U.S.A.-( Yesterday afternoon the Virginia House of Delegates voted 51 – 48 in favor of passing House Bill 961, Delegate Mark Levine’s (D-45) “assault firearm” and suppressor ban. All 45 Republican Delegates voted against the bill. They were joined by Del. Lee Carter (D-50), Del. Steve Heretick (D-79), and Del. Rosalyn Tyler (D-75), with Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D-21) abstaining. Now that the bill has passed the House, it will move to the Senate for consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The suppressor provisions of House Bill 961 were amended in Committee on Friday, removing the confiscation provision that was previously included. Should the bill become law, anyone who possesses a federally registered suppressor in Virginia prior to July 1st would be able to legally maintain possession of their property. However, the acts of importing, selling, manufacturing, and purchasing suppressors would be prohibited for civilians after enactment. For this reason, among others, HB 961 remains a bill that the American Suppressor Association strongly opposes.

The relevant suppressor language, which was passed by the House, reads:

The American Suppressor Association will continue to fight against HB 961, but we need your help. If you are a Virginia resident, please take the time to contact members of the Senate Judiciary committee by using our form below. We ask that you politely urge them to oppose this draconian legislation.

About the American Suppressor Association

The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor community. We exist for one reason and one reason only: to fight for pro-suppressor reform nationwide.

Suppressor owners everywhere are being rallied to make their voices heard by joining ASA or buying a raffle ticket during the “Cans Not Bans: Sic Semper Tinnitus” member giveaway. Proceeds support the ASA’s organized opposition to Governor Northam’s unpopular attempt to ban suppressors in the state. Anyone who does so before March 2nd will be entered to win one of 12 prizes. Already an ASA member? As long as your membership is up to date as of March 2nd, you’ll be entered as well!

Membership in the American Suppressor Association amplifies everyone’s voices and provides the necessary funding to stay engaged in this essential fight in Virginia, Washington D.C., and throughout the country. Make no mistake, this fight is about more than just Virginia. If we allow misguided policy to take hold in The Old Dominion, it will spread like wildfire. The American Suppressor Association will do everything in our power to prevent this unacceptable outcome. Visit for more details.

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Deplorable Bill

“The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Between that and the motto on the Va. flag along with SCRIPTURE, one might think they would know better. This nation is on the brink of the second revolutionary war and for the same reasons no less. Governmental “overreach”, “gun control, A.K.A. population control”, government officials being above the law, using government entities as weapons against Christian/conservative opponents etc. Just as it was back then we have voiced our petitions humbly for decades only to be answered with repeated injury. A prince, thus marked by every… Read more »


@Deplorable Bill revolutionary war??? Don’t expect any anti-gun libtards to take to the streets with guns in hand – they ain’t gonna’ fight. So who is our enemy? How do we find them, and how do we go about eliminating them?

Deplorable Bill

Take to the streets themselves? No, they will send enforcement types. Legal or not, constitutional or not. The governor has mentioned calling in the U.N. Then there is antifa types. They will attempt to make anyone who owns an AR or any other type of semi auto rifle, shotgun or pistol felons overnight using a pen. The British did the same thing they are doing. That’s what started the revolutionary war.

Arm up, carry on.


No, they won’t that’s why we get them FIRST.To get rid of a disease you go to the SOURCE.

Deplorable Bill

U.S.A. I am glad to here that.

Arm up, carry on.


Bill I think we are brothers and were separated at birth.


Virginia’s Lawmakers are so STUPID they have not passed One Assault weapon bill, they are passing semi auto bans, 100% illegal.
Unconstitutional and are not to be obeyed.
The stupid bastards do not even KNOW what a true Assault weapon is, yet they pass laws on weapons that have NEVER been ASSAULT weapons.(they have ZERO qualms murdering thousands of babies),but are super concerned about disarming those who can STOP their ultimate agenda.


See what happens when a mob majority runs your government? California usually leads the nation in that category, but Virginia is catching up. Unconstitutional politicians and bureaucrats do whatever they please and only in the wake of their tyranny can we try to stop them.


As for all your unconstitutional “laws:” go fvck yourself!


What the HELL will this do to make people safer? Damn It, these people are so frigging ignorant and brainwashed!! Just like a firearm if you want one you’ll get it or make it and then there’s the black market! Once again they’re just making law-abiding citizens pay the price!!


The ‘wake up’ call is right before you boys and girls! “….removing the confiscation provision that was previously included….” 51-48 tells you that ‘letting’ DemonRATS control ANYTHING is ‘giving up much more than your ‘rights,’ the other two are called LIBERTY and FREEDOM! As noted, California like New York, under DemonRAT control, has long been LOST and Virginia is at the edge of the cliff. Part of the problem has long been that there are many Democrats that are part of the ‘old Democrat party’ but continue to run ‘lock-step’ like lemmings with the current edition of that FORMER party.… Read more »


Perhaps all the gun-grabbing is good. If there are any candidates for state offices with balls, they can campaign on a promise to abolish ALL gun control legislation. Maybe that would motivate the apathetic to vote?

It could be that voter apathy is a direct result of years and years of sissy-ass’d politicians spewing crap and trying to appease both sides?


But, but, but it’s accepted by Europeans!
If it was a roundabout they would all be voting to cram it down our throats.


It seems every time new bills are introduced by dems to chill 2nd Amendment Rights, increase in sales of firearms and suppressors results.

They haven’t quite figured that out!

Watch Form 4’s increase now as it appears the language of this bill allows for suppressors to be purchased up to this July 1st deadline and with the form filed timely, the suppressor is technically federally registered to the applicant once placed in the mail.

Red Falcon 1325

No true American citizen is going to comply with any of these unConstitutional laws the inbred DemonRats are passing. They are merely pushing this country ever closer to a hot Civil War II. My question is, where are the law suits challenging these idiotic laws from any or all of the firearms lobbies that suck up our hard earned dollars to defend our rights???

Arizona Don

Guns are always confiscated a little bit at a time it is like boiling the frog by the time he realizes he is being boiled it is to late. I wonder if any of these people who support such action(s) have any knowledge of what happened during the twentieth century when over 170 MILLION people were murdered, some who should know claim over 260 MILLION, throughout Europe and Asia, by their governments AFTER the guns were first registered and then confiscated? If not they had better begin to study it or they will be marching to empty pits and shot… Read more »