‘Hot Damn, We Win’ Declares WA Activist as Virus Scare Brings New Challenges


Washington State Capitol building, Olympia. (Dave Workman)

Washinton – -(AmmoLand.com)- Evergreen State grassroots gun rights activists appear jubilant at the end of that state’s legislative session, and one leader in the fight against new gun control laws declared on social media, “Hot Damn, We Win!”

There were some onerous gun control laws passed, including one that creates a brand new “Office of Firearms Violence Prevention.”

However, the two “signature” measures sought by anti-gun Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson—a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines”—were defeated.

“Can you imagine how upset they are right now,” wondered Curtis Bingham in his post to a legislative action group on Facebook.

Rights activists are planning a major rally at the capitol in Olympia on April 18, the same weekend that the National Rifle Association was planning to hold its 149th annual members’ meeting and exhibits in Nashville, but as AmmoLand News reported earlier, that convention has been canceled.

He congratulated the hard work of citizen activists that turned the tide and held the line. The lesson in this is that activism works. Instead of sitting on the couch and complaining, Evergreen State gun owners went to work, and at least some lawmakers listened, perhaps realizing they had poked the sleeping giant once too often.

But now there’s a new problem, and it has gotten the attention of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. At least some law enforcement agencies in Washington have suspended taking fingerprints to complete concealed pistol license applications, explaining that it is for the purpose of reducing the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus by person-to-person proximity.

AmmoLand News contacted a couple of agencies that have been identified by gun owners as suspending or at least paring back their CPL activity, some until April 1. However, that decision may be at odds with state statute, which clearly says in the first paragraph, “The issuing authority shall not refuse to accept completed applications for concealed pistol licenses during regular business hours.”

CCRKBA’s Alan Gottlieb (Dave Workman photo)

“We’ve received reports from members and concerned citizens, especially in Washington State, that local law enforcement agencies are suspending license or permit application services, including the taking of fingerprints,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “That’s unreasonable because the right to bear arms shouldn’t be subject to administrative delays.”

Gottlieb said the city of Champaign, Ill., is also considering emergency regulations that would, among other things, prohibit people from selling or giving away firearms and ammunition.

Focusing on the suspension of the carry permit application process, Gottlieb observed, “There are ways to reduce the risk of disease transmission, such as wearing latex gloves and face masks and washing your hands. You can even spray disinfectant on an application form if necessary.”

And he quickly added with a wink, “We’re reasonably certain police agencies haven’t stopped processing and fingerprinting murder and rape suspects.”

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Friday. His remarks came near the close of the Stock Market and evidently Wall Street liked what it heard because the Dow Jones shot upward as the final gavel fell.

With that, it may signal the start of a return to normal “business as usual,” but in the meantime, Gottlieb had a couple of suggestions.

“Anyone who is unable to renew his or her carry license should automatically have the expiration date extended,” he said. “No person who is prevented from applying for a permit should be arrested or prosecuted for exercising his or her right to bear arms for personal protection.”

One sheriff’s department spokesman told Ammoland that open carry is legal in Washington, and that is one option for citizens who is delayed from applying for a CPL.

“We understand and sympathize with police and sheriff’s departments in the current COVID-19 situation,” Gottlieb said.

However, he concluded with this caveat: “President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency doesn’t put our Constitution on hold.”

The bottom line lesson for gun owners everywhere, especially during the current coronavirus crisis is to stay vigilant.

Simply winning in the legislature by keeping some bad ideas from becoming law doesn’t win the war. And in an environment where a declared pandemic provides a backdrop for enacting emergency provisions that may somehow impair the exercise of a Constitutionally-enumerated right, it’s a battle with no end in sight.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books #add on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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I believe gun owners are awake. We can no longer entertain the unconstitutional whims of the Democrats. If there is one thing that this virus hysteria has proven it’s that the government resources are going to be stretched thin and self reliance will be critical. After all we are a government of the people, not a government of autocrat elites taking massive paydays from billionaires like Bloomberg. Until we restore Article VI, we will not be able to maintain a balance in our republic that has been tipped in favor of these modern day royals. Constitutionalism must be restored at… Read more »




I keep writing to President D. J. Trump asking, “WHEN will Constitutional Carry be instituted across ALL of America so LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizens can DEFEND OURSELVES as the SUPREME COURT JUDGES stated this as a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wasting your Breath,if he is re-elected look for his attitude to change.

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, Maybe, but if re-elected, the Donald will continue to appoint Constitution honoring Justices. Those are the attitudes that matter.


Constituitional Carry does NOT need to be “instituted”. It already HAS been done. Read that Second Article of Ammendment,

What DOES need to happen is for the unconstitiutional laws and regulations and preconditions to be declared as such, and removed. The positive is already in place, but is coopted by illegal negatives. Remove those negatives and let the already established positive stand.

Wild Bill

@Tio, True, but we have to make the bureaucrats, legislatures, and lower courts honor our unbridgeable Rights that are enshrined in the BOR. That happens in the S. Ct. And those justices get appointed by the POTUS with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Wild Bill

@Laddy, I agree and would add that between now and the election, every letter we send is worth a thousand letters after the election. So, let’s all get our money’s worth out of those stamps!


Tangentially related to this news report, today the NY Post is reporting 38 members of FDNY are quarantined and EMS shifts are being reduced to 8 from 12hrs. I am confident that coming headlines will report 100s (if not 1,000s) of IAFF members and LEOs in large metro areas self quarantining themselves. … Reminds me that following Hurricane Sandy metro NY FD and LEOs en mass couldn’t get to work. … I predict the same behavior will repeat itself across the country. … Perhaps in the end taxpayers will have an opportunity to ask how many of government functions are… Read more »


This crap of OPENING “THE OFFICES OF BLAH BLAH BLAH” crap must stop. As a elder I have seen this new SET up, and it’s as old as mankind. The Office of SCREW US, WE THE PEOPLE. It’s like Nazi Germany a REPEAT,the “OFFICE OF MAY I”. The Brown Shirt Brigade. Permission to wipe your ass,permission to own this/that, anything THEY decide. Newsflash!!!!!!!!!!!!! kiss our Kiester’s. Set your office up, we WILL NOT COMPLY,and if you push it, we will CLOSE your OFFICES. We pay your salaries and set you up for life. This is AMERICA, and YOU ANSWER TO… Read more »


This is the only way to break the cycle of dependency. These ones must stop being dependent! Far too simple for sheep to understand. One would think they would wake up to this reality by the way we all broke being dependent upon our parents or guardians as children. We all start life dependent upon others for our existence, but some of us grew out of it. ALL of us USED to, but not anymore. No amounts of protests or bargaining or negotiations (or the stealing of car keys, or sneaking out after curfew, or door slamming, etc.) can ever… Read more »


Or, perhaps, a whole generation that was TOLD (AKA; “required”) to go to work and let the Almighty State raise their children instead of them???
OFC, the State screwed that up just as thoroughly as they do everything else. But perhaps the sheeple won’t notice their ‘leaders’ created the problem in the first place???? So far, very few seem to have noticed that.


USA) While all true, it doesn’t quite cover Paul Harvey’s; “The Rest of the Story”! The rest of the story is that those weak, spineless, sheeple CANNOT just grow a pair overnight. They have been held in thrall to fear, ignorance, and false promises by the “Grand Poobah’s” that they term; Kings, Regents, Presidents, Ministers, Shahs, or whatever (Dare I also list “Priests”??) other of evil’s thousands of aliases, since the beginning of time. With no brain, they cannot simply just up and ‘think’ for themselves. Their nature is to search for a Shepard to lead them. Thinking is beyond… Read more »


I’ve long thought that a good tunnel defense would involve some petrol and a high flow fan. If one pours the gas on the fan and blows the vapor down the tunnel… well, first off, not too many zombies are going to stay in a tunnel that reeks of explosive vapor. Even the brain dead zombie sheeple aren’t quite THAT stupid. I wouldn’t think. But I’ve been wrong before, Every time I think they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, they chop though the bottom and keep right on going down… But in that case, sparks are easy enough to… Read more »


My dad used to go inside of skunk dens to clean them out for the bounty. The things men did for money during the great depression… that’s worse now than it was in 1932.
Fortunately, I’ve never been quite that desperate.


He still has lots of his fingers in our pie. His control of the Safeway/Albertsons chain alone probably handles a third of our food. By that I mean the OTHER people’s food. Naturally. 🙂


USA: Soros was also behind Cerberus Capital, the owner of the infamous “Freedom Group” that destroyed: Remington, Marlin, AAC, Bushmaster, and a whole laundry list of others.
That connection is so hidden that I doubt even you were aware of it. The Handbook of Corporate Affiliations, alone, wasn’t enough to get to the bottom of this issue. It took a fair bit of detective work for me to track down how he managed to pull off his “plausible deniability”. I’d be happy to share the story if anyone shows interest.

Dave in Fairfax

Knute, I’m interested, if it’s too convoluted, hit me back channel.


Its not that long. For the backstory, most of this is correct: https://www.truthorfiction.com/cerberus-soros/ What it leaves out is what took the detective work to track down. As always, the best lies are 99% truth. The art of “spin” is in changing the meaning 180 degrees merely by concealing one percent of the whole. It turns out that Stephen Feinberg, Cerberus’ founder, was a handpicked protege of George Soros. After a few years of rising to be Soros right hand man, one day he gets called into Soros’ office. A heated argument, overheard by the entire office staff, ensues, and Feinberg… Read more »

Wild Bill

@USA, Dumping the income tax and IRS! That is almost too much to wish for!

Wild Bill

@USA, Cannibals?! That reminds me of the fellow that I was having dinner with, the other night, complaining about not liking his mother-in-law. So, I told him, “Just eat the noodles, then.”


Wild Bill made me grin! And I heard this one years ago, but didn’t make the connection to Soros’ little cerberus party.

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, And its clean, too!

Mike Stollenwerk

Great work folks!

Learn more at OpenCarry.org. And carry on!


Remember in November.


“they all seem to grow a set of balls at exactly the same time” This is the point that I was trying to make the other day. It’s their sheeple nature. Once they see others doing something, they all HAVE to do it too! What choice do they have? Let the flock leave them behind? Unthinkable! The only question is; What is the flock going to do…. today? Who are they going to decide the “grand poobah” is today? Whether shooting looters or convicting patriots for breathing, both are the same. At least to the sheeple. Their favorite mantra? “Everybody… Read more »


USA) When someone does begin the takedown, I sure hope they start from DIA and go straight down. Lots of juicy little secrets down there…


One other NASTY antigun bill also failed to pass into law… the ridiculous remake of our Mother May I Card licensing process…. they were trying to impose new ridiculous training requirements as a precondition for getting or renewing our Cards. I seem to remember it was 12 hours, including quite a bit of live fire. NO idea where or how this training could be done, but instructors had to be NRA certified, which I thought was amusing, what with, to some, the very existence of that organisation is in question at present, and so many politicians are fairly salivating over… Read more »


Bruce Lee also said this same thing very well: “There is a powerful craving in most of us to see ourselves as instruments in the hands of others and thus free ourselves from the responsibility for acts that are prompted by our own questionable inclinations and impulses. Both the strong and the weak grasp at the alibi. The latter hide their malevolence under the virtue of obedience; they acted dishonorably because they had to obey orders. The strong, too, claim absolution by proclaiming themselves the chosen instrument of a higher power — God, history, fate, nation, or humanity.” -Bruce Lee… Read more »