This Week on Shooting USA – FASTER in the Schools

FASTER in the Schools
FASTER in the Schools

Nashville, TN -(  We’re taking you inside the training program that has qualified more than 1,500 Ohio Teachers to carry every day in their schools. It’s a comprehensive training program with a final exam using air soft guns in a local high school. Chris Cerino is the primary instructor teaching techniques that enable a Good Guy Teacher to stop a bad guy with a gun.

Plus, the M-1 Carbine is now one of History’s Guns.

Then John attends the USPSA Range Officer Academy to report on the training required to conduct a match.

And Mark Redl demonstrates Tactical Reloads for speed in competition and personal defense. More Info…

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Defending the 2nd by Example in the 27th Year

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Shooting USA

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8 months ago

Are tattoos required?

Matt in Oklahoma
Matt in Oklahoma
8 months ago

I’m working with a schoolteacher right now on this. He’s a good man

Deplorable Bill
Deplorable Bill
8 months ago

Good job. A good guy with a gun is always what is needed to stop a bad guy with a gun. Gun free zones are mass murder locations waiting to happen. As teachers would be already on site, there can be no other first responder to respond faster. Faster response = less dead and /or wounded innocent people.

Arm up, carry on.