There is Nothing that May Not Happen : Only Ones


Bloomberg with security
Bloomberg with security

Ft Collins, CO –-( From a friend in the UK:

“Ambitious leftist politicians, here and there, are clearly prepared to seize political power by any means.

By contrast, honorable politicians seek opportunities to serve their country, their fellow citizens, and future generations.

Leftists simply lust after personal power and money, nothing else.

Thus, used-car salesmen and assorted other sleazy drudges and hacks, the kind invariably attracted to leftist politics, have made their way into our Congresses and Houses of Commons.

Accordingly, our domestic politics are often under the control of amoral political thugs who lack any real insight, nor interest, into the welfare of our two nations.”


  • Leftists are now seriously arguing that the right to trial supersedes the right to self-defense.

Thus, when you shoot a violent criminal who is actively trying to murder you, you have deprived your attacker of the right to trial by jury, thereby impinging upon his civil rights.

This is a really scary notion.

A future court of leftist judges may conflate the right to a trial with a prescription against self-defense, thus making any kind of self-defense illegal, as is the case currently in the UK and Canada.

  • Bloomberg is outwardly marketing himself essentially as an American version of Communist Chinese Dictator, President Xi, and his groveling leftist supporters apparently see no incongruity with traditional American values.

He evidently sees no contradiction in his advocating for the complete and unconditional extermination of our Second Amendment, while simultaneously maintaining an expansive personal “Praetorian Guard,” heavily armed, and composed of extremely well-compensated ex-NYPD personnel.

Indeed, Mike makes his follow Democrat presidential aspirants all sound like NRA protagonists.

One has to ask how Bloomberg’s praetorians are able to continuously bear pistols, carbines, shotguns, and SMGs when he visits Bermuda and London, where possession of guns by foreign nationals is absolutely prohibited. It’s not even legal for Bloomberg’s bodyguards to secure their guns on private jets when parked at airports in Bermuda, nor England.

His praetorians are also apparently exempted within Democrat-controlled states (HI, NJ, NY) where rabidly anti-gun attorneys-general and governors go out of their way to prevent even active and retired LEOs from carrying under provisions of the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act.

Yet, Mike always makes an exception of himself.

Imagine that!

Imagine what he really thinks of us peons!


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As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

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Deplorable Bill

I see, grace for him and his minions but law for everyone else. That sure screams tyrant. Funny how all the communist/socialist/factious dictators did the same things. We know how well that worked out for the free world. This guy could be the antichrist. Really. I wonder if he has one of those John Wick suits?

Arm up, carry on.


DB, did you know that those suits really exist?
I thought I saved the link to the company that makes the material but I can’t find it yet, if I do I’ll post it. The material is literally no different than what they put in the suit the boogeyman wore.


I had a link to the actual manufacturer and the material and can’t find but here’s just one of the tailors that custom make suits and clothing.


@StuckInCC – Looks cool, but… Level 2 protection (or is it 3A?). Probably no stab protection, which I suspect is a higher probability threat for international travelers. When forced to wear a suit (don’t care for them at all) – I never button the front, even with the vest they show, there is a huge “V” of unprotected area below the neck. $20k!!!! At regular suit cost, I might have brought it to my wife’s attention to discuss, but for that price there’s no way. Makes sense for high threat business men who deal with valuables and have to wear… Read more »

jack mac

Hope that Wayne La P. doesn’t see this add. We can not afford to buy him as many as he will want.


@laughing Jack mac
Now that’s funny, sad that he may already have some thanks to those who (round it up for the NRA) I laugh at the cust service rep when asked that now.

Deplorable Bill

Made in Brazil.

Arm up, carry on.


WATCH tonight at the democrat debate…see if there is an American flag anywhere on stage.
You will know the communist democrats, whom despise the United States, by their actions.

Some guy

All democrats are stinking piles of rotting puke.


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Some guy

I’m betting that Animal Farm is no longer required reading in democrat run public education……Us older folks know exactly what Roy means.


Bloomberg may be the most dangerous man in America. With his money he is buying elections to cement his notions on all issues.


@joefoam – Funny – I watched the debate and it reduced my fear of him dramatically. If the debate is any indication of his performance, there’s very little risk of him securing the nomination.
That said, I’m still voting against him in the democrat primary. Checked my ballots and republican primary is almost all filled with “running unopposed” – with 75% of Texas voters voting in republican primary my vote is also leveraged 🙂 in primary.


Reading between the lines I hope readers realize what you are documenting – while there are many civic, service minded LEOs in NYPD and on other “forces” throughout the country, too many individual LEOs are merely mercenaries working for excessive benefits and ill-gotten gains (including a chance at winning the “disability lottery” or “moonlighting” for the likes of Bloomberg and other “politically connected”); they care nothing about universal application of law or the US Constitution. As a society I believe all would be better off if LEO were refocused on investigating serious crimes and stripped of their “qualified immunity”. Separately,… Read more »


It’s a fact that if somebody wants to get you, a hundred body guards can’t stop what’s coming. I secretly laugh when I see people like this thinking they are safe, as John Hinckley Jr. so thoroughly proved when he shot then President Ronald Regan in 1981. Or Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Or JFK in 1963, to name just a few.

Ej harbet

Be stupid to come at him with guns. Explosives are another story!
Then the bodyguards are collateral and might even become lethal projectiles.
How ironic that his well paid plated up bodyguard hit him at 250mph after being hurled by a ied of a rather large size.


Ironic, that piece of anti American/anti gun SHIT, is surrounded by armed guards. Yet HE wants us all disarmed and any cost. F**K Bloomberg. ADD the other anti American/anti gun libtard socialists and the COMMUNIST that will be on the stage with him…
Winner of the Dem debate last night…. TRUMP 100% !


Well if Bernies little thumb suckers plans are to take out the one percent, Let’s hope they go for them first. Bernie sure seems to hate Bloomberg. One less group of scum we have to deal with. Then it will be nothing more than target practice.


The stage last night did not have one person who has created anything. Even Bloomberg is little more than a glorified biblical money changer. Yet they all criticize Trump, who has built things and employed thousands.

Wild Bill

Now that is funny!


Attack me and you have the right to dîe. I will see that your right is upheld.


If the debate last night was any indication, MiniMike won’t make it far, and he certainly won’t be the presumptive nominee. The other socialists won’t allow for that. Poor ol’ Mikey: no height. No personality. And, he had nothing of any importance to say. Then they ganged up on him, pile-driving any hope he had in that arena straight into the ground. Hey Mikey! Here’s an idea. Go back to what ever rock it was that you climbed out from under, and give that moss thing that only grows on the south side of a tree time to work its… Read more »


I thoroughly dislike little mike, but we should never underestimate our enemies or their ability to survive and thrive using their devious and illegal tactics… vote ! And remember in november.


What The Dwarf thinks of myself and the other “peons” is absolutely complimentary when
compared to what this “peon” thinks of him and his ilk.


This little runt should have been arrested and charged with conspiracy when he directed his cronies to violate federal gun laws by buying guns out of state. But liberals do not prosecute other liberals no matter how bad they are.

jack mac

Bloomberg should reconsider his selection of body guards. The ones he has are far more worthy than the creep they protect.

Wild Bill

@jm, Bloomy’s bodyguards don’t seem very big. Maybe they are extremely well trained to make up for it.


I agree with you overall but why you feel compelled to slander used car salesmen is highly offensive. It rivals a racisl slur in my and many others opinion. Please delete that.

jack mac

Thanks,Boomer. I take exception to the car salesmen remark also.


Yea, the vast majority of those pinheads in congress are lawyers…. THAT should tell you all you need to know.

Some guy

This guy is a piece of shit, just like every democrat.


What is good for me is not for thee…


If you have not yet clued in, forget the billions this joker will spend to get our presidency, imagine the amounts he would spend, if he got his hands on your tax money. Yes Mini-Mike, I too was a business owner, but never seemed to get ahead. Those of your kind, who were up the ladder, controlled everything. If I wanted to raise my prices so my family would not go without, I was threatened with you bringing in slave labor from foreign countries on green passes to keep my wages down, which wasn’t much more than minimum wage. You… Read more »


The worlds billionaires for the most part are members of a club known as the “One World Order.” 65 of the members own wealth is equal to the wealth of half the worlds population combined. I don’t know how many members there are, but they are from all over the world.
What is interesting is that at a point in time they will give all the wealth and power that goes with it to one person.


‘Bare’ weapons? How do weapons become nude?


@wjd, get the raid! The roaches encroaches!

Get Out

Easy, strip it down.


@S&M – Have to admit that glaring error detracted from the article for me. However I got over it and moved on. People screw up and we’ve all become overly dependent upon spell checkers. Let it go and get over yourself.

If you couldn’t figure out intended meaning, you have no business engaging in conversation with anyone over 6.

No I take it back – don’t want you teaching stupidity to children. -> Ban @SM “for the children”.

Wild Bill

@SEMPAI, She claims to be a bouncer, so she is either at the bra factory or doing her exercise ball workout.


#Wild Bill
A bouncer? Ha laughable just another trailer squatting methhead who doesn’t vote, and prolly doesn’t have internet access today cause she missed the bus to the library…a bouncer.. more like an applhead chihuahua

jack mac

Supper whatever: Fair question. The primary weapon is the bare hand, became nude on arrival.