Seven Fallacies From The Left About Gun Control & Gun Ownership


2017 Right To Carry Map IMG gunstocarrydotcom
2017 Right To Carry Map,  IMG gunstocarrydotcom

USA – -( With the election less than a year away, several well know liberal sources are paying for mainstream media pieces to trash the NRA and gun owners in general. The facts are on our side. Here the seven biggest lies they tell, and how to counter them.

Lie Number 1: The whole Nation is calling for gun control.

NOPE! Gun Control is not universal, and it is driven solely by a handful of liberal elitists in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco/LA. I offer for your consideration three maps showing CCW availability in the counties in CA and NY(link), and the US. Surprised how much green and yellow there is in these liberal states? Gun control is driven solely by the coastal liberal elite.

California CCW Issuance Baggss01, Camshew
California CCW Issuance Baggss01 / CC BY-SA (

It isn’t the nation that wants guns banned; it’s big democrat stronghold cities that want us all to be like them. They’ve failed their citizens. More than 51% of all shootings happen in just 2% of the counties in the country.

  • 83% of all shootings are gang or drug-related.
  • 52% of all shootings are black on black violence, committed by a black man under 30.

So 3% of the US population does more than half the killing. Most of those guns were illegally obtained. This from the FBI’s UCR, 30% of the guns confiscated in crimes in CA are “ghost guns.” Gun control has failed my home state of CA. Changes in technology are making gun laws irrelevant.

Lie Number 2: We need gun control to keep children safe.

Distracted Driving Deaths IMG Zebradotcom
Distracted Driving Deaths IMG Zebradotcom

If you remove gang and drug-related shooting from the list, America is one of the safest countries in the world. Without suicides, there are about 10,000-gun deaths a year, remove gang and drug murders, and that number drops to under 2,000 a year. While each loss of life is a tragedy, your chance of being shot is slightly less than your chances of being struck by lightning, providing you’re not dealing with drugs or belong to a violent street gang.

Four thousand people, including children, die from texting while driving, 150 in school shootings! Why has the left not called for a teen ban on cell phones? Why is HOW a child is lost so much more relevant to the left than THAT they are lost?

Lie Number 3: The U.S. is the leader in mass shootings.

Among industrialized nations, the US, as of April 2018, is 9th in mass shootings. There is a countering study, done by a liberal professor, Adam Lankford, who will not release his data or allow for review by other scholars. This is one of the problems with the left; they lie. The purpose of gun control is to scare suburban women to vote for Democrats.

Lie Number 4: Having a gun around increases your chance of being shot.

According to a study requested by Barack Obama from the CDC, guns save lives. A LOT of lives. Does anyone recall this study getting extensive media coverage or the administration plugging its key findings? Of course not. It doesn’t support their anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun ideology, therefore it’s ignored as if it never happened.

Lie Number 5: The NRA buys politicians to oppose gun safety laws.

Money Briefcase
Dark Money spending exceeded $1.4 TRILLION dollars backing Hillary Clinton in 2016.

It’s not about the NRA, but the Left trashes the NRA and makes the NRA their scapegoat. Let’s be blunt. The NRA is a tiny organization with a limited pocketbook. They spent $35 million on the 2016 election to oppose Hillary after she called for gun confiscation. Dark Money spending backing Hillary exceeded $1.4 TRILLION. I would propose to you that money is NOT what makes the NRA powerful. The NRA is an influencer. They’ve been that since the 1930s when Democrats tried to ban the private ownership of guns. Part of the liberal strategy for winning elections is to discredit and demonize the NRA.

Lie Number 6: There are not that many gun owners in the U.S.

With 120,000,000-gun owners in the US, all over the age of 18, we are the largest single voting block in the country. No first-time presidential candidate has ever won on a gun banning agenda. Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee when he called for a universal handgun ban.

Lie Number 7: We only want “weapons of war” off the streets.

Weapons Of War: The Ruger 10/22 (top) and the Marlin Model 60 (bottom) represent two of the best selling 22 caliber rifles on the market today.

When Democrats call for a ban on “assault weapons,” they mean ALL semi-automatic firearms. While they talk about banning “weapons of war,” they want your 10/22. What they say in public and what they put in their bills are two different things.

If Democrats in Virginia were honest about their plans to ban the ownership of firearms, they would never have been elected. The real problem is that liberals LIE about their anti-gun agenda until they are in office.

So, what can you do?

Stay informed and help inform others. Share this article on social media, get your friends to subscribe to It seems simple right? Don’t let the anti-gun liars get off scot-free. Open your mouth and challenge them with FACTS! Our best tool is education. Bring the facts to the forefront, fight liberal lies. We’ll arm you with those facts; Liberals hate that by the way.

About Don McDougallDon McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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How about a MOVEMENT calling Democrats what they REALLY are to get their attention, COMMUNISTS.Really, whether they know it or not THAT is what they have become.


“The NRA is a tiny organization with a limited pocketbook.”
Don McDougall

“Limited pocketbook”? Do you really want to go there?
Have Wayne LaPierre, his BOD co-conspirators, and his money-laundering vendor accomplices give back the tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars they’ve stolen, embezzled, and/or wasted from donated membership funds.

“Non-Profit” my A$$. Indictments are inevitable.


@wjd, Thanks, “Limited Pocketbook”, as Wayne LaPierre spends millions of dollars per month of donated membership funds on “his” legal defense.


@JIAZ – Even so. Per article above – NRA spent record amounts of $35M during 2016 presidential race while 40,000 times as much was spent to support Hillary. Think of it as equivalent to tipping the wait staff a nickel after they cater a $2k meal! When faced by someone complaining about the “evil NRA” lobbying – point that out and ask them how much bloomberg spent in the same election in order to attack civil rights. Of course I’ve seen typical response to that as well – “Bloomberg is trying to help us and save lives while NRA is… Read more »


The National Shooting Sports Association is the political mouthpiece for the firearm industry, NOT the NRA.




I’ve been told one of two semi-equivalent thing many times. (1) You are more likely to be shot with your own gun than you are to shoot a criminal or (2) Most people who are shot to death are shot with their own gun. Implication being that of course someone else will take you gun and shoot you with it. Either statement is actually true, in typical twisted gun grabber use of the truth. My canned response is: “Do you expect someone to borrow a friend’s gun for suicide when their own works perfectly well? Do you prefer they kill… Read more »

Hal Jordan

“Most of those guns were illegally obtained.” “30% of the guns confiscated in crimes in CA are ‘ghost guns.’ ” “Changes in technology are making gun laws irrelevant.” These are all reasons for the gun grabbers to make new laws restricting our freedom. Why are you giving them ammunition to shoot us with? Also, statements like these… “More than 51% of all shootings happen in just 2% of the counties in the country.” “83% of all shootings are gang or drug-related.” “52% of all shootings are black on black violence, committed by a black man under 30.” …really need to… Read more »


I’m going to go out on a limb here: when 3% of the population is responsible for more than half of all murders in the U.S. because it’s gang and or drug related, and that “each loss of life is a tragedy,” I would argue not so. Can you image that 3% jumping by leaps and bounds because street thugs stopped killing each other, but instead, focused all their devious intentions of the average Joe?


I will echo what what others have said and repeat what I’ve said many times before: If you’re going to write an article, proof read the damn thing for typos and grammatical errors or please, for god’s sake, just don’t submit it. An otherwise good article, that could be used, over and over, is simply trashed because the author, in this case Don McDougall, was simply too lazy to complete the job at hand. What a waste.


Hmmm I read the whole thing, and I found no errors or sloppiness that limit comprehension of the subjct matter OR the facts.
Sad, but these days so few actually learned correct writing that few will notice anyway. The story carries. It DOES bear repeating.

Dave in Fairfax

Tionico, You’re welcome.


I’d really like to post this elsewhere, but the typos send the message that accuracy isn’t that important. If an article editor or author can’t be bothered to check for accuracy, in my mind it taints the message, if not the messenger.
C’mon man, as 2A advocates, we need to be impeccable in every aspect of our arguments.


That map is not correct as it pertains to Kommiecticut, which has been a “Shall Issue” state for many years, and where open carry is actually legal. Although there are still certain towns where the local law enforcement tries to make getting your permit difficult in violation of state statute. Those police departments get a good spanking when they get found out, and then it becomes easier for subsequent applicants.