some people want to hurt the innocent, and we don’t get to change the rules. We try to be a light, but there are still dark places in the world. As long as there is evil, then we should protect the innocent from it. We should not leave that burden of protection on our brother’s shoulders. I should do it. You should do it. It is our duty.

It is our calling if we love the innocent.

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The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Rob Morse, I see your arrows pointing out three people. One – the KILLER, Two – the wounded parishioner, Three – the Honorable LAW ABIDING American Citizen HERO. Where is NUMBER FOUR? I am referring to the MURDERED Parishioner who was SHOT DEAD BY the ASSASSIN! He is the one who drew his gun but was “cut down in cold blooded MURDER”.
It IS a blessing that Americans had their guns there in order to STOP a man(?) who was WANTON TO HARM OTHERS!!!!!!


I served as a conscientious objector combat medic in the Army Reserves. I missed Viet Nam with a draft number of 37 in 1972. I missed Desert Storm when half of our Station Hospital unit was mobilized and half was not, DS was short. I have a CCW. I believe there is a big difference between war for political ideologies and protecting the family God placed under my care and protection. Although I don’t think the “writer” understands how a church functions, e.g. souls under his care, spirituality, and comfort, I do believe we have a responsibility to protect, and… Read more »


OTD — You do know that God allowed Satan to snuff out all ten of Job’s children during a morality bet gone bad? I would argue that they died because it turns out the Devil was a little more than they could handle. In fact, if you’ve been following the news, like the lasted church shooting where a parishioner was gunned down in cold blood and killed, then you would know that God gives people more than they can handle on a regular basis. He has even dropped churches on entire congregations. I’m not trying to pop your “bubble of… Read more »


Unquestionably we have a difference on understanding the book of Job, what God allows, and what the Satan is allowed to do. But that is beside the subject. Personally, I will stand firm in what scriptures says regarding what God allows to occur in our lives. As Paul wrote “For me, to live is Christ, to die is gain.” And as John wrote ” Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” Our reward and goal is not to be in this fleeting life. My friend and fellow medic, I sincerely thank… Read more »


OTD — You are a good man I know, and I too in kind thank you for your service to your country when so many will not, but cry foul when their Constitutional rights get violated. We all, in the end, and however we get there, must man up and bear our own crosses. I have no doubt that you would give up your life in the defense of others, this is what a good man does, and is. If only a civilian could ever understand all we go through in defense of this nation: the training, the devotion, the… Read more »


I am humbled by your kindness. God give me the grace to be what I am not and how far I come up short of the mark.


Jesus said that He came not to bring peace, but a sword. Again, He said to sell your shirt and buy a sword, that wasn’t for starting a war, it was for self defense. The war was started back in the Garden of Eden with the implantation of the root of evil in mankind by satan. What we see today is the final exposure of that root and the use of the sword is in full ‘swing’ today. Evil can’t be exterminated until it is fully exposed, just like any other root. Jesus also said; “he who lives by the… Read more »


Hey Vern: is that you? Sounds like something I would write, so it must be me! Well said.


Brothers, although we undoubtedly differ in theological perspectives, I think the overriding concern is what would be appropriate to do if push came to shove and we were placed in a similar situation as the Texas church members were place. On this I think we can agree, if friends and family are in harms way it is our duty to them and God to do what is within our power to protect them.


Vern my friend, I believe the sword isn’t a physical sword, but rather the “sword of the Spirit” and the “two edged sword” of the word of God. And again ” …though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God…” Or when Jesus was asked by the soldiers what they should do ” Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.” It is note worthy that Jesus did not ask them to no longer be soldiers.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OTD, I disagree. Each of us may be called upon to be God’s physical, actual, literal sword. So get your body and mind right, arm up, and lay in stores for those you leave behind.

Deplorable Bill

OIT; I must respectfully disagree. Luke 22:36, when taken in context, is absolutely clear. Try to read a couple of verses prior and after Luke 22:36. The LORD was talking about a physical sword, the assault weapon of that day. A few sentences down the road you will see HE asked how many were on hand, the answer was two. HE said that was enough. Peter used one of them to lop off an ear of one of the temple guards later that night. Sounds pretty physical to me. The New Testament would not be written for some time to… Read more »


I glad that we can respectfully agree and/or disagree keeping in mind the ultimate purpose of this discussion is defense of loved ones from those who become are overcome by evil. Regarding Luke 22, First it should be noted this is a time period covered by the Old Testament law and not the covenant of the New Testament (NT) in which we now live. Meaning many physical acts occurred in the OT, wars, eye for an eye, murder, and etc. which are not an aspect of the NT dispensation of grace. Secondly, there is no declarative purpose that is given… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

The way of the cross leads home. What a world this would be if only the 10 commandments were followed or, even the 2 most important ones. Until CHRIST returns, rescue the needy, save them from the hand of evil. No battle on the Mt. of olives? JESUS and the disciples had two swords, the bad guys had clubs, swords, knives and torches. Everyone except Peter ran for their lives! Peter had cut of an ear of one of the temple guards. JESUS, knowing what was coming for Peter, told him to drop the sword. Yes, the LORD could have… Read more »


The sword was very much physical, but Peters timing was off. Until the spirit was manifested on the day of Pentecost, the only one walking in the spirit was Christ. Jesus knew the physical sword was going to be needed after He was ascended, that is why He told us in advance to be armed not only with the word but with the sword as well. Had Christian forces not been armed with swords what language and religion would we now be forced to practice? His speaking to the soldiers was to do no violence to anyone just for the… Read more »


Good morning brother, I appreciate and enjoy being able to have a civil conversation with you. I sure my response will PO some, but here is how I look at it. I am SO very thankful to having been born in this country (that is in assault from within as much as from without). However, I will stand by my opinion that although it is our God given duty to protect those placed in our care, perhaps not so much for killing for political ideologies differences. (note: GOD is willing to FORGIVE ALL, except blasphemy of the H.G.) As far… Read more »


“he who lives by the sword…” refers to criminals who illegally use weapons OFFENSIVELY, not to armed defenders who fight against those criminals.


It also means using words that create laws used to end the lives of innocent people and those who can’t fight back because they are in the womb of their mothers. Laws that sear the conscious of women who choose to kill their children because they have let some man, who cares nothing about them except for what they can get from them, control what they think and do. That is a sword that controls feminists whether they like it or not, abortion is in compliance with the will of evil men.


Am getting tired of this picture…what should be shown is the picture with 3-4 other armed members of the congregation advancing and prepared to engage the suspect. The media makes way too much about the shooters background and ignores the reality that others, perhaps not as well trained, were ready to drop the hammer also. What if the shooter (sorry forgot his name) had taken the day off to go fishing?

Deplorable Bill

The issue is still deeper. The M.D. is not there for the healthy, he is there for the sick. These, the bad guys, are the very ones who need our help the most. It should be noted that this particular Church had fed and helped this man several times in the days before he started murdering people. Christianity carries with it power, this being the fact that you can’t scare us with heaven. Death and the soon second coming is just a vehicle to heaven. Think about that one for a while. Now, who do you fear? The LORD GOD… Read more »


Still can’t help but wonder who, exactly, was it that manipulated the shooter to do what he was wanting to do? There is more to the story than will ever be told.


I would have told the “Questioner” that he should read the Bible as the answer to the question is in there many times from the first book to the last.


As the Iowa Caucus fires up, we see a mass shooting at Texas A&M, today.
When rapist Bill Clinton was pushing the ‘assault weapons ban’, mass shootings were all the rage.
Then, rapist Bill Clinton used the FBI Murder Squad to shoot, gas and burn alive American men, women, children and infants.
The message was clear: Disarm or die.

The totalitarian communist democrats never miss a chance to stack the deck or kill Americans.
Vote fraud will be rampant and in-your-face in November 2020.

Wild Bill

@OV, Throwing hiLIARy into the kettle, that would be the height of entertainment!


Or behind bars where she belongs with a clan of others.

Wild Bill

@ttj, Two dead one wounded, here in Texas, is only a Mexican wedding or just a garden variety murder. With this little definition alteration, I like the rest of what you write.


And you would be correct.