Los Angeles D.A.’s Husband Pulls Gun on Black Lives Matter Protesters

LAPD Has No Excuse for Not Arresting DA’s Husband for Brandishing
LAPD Has No Excuse for Not Arresting DA’s Husband for Brandishing

Los Angeles, CA-(Ammoland.com)- Embattled Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has all but locked up a third term in office.

She has been battling against reform candidates George Gascón and Rachel Rossi. Gascón is a former L.A. cop with an outlook of the police that has changed since leaving the force. He planned to help perpetrators change their lives instead of “just listening to victims” which has drawn condemnation from police organizations.

Rossi called the current justice system ‘archaic’ and wants to bring ‘humanity’ to the prosecutor’s office. She also stated she wants to ‘stop being tough on crime’ while looking for more way to reach those that commit the crimes.

Lacey needed to get over 50% to avoid a runoff. She is currently sitting at just over 50%. Gascón has stalled out at 26%. With only provisional ballots left to count, there is probably is not enough votes to put Lacey under the required total off a runoff.

In the days leading up to the election, Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at Lacey’s house a little bit before 6:00 AM on Monday. Lacey’s husband, David Lacey, greeted the protestors by pointing a semi-automatic pistol at demonstrators.

California does not have a “stand your ground” law, so it appears that David Lacey could have broken the law by pulling out his gun. California law prohibits “drawing, exhibiting, or using a firearm or deadly weapon” unless there is an immediate threat to life. Anyone who violates the statute would be guilty of brandishing.

David Lacey opened a locked door with the gun drawn towards protestors. According to legal analysts that AmmoLand spoke to this might not meet the requirement for drawing a handgun, although this is a gray area because Lacey’s could argue that his family felt under siege by protesters and were worried that they were going to break down his door. To make matters worse in the situation, David Lacey’s finger was on the trigger, vastly increasing the chances for a negligent discharge.

Police didn’t charge David Lacey with a crime. Black Lives Matter protestors claim that David Lacey traumatized them by threatening the group with his gun. Jackie Lacey did issue an apology stating that her husband felt threatened by the protestors. If the D.A’s office chose to file charges against him, it would be far from a sure thing in the case if they did charge him. The prosecutor would have to convince a jury that he knew that he was not in imminent danger.

“If charges were brought against him there is a good chance he would get off,” one California based Attorney told AmmoLand. “Do I think he is getting special treatment? Probably, but who is to really say. In the end, prosecutors want slam dunks, or it looks like they are wasting people’s money.”

Black Lives Matter was upset that Lacey did not meet with them when they showed up at her office. The group believes that Lacey favors the police. Police unions have endorsed Lacey and have spent millions in advertising attacking Gascón who is supported by Black Lives Matter.

The LA chapter of Black Lives Matter has been actively campaigning to get Lacey voted out of office. They are now calling for Lacey to resign over the actions of her husband. Lacey appears not to be heeding their request for her to leave the prosecutor’s office.

AmmoLand reached out to Black Lives Matter and the Laceys for comment. So far, our request has gone unanswered.

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Idadho (@idadho)
1 year ago

John, Your first 4 paragraphs have nothing to do with the headline. Get to the point sooner. We get bored looking for the headline story.

An edit for typos would be good. “because Lacey’s could argue” Just Lacey.

Terry (@tbell50)
1 year ago

Prosecute no one is above the law.


1 year ago

Showing up on someone’s doorstep in protest mode is exactly how the church of Scientology operates, as well. They chant nasty things about you, rage, mess up your place, and even go so far as to threaten the victim. As far as I know, no one’s ever pointed a gun at them because, while they are vile people doing the church’s dirty work, they pose no imminent threat to life or limb. Even “Stand Your Ground” has to pose an imminent threat to the same. I guarantee that had you or I done this to Black Live Matters, we would… Read more »

HawkThoo (@hawkthoo)
1 year ago
Reply to  StWayne

Ain’t that the truth.

JPM (@jpm)
1 year ago

It would have been better for everyone if he’d pulled the trigger after he pulled the gun.

StreetSweeper (@streetsweeper)
1 year ago

Well, he was wrong to actually POINT the gun at anyone; other than that, I’m ok with his response to those trespassing, chanting, “spirit-drum” beating freaks.

Sushihunter (@sushihunter)
1 year ago

OK, I live in Canada, and I don’t know the politics of the DA and her gun-wielding husband – not that it really matters here.

However, if a bunch of BLM or ANTIFA criminals show up on my doorstep at 6 AM, it’s a pretty good bet that I will have a gun very close by, if not already in my hands.

oldgringo (@oldgringo)
1 year ago

I’m on his side.

CombatDoc (@combatdoc)
1 year ago

Black Lives Matter freaks are Militants and deserve a double tap!

Matt in Oklahoma
Matt in Oklahoma (@matt-in-oklahoma)
1 year ago

Ignorant posturing by both sides. One scared and the other glad of it. Wake me if either really does anything with action.

RoyD (@royd)
1 year ago

A much more rational take than the other article.

Deplorable Bill
Deplorable Bill (@deplorable-bill)
1 year ago

I can almost smell the toast from here.

Arm up, carry on.