RICHMOND, VA: This morning the Virginia House Public Safety Committee voted 12 – 9 in favor of passing an amended version of House Bill 961. Knox Williams, President of the American Suppressor Association, was on hand to testify in opposition. The vote took place on party lines, with the exception of Delegate Joshua Cole (D-28), who abstained. Now that the bill has passed committee, the House of Delegates will have until Tuesday, February 11th to pass this legislation prior to the crossover deadline.

The amended version of HB 961 makes several key concessions regarding suppressors. Chief among them is that lawfully obtained suppressors in Virginia will no longer be subject to confiscation. That means, should the bill become law, anyone who possesses a suppressor in the state prior to July 1st would be able to keep them. ASA spoke with legislators who said that the educational groundwork laid by the Association over the past month – including meetings with every member of the committee or their staff – was a key factor in their decision to amend the suppressor provisions of the bill. While this is a step in the right direction, HB 961 remains a bill that we oppose.

When asked during the hearing by Delegate Sam Rasoul (D-11) to clarify our stance on the bill, Williams made the following statement:

ASA would like to thank Chairman Patrick Hope (D-47) for granting us time during the hearing to provide expert testimony to the committee.

The new language, which was not made available until several minutes into Delegate Mark Levine’s (D-45) opening testimony, reads:

18.2-308.11. Import, sale, transfer, etc., of silencers; penalty.

  1. For purposes of this section, “silencer” means any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a firearm, including any part or combination of parts designed or intended for use in assembling or fabricating such a device.
  2. It is unlawful for any person to import, sell, transfer, manufacture, or purchase a silencer, provided that a person may transfer a silencer in accordance with the provisions of the National Firearms Act (26 U.S.C. § 5801 et seq.). A violation of this section is punishable as a Class 6 felony.
  3. The provisions of this section shall not apply to (i) any government officer, agent, or employee, or member of the Armed Forces of the United States, to the extent that such person is otherwise authorized to acquire a silencer and does so while acting within the scope of his duties; (ii) the manufacture of a silencer by a firearms manufacturer for the purpose of sale to any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States or to a law-enforcement agency in the Commonwealth for use by that agency or its employees, provided that the manufacturer is properly licensed under federal, state, and local laws; or (iii) the sale or transfer of a silencer to any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States or to a law-enforcement agency in the Commonwealth for use by that agency or its employees.

About the American Suppressor Association

The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor community. We exist for one reason and one reason only: to fight for pro-suppressor reform nationwide.

Suppressor owners everywhere are being rallied to make their voices heard by joining ASA or buying a raffle ticket during the “Cans Not Bans: Sic Semper Tinnitus” member giveaway. Proceeds support the ASA’s organized opposition to Governor Northam’s unpopular attempt to ban suppressors in the state. Anyone who does so before March 2nd will be entered to win one of 12 prizes. Already an ASA member? As long as your membership is up to date as of March 2nd, you’ll be entered as well!

Membership in the American Suppressor Association amplifies everyone’s voices and provides the necessary funding to stay engaged in this essential fight in Virginia, Washington D.C., and throughout the country. Make no mistake, this fight is about more than just Virginia. If we allow misguided policy to take hold in The Old Dominion, it will spread like wildfire. The American Suppressor Association will do everything in our power to prevent this unacceptable outcome. Visit for more details.

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Those “politicians” who SWORE an OATH to DEFEND the Constitution – then BREAK THEIR SWORN OATH – – – MUST be treated as TRAITORS to the Constitution and their State!!!


It blows my mind that an obvious unconstitutional “law” that was passed in 1934 is still hindering modern law abiding citizens from being able to obtain one of these prohibited items to keep from having hearing loss. It is high time that these become as easily accessible as a “silencer” for your lawnmower.


I talk to people all the time who are up to speed with Virginia that don’t think there’s anything to worry about because this thing or the other will protect us. I tell them that what the left is working on in Virginia is taking away those protections, then they say, “‘Yeah but,’ it will never get that far.” And these are solid red meat Americans wearing the flag on their shirt! At this point I just don’t have the time to bring them up to speed because neither do they. If there was a one-liner that worked best in… Read more »

HMLA-167 Warrior

“Even the largest mountain can be leveled with enough small chips taken away.”
-HMLA-167 Warrior.


“Take Action Now”

I agree…arrest the Commie bastards and any complicitous law enforcement, staff, or legislator. Throw them in solitary confinement without bail. Put a Sheriff of your choosing in charge of all VA law enforcement. Establish an interim state government. Nullify all laws repugnant to the Second Amendment.

Yeah…make your voice heard, and your firearms as well – if need be.


Delegate Bloxom is one of the good guys! Please take the time to send the e-mail (above) to support his stand against the tyrannical democraps ignoring their constituents.


I just stood with you brother.


Oh yes, it’s just wonderful that you’ve agreed to let your state gov. dictate what you can keep and what you may NOT buy in the future. There can be no compromise on these issues. If you give an inch they will surely take a mile. And what is “common sense” about eliminating sound suppressors? What does that have to do with ANYTHING that has been going on in this country? Where is the push to prosecute gun CRIMES with mandatory minimum sentences that would make a difference. Good people will be punished for simply having the gumption to make… Read more »

Ej harbet

Will for prez 2024,lol

Some guy

What? You fools thought that your silly peaceful protest was going to effect anything? They are going to stick every one of these commie dictates right up your asses. You’ll still be talking and protesting while these fucking democrats are loading you into the cattle cars.


@SG – It would be short sighted and wrong for any peace loving people to not give fair warning to their government before said government forces the people to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. As with everything in life, this is not a case of either/or. People can protest AND when it becomes necessary hide equipment, or act in civil disobedience, or react violently to attempted forced confiscation.
Not protesting first would be the same as not telling a child they cannot do something – and then beheading them for doing it. Explain the rules – then enforce the rules.


If Virginia gun owners would simply show up at the courthouse in Richmond and stage a peaceful protest, then surely the Democrats would stop their efforts to take our gun rights….