Florida Alert! Dozens of Gun Control Bills Died In Florida This Session

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The NRA Headquarters building

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- It was another very tough Legislative Session in Florida this year. Anti-gun Democrats were emboldened by Michael Bloomberg’s money. His money had been strategically placed to help pass another major gun control bill.

Democrats filed so many gun ban, gun control, ammo and magazine ban bills this year that one had to wonder if they were filing the worst bills they could think of in order to attract some of Bloomberg’s money for themselves.

Thanks to strong Second Amendment supporting legislators, who are true Republicans, and are committed to protecting constitutional rights, none of those bad bills passed.

We look forward to real Republican leadership in the Florida Senate next Session.

Below is a list of some of the worst bills that we worked to keep from passing this past session. In all, we dealt with a list of over 125 bills that could have spelled trouble for gun and hunting rights. It is worth noting that the Florida House leadership and Governor Ron DeSantis were standing tall to protect Second Amendment rights the whole Session.


HB-117 CW License/ Requires Psychiatric/Mental Health Exam – by Rep. AI Jacquet (D) Requires a mental health evaluation by a licensed psychiatrist & a letter attesting that the applicant is of sound mind and competent to carry a firearm for CW License Applicants . DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-245 Firearms Prohibited – by Rep. Cindy Polo (D) Prohibits concealed weapon or firearm license holder from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into any
child care facility. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-289 Background Check to Purchase Ammo – by Rep. Dan Daley (D) Requires background checks for sale or transfer of ammunition. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-451 Universal Background Checks – by Rep. Margaret Good (D) Requires a background check on all persons involved with the sale or transfer of any and all firearms. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-627 Ban of Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines – by Rep. Carlos G. Smith (D) Bans sale, transfer and possession of a long list of so-called “assault weapons” and bans sale, transfer and possession of any magazine that holds or is capable of holding more than 10 rounds. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-885 Gun Control by Local Governments – by Rep. Cindy Polo (D) to specifically allow local governments to regulate firearms and ammunition and impose gun control. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-809 Fingerprint Database of CW License Holders – by Rep. Javier Fernandez (D) Creates a Permanent Fingerprint Database of CW License Holders; Decreases the number of years that CW Licenses are valid. Requires PROOF of NEW training at every license renewal. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-923 Mandatory Storage of Firearms – by Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil (D) Mandating specific storage requirements for firearms by licensed importers, manufacturers, & dealers. DIED IN COMMITTEE

HB-6009 Repeal of Firearms Preemption – by Rep. Dan Daley (D) Repeals the firearms preemption law to specifically allow cities and counties to regulate firearms and ammunition and impose gun control. DIED IN COMMITTEE


SB-94 Universal Background Checks by Sen. Lauren Book (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-134 Repeal of Firearms Preemption / Sen. Annette Taddeo (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-266 Mandatory Firearms Storage by Sen. Gary Farmer (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-270 Universal Background Checks by Sen. Gary Farmer (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-310 Ban of Three-dimensional (3-D) Printed Firearms – by Sen.
Linda Stewart (D) Prohibits a person from printing, transferring, importing into this state, distributing, selling, possessing, or giving to another person certain 3D-printed firearms; requires persons in possession of a 3-D firearms to turn them in to a law enforcement agency or to FDLE or to destroy them before a deadline. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-398 Firearms Prohibited by Sen. Lori Berman (D) (Identical to HB-245) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-428 Prohibited Places for Firearms by Sen. Oscar Braynon II (D) Prohibits CW license holders from carrying a firearms into any performing arts center or legitimate theater. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-460 Background Checks on Ammo by Sen. Lauren Book (D) Requires a background check on the sale or transfer of ammunition. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-548 Excessive Data Collection on Firearms Purchasers by Sen. Jose Rodriguez (D) Requires the Department of Law Enforcement to create a standard form to collect additional data on firearms purchasers. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-558 Ban of “Large-capacity” Magazines by Sen. Randolph Bracy (D) Defining the term “large-capacity magazine” as more than 10 rounds. Prohibits the sale, transfer, or possession of large-capacity magazines. DIED IN COMMITTEE

S8-586 Private Sales of Firearms by Sen. Jose Rodriguez (D) Prohibits private sale or transfer of firearms EXCEPT sales or transfers between two CW License holders. Requires such a seller or transferor to retain a copy of the buyer’s or transferee’s concealed weapons or firearms license and the serial number of the firearm sold, etc. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-634 Prohibiting the Lawful Ownership, Possession, and Use of Firearms – by Sen. Bobby Powell (D) Prohibiting a person from owning, possessing, and lawfully using firearms and other weapons, ammunition, and supplies for hunting, fishing, or camping within 1,500 feet of the real property which comprises any school, any house of worship, any government building, or any guarded beach. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-794 Bans Large-capacity Magazines by Sen. Linda Stewart (D) Prohibits POSSESSION or the importing, distributing, transporting, transferring, selling, or giving of large-capacity magazines (1more than 10) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1208 Ban of Assault Weapons and Large-capacity Magazines by Sen. Gary Farmer, Jr. (D) Bans the sale, transfer, possession of any assault weapon or large-capacity ammunition magazine . DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1248 Mandatory Firearms Storage by Sen. Vic Torres, Jr .(D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1300 Assault Weapons Ban by Sen. Linda Stewart (D) Bans sale, transfer, possession of semi-automatic firearms. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1566 Fingerprint Database of CW License Holders by Sen. Oscar Braynon (D) DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-1622 Confiscation of Firearms and Ammunition by Sen.Lauren Book (D). Authorizes Law Enforcement and the Courts to confiscate firearms and ammunition under certain circumstances. DIED IN COMMITTEE

SB-7028 by Sen. Bill Galvano (R) Massive Gun Control Regulations. DIED IN COMMITTEE

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)


Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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Ej harbet

Dont relax florida! You need to make sure these cretins dont try this next year! Surely you can replace them with people who’ll work on real problems instead of continually trying to destroy liberty??


Looks like Florida needs a heavy duty legislative update at the next election. This update should not include ANY of the above referenced legislators.


Think of the lawsuits the doctors will have to deal with should a gun owner use the weapon illegally after being certified mentally fit. HB-117 CW License/ Requires Psychiatric/Mental Health Exam

Arizona Don

Many if not most of these so called democrats know none of these proposed laws would or could have any effect on crime in Florida or anywhere else for that matter. A person cannot be swayed by passing a law if that person does not obey laws. However, their goal is not effective law creation it is gun registration and confiscation. Consequently getting any innocent looking law passed that could be modified sometime in the future to enhance registration or confiscation is a part, even if a small part, of the goal. All Americans should be aware of just what… Read more »


I live in FL and this is why EVERYONE needs to get out and vote in November, to throw these lawless authoritarians out of office. even then we are not in the clear, bloomie has bought some (R’s) that also should be shown the door. anyone who wants to takeaway or even restrict your right to protect yourself and/or people you care for is an enemy of we the people. if they outlaw anything I have, I then will become a criminal and then have more rights than you do. thankfully we have a good governor that respects people’s rights.… Read more »


While the democrats lost this go round, you can be sure they’ll slither back. Politicians and bureaucrats are essentially trying to pass more illegal laws. Shouldn’t that be considered a criminal act in itself? These people have no consequences for misinterpreting the Constitution or themselves as public servants. And there doesn’t seem to be any law to prevent these vipers from trying again. Stay vigilant!




As a reminder to those who think the 2A is still open for discussion: The Supreme Court unanimously held the Second Amendment protects all bearable arms. From Caetano v. Massachusetts: The Court has held that “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding,” District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U. S. 570 , 582 (2008), and that this “Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States,” McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U. S. 742 , 750 (2010). The decision also affirms that… Read more »


vince, do you really think they care about precedence? their feelings are what count, nothing else. get rid of those inanimate objects.


Vince . . . Thank you for your post. The problem is that these Communist Democrap Baztardz just simply keep ignoring legal precedent! We will have to shove it up their gluteus maximus in court! The better solution is to get politically VERY ACTIVEAND VOTE THE AZZHOLES OUT OF OFFICE!!! The very best way to defeat the Communist Democrap Party is to take away their positions of power!!!


Shame on any Gun Owner who votes Democrat!!!!

Arizona Don

Shame is NOT enough!


may I suggest caning.


Cruiser . . . Shame on ANYONE who votes for any of the Communist Democraps!


And just how many of these traders moved from other states to Florida and brought their liberal politics with them?
My daughter had a neighbor in Pennsylvania who moved there from NY and was telling me how great it is compared to NY. He also is a Democrat. From that point I avoided talking to him. You can’t fix stupid.


How many more LAWS do the CUCKS need?.
The SONS A BITCHES are making UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS and passing it off as LAW!. These are not Legal or LAWFUL, and ARE NOT TO BE OBEYED
SCREW them, No more I say No more.
Time to start culling the herd of they keep this shit up.
Commies SOB’S.
The Const id the Supreme Law of the Land, and what part od SHAL “NOT” be infringed do these dumb pricks not get?.
They can be IMPRISONED for these SO called laws.
See US Code Setion 18-USC 241/242.

Arizona Don

I totally and completely understand your point and agree. However, remain calm. We will as a nation accomplish more if we remain calm and determined.

Ej harbet

No freedom no safety for those who try to destroy freedom and safety. I love tar feathers and a ride of of town and the warning,DONT COME BACK! If tar and feathers is too much perhaps a few days of restraint in stocks in your town square before compulsory relocation. These are mild punishments of a bygone era i think need brought back.


Floridians dont think these bills are dead forever. These and others will be dusted off for the day Florida voters put a communist in the governors office. And its absolutely certain Floridas voters will choose a communist for governor and Americas voters will put a communist president in the White House. It could be as soon as the next election cycle.

So prepare for the day one must choose civil disobedience if they are to remain free Americans.


Civil disobedience?,just what will that accomplish and what do you consider CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE?.(Remember these idiots are one way,THEIRS)
Protests won’t get it,Time for some serious PHYSICAL removals from office,IF we get COMMIE leaders,
Face the truth, Offense, or Defense,BECAUSE YOU WILL BE DISARMED, I will choose to kill the snake before it bites you and kills YOU.
I choose NOT to be, WHATEVER IT TAKES.


Its clear by your comment you would have helped the Nazis load the boxcars. Surrender is in your blood. You would bow to the head choppers while I would fight with all my might. Freedom is in my blood. Surrender is in yours.

Civil disobedience works. Its how the colonists organized against the British. Some chose to sit the revolution out. But the red blooded patriots chose resistance.


Jaque . . . I suggest you read up on the American Revolutionary War! THAT’S the kind of “civil disobedience” that it will eventually take to save this country from the Communist Democraps!!!

Ej harbet

Civil disobedience works when your enemy isnt ready to put you in jaques boxcar!
(I think itll be refrigerator trailers and when they close the door the unit will be set to -10f,after the drive to the disposal site they just dump the load of frozen corpses)


Communist in the governor’s office? Ron de santis you speak of?
And its absolutely certain FL voters will choose a communist for governer? Thought your post said we already have one??????
Do you live in florida ? I’m guessing you dont.
Hard times are coming yes for sure but see the articles above (died in committee)


Those bills will never die, they will just reword them for another time. A criminal only stops offending only when he’s caught. and punished.


You are correct sir but we ain’t the commonwealth of VA yet. Most of our democrats are transplants bringing the socialist way of thinking Averaging 890 to 906 people a DAY move to FL …. THINK ABOUT THAT and we can’t forget our great college socialist (students) either..they jus don’t have a clue.


Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him?


Im a native Floridian over 65 years. My family has lived in Florida since the 1820’s. Ron DeSantis is not a Communist. Nikki Fried is. Its a typo that ammolands policies prevent me from correcting after a lapse of time. Now I wonder-are you a Floridian ?

As for communists, they live among us and are acting lawmakers. My generation hunted them in SE Asia. Someday we may hunt them in Washington.

Ej harbet

I approve of the change from civil disobedience to hunting!

Ej harbet

Lots of people were civilly disobedient to tyrants.unless you are defining civil disobedience as shooting. Them in the face i dont think you will get very far. I have walked over ground where people were lead to their deaths by government agents you can still feel their souls warning those who come after to not let it get to that point! You cant enforce the line you draw if you’re disarmed. So when they step out the door on their way to disarm you may your reticle be steady your soul resolute!


“strong Second Amendment supporting legislators”

I’m not surprised this bullshit is being peddled by the NRA. Marion Hammer has lost Florida. The state senate is controlled by a gun grabber bought and paid for by Bloomberg.


The NRA is DOA, until LaPierre is gone, and they get someone WITH BALLS or OVARIES in there they are toast, GOA, the NSSF, the JFPO, and several others are getting my donations and memberships.GOA has done more suing in court this past year than the NRA has in five years.
Give and join one, GOA is doing the most I can see.


And every single sponsor of these bills is a “D”. No better argument exists to never, EVER vote for a Democrat…and monitor Republicans closely.