Galco Introduces the SB18 Straight Belt for Concealed Carry

Galco SB18 Straight Belt
Galco’s new SB18 Straight Belt is the perfect, “gray-man” gun-belt that doesn’t skimp on quality.

U.S.A.-( The world of tactical and concealed carry clothing is fairly crowded. There are dozens of companies offering hundreds of different gun belts, with each new one offering new features or more durable construction. But one thing most of them lack is subtlety. Personally, the reason I don’t wear a ballistic nylon jet-black tactical gun belt is that it both looks like a gun belt, and it’s about as comfortable as it sounds. Plus, tactical belts aren’t really inconspicuous unless covered in the unofficial, “I just got my concealed weapon permit” uniform: a photographer’s vest and a black polo.

For me, the alternative has been hand-made leather belts that I re-purpose for concealed carry use. The problem is, if shooters decide to buy something from a big box store, the leather employed is always too thin to provide adequate support. And if they take the route I did, the cost of the belt can be very high. Thankfully, one of the most highly-regarded names in the leather holster industry has just released a low-key, super-durable leather gun belt at a fair price point: the SB18 Straight Belt. Full details below in the official press release.Buy Now Gun Deals

Galco SB18 Straight Belt

Galco is excited to introduce the SB18 Straight Belt!

Constructed of a single layer of coffee-colored bridle leather and featuring a modern, solid brass square buckle in gunmetal color, the SB18 is a smart-looking casual belt suitable for wear with jeans, chinos, and other informal styles. The buckle features a “living finish” that will wear and distress drastically, to eventually complement the distressed appearance of the belt strap.

The SB18 is also very functional when wearing a holster inside the waistband. Nine holes spaced 3/4″ apart allow for micro-adjustment of the belt to the exact level of snugness you prefer, whether wearing your handgun inside the pants or not carrying IWB at all.

Available in four sizes to fit waists from 32” to 50”, the SB18 retails for $65.

This might seem like a yawn-inducing announcement for some shooters, but anyone who attempted to carry a steel-framed pistol with a $20 faux-leather belt from the mall can attest that a proper belt is crucial.

Galco GunleatherGalco International, LTD is the designer and manufacturer of the Galco holster brand, the premier American-made line of superb-quality holsters, belts, and accessories. Encompassing law enforcement, military, defensive and sporting use, the Galco brand utilizes leather, nylon, injection-molded plastic, and Kydex® to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The award-winning Matrix™ line of holsters and accessories, women’s holster handbags, tactical slings, and hunting accessories round out the line. All Galco products are proudly made in the USA since 1969.

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A good QUALITY belt is worth the money, as is a good Quality holster.


I agree and it would be nice to have but many senior citizens can not afford $65 for a belt. This will probably get a lot of thumbs down and I understand, but wait until you retire and the cost of living goes up at nearly twice the rate your income increases. NOT TRYING TO BE A JOE DOWNER.(Debbie Downer isn’t for me.)