Q Side Chick Chassis, Pimp Out Your Remington 700 – Review

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- This is the Q side chick, and it is a replacement chassis system for any Remington 700, or similar footprint rifle. Now, you can basically take any old, broke down, tired, short action Remington 700, with a featureless stock and drop and slam it into a Q Side Chick, and now you have a completely new rifle. You will get all of the top features you would expect from an insanely expensive modern bolt action rifle. You’ll actually get many of the phenomenal features you get in the Fix rifle from Q, with a lot less damage to your bank account. The Fix is Q’s very unique, one-piece receiver bolt action rifle, and the Side Chick shares many of the features. While the Side Chick isn’t cheap, ( they rarely are), it is much cheaper than the Fix. Especially if you already have a Remington 700 that needs a second chance at glory. In my eyes, what makes the Side Chick so great is you can take the nearly endless configurations of Remington 700s on the market and combine them with the best modern rifle features available today. 

Q Side Chick Chassis

Q Side Chick Chassis
Q Side Chick Chassis

You’ll get a really nice, fully adjustable stock, that will also fold allowing this rifle to become nice and compact for storage and transportation. The stock is also adjustable for length of pull, and comb height so you can truly dial this set up in, and tailor it to you. Something that probably isn’t available on whatever Remington 700 you currently have. You’ll get the ability to accept standard AR-15 grips; don’t like the Magpul MOE that it comes with? There are endless other options so you can again customize your rifle to your specification. You’ll also get a free-float MLOK handguard and a generous top rail, giving you tons of options for modern optics. If your donor gun has a trap door magazine, you’ll also be upgraded to drop free AICS mags which will greatly add to capacity and functionality. 

The Side Chick is also insanely light at only 2.6 pounds; literally, when I got the box I thought it was empty. I really like starting out with lightweight guns because it’s so easy to add weight with scopes, suppressors, and other accessories if that’s the route you want to go. But it is really hard to make a gun that is already heavy any lighter. The stock is also extremely slim and trim, making it handle extremely well. This could also make a great modern hunting rifle if that’s what you’re looking for. There are literally so many options for this chassis, but whatever direction you decide to take, the Q Side Chick is going to make it better. I absolutely love the idea of all of this and think that it’s so awesome that Q is making something like this that lets you breath new life into old and tired bolt action rifles. Much like the Fix by Q, I think this chassis is helping revitalize the bolt action rifle segment.

Q Side Chick Chassis
Q Side Chick Chassis

I took a slightly different route with my Side Chick, and put a brand new Bergara RidgeBack in it, to see how they would perform together. I’m a huge fan of Bergara rifles and wanted to make sure that this Remington 700 footprint rifle would work in the Q Side Chick chassis. It worked phenomenally well, and we were successfully able to get shots on target all the way out to 1000 yards with this combo. I love this combination because it gives me what I feel is the best mass produced Remington 700 in production today with the Bergara, combined with all the modern bolt action rifle features that I want with the Q Side Chick. 

Q Side Chick Chassis
Q Side Chick Chassis

I’m obviously a huge fan of the Side Chick, you get all the ergonomics you want with nearly endless configurations possible. Q has also teased a pistol version recently on their social media, extending the options even further. Just remember, if you decide to get one, never tell your better half that “you’ll be going out with the side chick today”. You may instead want to invite them along and say “hey would you like to come shoot the side chick today?”. Remember the couple that shoots together, stays together.

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What is the MSRP? I expect it to be expensive, but how much.

Dave in Fairfax

$1,200 with a 30 day lead time.


Oh boy… $1,200.00 with a 30 day lead time… Just buy the complete weapon that started the precision rifle craze, the Ruger Precision Rifle AND there is no “lead time” ! For the price of just the Side Chick Chassis you get and entire new tack driving weapon and it has EVERYTHING this thing does and more… 100% NEW, and made in America………….. Talk about a completely out of control price, damn thing costs more that the weapon being bolted into it ! Why ???? Must be that snazzy blue anodized part…. Slamming an old broke down/worn out Remington or… Read more »