NICS Experiences Unprecedented Volume Increase

NICS Numbers for Black Friday 2018
NICS Experiences Unprecedented Volume Increase

U.S.A.-( As our nation continues to navigate its response to the COVID-19, we recognize the firearm industry, like many other industries, is being impacted. NSSF is aware of delays within the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) System. We want you to know the FBI is on the job and working diligently to address the dramatic response and increase in background checks experienced over the past few days.

Just yesterday, Monday, March 16, 2020, the NICS staff experienced over a 300% increase compared to this same time period in 2019.

As we’ve seen in the past with other national events, our citizens often seek to exercise their Second Amendment rights during times of uncertainty. Therefore transparent communication remains a top priority.

According to NICS, there are delays in the system due to an astronomical volume of transactions over the last several days. While much of the NICS System is automated and yields an immediate “proceed” or “deny” determination, transactions that result in a delayed status require the work of NICS examiners to investigate whether the transaction should be approved or not. With daily volumes roughly double that of last year, the NICS team is unable to begin investigations on all delays within three business days, creating a backlog in the delayed checks.

Some states offices and agencies are considering options to protect the health and safety of their employees, which may include a reduction in staff or a temporary closure. If you operate in one of these areas and if you receive a delayed response from the NICS, please note the Brady transfer date provided to you by the FBI could be extended beyond the normal three business days. The three business day timeframe does not begin until relevant state offices are open for business. Additionally, because of the dramatic increase in volume, it is important to recognize FBI staff may not be able to begin their research on delayed transactions as they normally would. Therefore, you may want to consider waiting on a definitive response from the NICS before opting to proceed with a sale on any delayed transaction. We are operating during exceptional and uncertain times, so you may wish to consider implementing temporary changes in order to safeguard yourself and your business. However, please note that when state offices are closed it does not constitute a “business day” for purposes of calculating the “three business days” period before an FFL may transfer a firearm to a non-licensee as mandated by the Brady Act.

The NICS Section is working overtime to get through the backlog and we appreciate their hard work and open communication. NSSF will continue to communicate with NICS and our members to ensure operations move forward as smoothly as possible during this period.

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It appears the public has no confidence in the gov’t to protect them. Wonder how many of the the Moms Demanding Action sent their husbands out to buy a gun?

Wild Bill

, Yeah, ironic how they had to spend their Bloomberg propaganda pay on a firearm!

Green Mtn. Boy

Wild Bill
Some kind of justice in that statement.

Wild Bill

@GMB, Kind of funny, too! Comedic justice! I believe that we have invented something new!


My guess would be everyone of them that’s actually a mom. My guess would be every dad that’s actually a mom.


I’ve tried, but I don’t get the psychology behind hording toilet paper. It makes absolutely no sense to me. In times like this, ammo is your best bet! Thanks for the cartoon. I found that it did something interesting within my mind, when the though became: “Oh! Wait. They got so much of it, they can hide behind it.”

Get Out

I’ll bet a full roll of Charmin toilet paper the anti-gun politicians and their anti-gun supporters are finding out they can’t just get a gun legally from those online gun sites without a BGC. The gun loopholes they continually blab about just aren’t there.


At any rate: this pandemic is turning used to be anti-gunners, into solid citizens of the Constitution! To a truth, I think that they were waiting for a catalyst to give them the excuse needed to abandon the leftists ship of hooey without looking like they betrayed the party. This is justification in action!


Likely not true.
With a 7 day work week and being open 12 hours per day, that equates to roughly 200 per hour.

Phillip Journey

All one has to do is look at GunBroker and see the prices

Ej harbet

Love the cartoon but a alternate text would be what do we need tp for if we dont have food to”process”?