Wyoming 2020 Bill Would Eliminate most “Gun Free Zones”

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U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- In Wyoming, Second Amendment supporters have been working to repeal “gun free zones” for years. Bill SF0088 in Wyoming would eliminate most “gun free zones” in the state in 2020. Here are the relevant portions of the bill:

(b)  Persons lawfully carrying concealed weapons in Wyoming under W.S. 6‑8‑104(a)(ii) through (iv) may carry a concealed weapon in the following places:

(i)  Any meeting of a governmental entity;

 (ii)  Any meeting of the legislature or a committee thereof.

 (c)  Persons lawfully carrying concealed weapons in Wyoming under W.S. 6‑8‑104(a)(ii) or (iii) may carry a concealed weapon in the following places:

 (i)  Any public school, public college or university or professional athletic event, except as provided in W.S. 21‑3‑132;

 (ii)  Any public elementary or secondary school facility, except as provided in W.S. 21‑3‑132;

 (iii)  Any public college or university facility.

W.S. 21-3-132  generally prohibits the carry of firearms in K-12 schools, unless the school board allows the practice.

The bill is sponsored by Senator(s) Bouchard, Biteman, James and Steinmetz and Representative(s) Blackburn, Clem, Edwards, Gray, Jennings, Laursen, Piiparinen, Salazar, Styvar and Tass.

In 2019, the legislation was popular. From the Gillettenewsrecord.com:

The bill, Senate File 75, proposes to not only repeal most gun free zones across the state but would allow for the carry of concealed weapons anywhere in the state for permit holders. The bill would also clarify that only the Wyoming Legislature may regulate firearms, weapons and ammunition, therefore overriding local ordinances.

The most significant aspect of the bill might be its level of support. Nearly half of the Senate – 13 members – have signed on as co-sponsors, as well as 23 members of the 60-person House.

Senate Bill 75 was defeated in the committee in 2019, on a three to two vote. From wyomingnews.com:

After SF 75 failed, Bouchard said the arguments against this and other attempts to repeal gun-free zones always predicted terrible ramifications.

“It’s all the same arguments every time we have any kind of gun bill,” Bouchard said.

“The sky was going to fall, danger’s happening. It’s all the same argument, and it’s emotional. They’re not looking at the reality.”

In 2019, Senators Reynolds John Kost (Republican, Disrict 19 ), Michael Von Flatern (Republican, District 24 ), and Lilsa Anselmi-Dalton (Democrat, District 12 ), were the three votes in the Judiciary Committee which defeated the bill.

While a majority of Republican legislators seem willing to sign on to support the elimination of “gun-free zones”, the Republican leadership, especially in the Senate, seems dedicated to defeating the bill in committee.

This pattern has been observed in many states, as the right to bear arms has been slowly and incrementally been restored over much of the United States.

Senator Anthony Bouchard has been actively working to restore Second Amendment rights in Wyoming for many years.  In 2020, SF0088 is one of his chosen vehicles for restoring those rights.

Wyoming is a Constitutional Carry state. Blood has not been running in the streets as the right to bear arms has been restored.

The elimination of “gun-free zones” in Wyoming would set an example for the rest of the United States.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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The mass murders of school children were actually very rare until the passage of the No Gun Zone law in 1990. Many anti-gun supporters choose to overlook the importance played by the No Gun Zone Law which actually supports the massacre of children, teachers and others.. This law “enables and guarantees” a successful mass shooting by making everyone in the public school system defenseless. The law has never been repealed, has never prevented a single shooting, and continues to result in one mass public shooting after another with children usually as the target. However, this law doesn’t apply to private… Read more »


May I share this?


Do not forget that this was also about the time that they started medicating large numbers of children so that they were more manageable in the schools. Stopped spankings and started medicating, not a smart move in my book. But then what did one expect from the liberals who make up the overwhelming numbers of teachers and administrators starting back then and continuing to today.

Arizona Don

Many of us have been preaching this for years now. Keep up the good work. Perhaps some day we will get the facts across to these gun grabbers. I doubt it but we have to keep trying. Guns don’t kill people any more then pencils misspell words. A gun is just a tool like any other tool. Just damn near any tool can and does kill people. Even that innocent looking hammer can kill someone.

Will Flatt

We need this nationwide!! TIME TO COPY & PASTE IN YOUR STATE’S NAME!!


Gun-free zones – like shooting fish in a barrel!

Arizona Don

When do you think people will begin to understand restrictive gun laws assist the criminals and murderers and restrict only law abiding citizens? Do you think ever? I’m not certain they are smart enough to actually comprehend that.

It has been said doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result but thinking it will be different is lunacy. Well we here in the United States have been passing restrictive gun laws now for over ninety (90) years and have not learned that yet! I suggest that is beyond a slow learner. It is just plain ignorance.


You know what? There is zero gun crime in Wyoming. EVERYONE has a gun in Wyoming. EVERYONE carries in Wyoming.
When we DO have gun crime it is, generally, from out-of-staters. Usually those Utah liberals from Salt Lake… Utards.


Your right to impose an anti-Constitutional gun-free zone ends at my front sight.


To those who’ve never been, if you think of guns as purposeful tools, Wyoming’s your place. If you think of guns as things that cause people to kill other people, you’re not going to like it, and we’re not going to like you. Wyoming may be the last place where pickup gun racks are still a thing, and why not? No one’s going to break into your pickup to steal your gun. They don’t need to. They’ve already got their own. The only Wyomingites I know who don’t own guns are felons, (some of whom can regain their right to… Read more »


I plan on retiring soon and escaping S.E. Michigan is part of that plan. I’ve always hated cities, and not too fond of towns either. Don’t get me wrong, I like people, just 2 or 3 at a time is fine by me. I need room to get outside and breath. Wyoming has been on my short list of possible relocation destinations for some time. This may just put it at the top of the list.


i’m with you although am not really a fan of the cold, that’s why I left MN, but Wyoming sounds like my kind of place. I always ask anti-gun people “is the gun able to jump up and start shooting by itself” and they look at me crazy and say “no”. my response, “exactly, it is a inanimate object that someone has to pick up and use”. if I pick up a hammer and beat you about the head and shoulders, that is an assault weapon, correct? words have meanings, do not let the leftist change the definitions and reject… Read more »

Arizona Don

If your conservative and I suspect you are you might want to look at Arizona. Lots of small towns here that are friendly and not quite as cold as many parts of Wyoming. Not so overwhelming hot in the summer like the Phx valley either. I don’t suggest either Phoenix or Tucson. But cities out west here are different then cities back east.

Arizona Don

I like Wyoming it is just a little to damn cold for me. Arizona too is a very gun friendly state and its not so hot in the north country or even down south. I lived in Douglas for years. No longer do but it was great weather wise.

Ansel Hazen

Call Nancy and tell her how you feel.


If you consider that they all must swear an oath to defend the Constitution, which would include the Bill of Rights, she and many of those in Washington already have. They fight against the Second Amendment every day, and they carve pieces of many o the others with Red Flag Laws and nips at the freedom of speech and open display of religion. Most could be recalled, impeached or ousted for violation of their Oath of Office.


Pelosi’s website uses a filter, and refuses to accept messages of any kind from any home address outside her constituent area (I used an address inside her area, and got a message through anyway. Never received an answer!).

The witch KNOWS what kind of email she would receive from around the country…


All I see are crosshairs….milldot or chevron?


Pennsylvania should do the same and yes God bless Wyoming and as far as Nancy Pelosi And Bloomberg they should just like go away along with all the other anti-gunners together and live in there little happy world on an island in the middle of nowhere but as far as Michael Bloomberg goes how come he has to have six men with him wherever he goes and I would bet my life savings that they have weapons on them why is his life more important than mine or yours can anybody tell me


The American citizens have the Constitutional Right & Duty to remove these totalitarian communist democrats.
Since NO American has stood against any government since 1888, I will not even consider them doing so now.


God Bless Wyoming. It appears that we in the west have and utilize our gun rights more than any other portion of the country, but the liberals and Democrats are slowly chipping away at them. Here in Arizona we have Constitutional Carry and all you have to do to carry concealed is be 21, but you can open carry at 18. That applies to residents and non-residents alike. God Bless Arizona.

Arizona Don

Correct Arizona is a very gun friendly State one of the friendliest in the country.


Been to wilson…very pleasing to the eye ..very poor.have done pipeline work up there 1 summer and 2 god awful winters. It is nice 3 months out of the year after September getcherass on home
Wayyyyyy to cold for this rebel.


I live at 8000 feet in the Rockies, in Wyoming. The winters here almost never end. We will have snow until July 1.

Arizona Don

Called choice.

Ej harbet

We are trying to get this done in missouri! It looks like we are going to have to flush jeff city and try again


Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder could see GUN FREE ZONES would be a death TRAP, BUTT demorats continued. Criminals obey laws doncha know? LMAO FOOLS everyone! And we suffer.


This is the answer to stopping MASS Shootings and wanton crime, but Progressives do not want it stopped.It would stop their Globalist agenda, and they cannot have that, so COMMON SENSE LAWS like these will never spread.
They could care less how many serfs and ethnic minorities murder each other(matter of fact tjhe MORE the better,gives them MSM Progressive news), just more food for their cause, and another form of birth control by bullets.