Republican Lawmaker Lashes Out at Idaho Gun Owners ~ VIDEO

Republican Lawmaker Lashes Out at Idaho Gun Owners
Republican Lawmaker Lashes Out at Idaho Gun Owners

Idaho – -( You aren’t going to believe what one lawmaker said about gun owners in Idaho.

Gun owners are used to Democrats attacking us and making derogatory remarks about our beliefs.

However, one Idaho Republican lawmaker decided to let loose on the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance because we called him out over his support of Red Flag laws.

It all started when a constituent of Rep. Rod Furniss (Republican – Rigby) asked him about his stance on Red Flag laws. Specifically, he asked him “Where are you standing on Red Flag laws?”

You can see Furniss’s response above:

Furniss, also known as “Red Flag Rod,” told the voter he supported the concept!

And that wasn’t the only post which Red Flag Rod indicated he supports Red Flag laws. He seems to infer that he always wants to see how a bill is written and that he would make his decision based on how the bill was written.

For gun owners however, there is no version of Red Flag laws that are acceptable!

After an article came out attacking Red Flag Rod’s stance on the issue, he became infuriated and lashed out at gun owners.

He shot a video on Facebook which only made matters worse.

We had Keep Idaho Free post the video on YouTube so you can see exactly what was said. You can also Subscribe to Keep Idaho Free on YouTube to follow other important conservative issues facing Idaho.

First, Rod tries to explain Red Flag laws and fails to do so in epic fashion.

Next, he tries to claim that gun owners took his words out of context. Yet there are only two sentences and the question and answer were rather direct.

No one took Red Flag Rod’s question out of context, he just can’t read very well apparently.

He follows that up by claiming gun owners are over-hyping how dangerous Red Flag laws really are.

He then says he opposes Red Flag laws.

Red Flag ERPO
There is no version of Red Flag laws that are acceptable!

Finally, in a stunning display of idiocy and rudeness toward gun owners, Red Flag Rod claims that people opposing Red Flag laws support the beating of women and children.

The entire rant is incoherent, poorly scripted, and full of outright lies and borderline slander.

The great gun owners in Idaho don’t deserve to be attacked and maligned by Republicans who can’t take a bold stance against gun confiscation.

Red Flag Rod should be ashamed of the video and we call on him to publicly apologize to gun owners for claiming they support the beating of women and children.

We are asking you to email Rod today and ask him to apologize for his attack on gun the ISAA and other gun owners throughout the state.

You can reach him at [email protected] !

Lastly, just to show Red Flag Rod that you stand with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, we would ask that you join today and be a part of this growing movement.

Go to JOINISAA.COM and become a member today.

If you are already a member, you can donate here.

We appreciate the love and support so many gun owners have shown this organization. The elected officials fear the people throwing them out of office so understand that you have a tremendous voice in the capitol if you speak loudly and proudly for gun rights.

We will have an update soon on the hearing from today for SB 1384, the school carry bill. The vote has been delayed until Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. in West Wing Room 55 if you wish to attend the hearing.

God Speed,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho Second Amendment AllianceAbout Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.
Our website can be located at

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so, was he lying when he posted the tweets or was he lying when he made the video? victims of domestic violence should be able to acquire the means of protection no matter what state they live in to protect themselves from future violence because neither the police no the law is going to protect them. people out to do harm to others are not stopped by useless laws nor non-existent police officers. people like this bozo would and will vote for red flag laws when they get the chance, to virtue signal their good intentions without giving a crap… Read more »

Will Flatt

Sounds like Idaho gun owners need to go RINO hunting at the polls this spring!!

Deplorable Bill

Can you imagine America without due process for anything? Really, if they are willing to do red flag laws, where does it stop? What’s to stop them from doing something else? You can bet your last dollar the British did the very same thing to us, the colonies. Look it up, see for yourselves. What a can of worms they opened. Nations that have no due process tend to be socialist/communist/dictatorships or run by so called “religions of peace” namely islam. If you don’t want to live in a fema camp — or worse, then get your butt out a… Read more »

Greg K

Vote his commie, scumbag azz out Idaho.


Sounds like Rod has neither a clue about what he believes nor the ability to lie ad lib while looking into the camera. … Got a whole bunch of those in NY. … How’d he ever get elected in Idaho ? … Voter fraud would be the explanation in NY ?

Will Flatt

Lying traitorous tyrant pieces of bull manure are always attracted to public office regardless of party affiliation.


I do not support any law that bypasses any other section of our Constitution. In this case, the way red flag laws are being presented, they bypass one of the most precious parts of our Constitution and that is the right to due process. If a red flag law is written, it must require that a thorough investigation take place, the findings are then presented to the court with the accused being afforded the opportunity to also present evidence to the court in their defense within a timely manner and prior to having their firearms confiscated. This should be a… Read more »


The repubs that don’t support our rights are as useless to us as the Dems and must be replaced someone should have asked him if he was from Commiefornia


They are worse than useless. They are taking up space that could be occupied by 2A supporters.


“For gun owners, however, there is no version of Red Flag laws that are acceptable!”

As for these pseudo “lawmakers,” a much more important consideration than ‘gun owners’ is America’s ‘Constitution!’ What part of UNCONSTITUTIONAL do these ‘brainiacs’ NOT understand is ANY of these “Red Flag” abomination suggested laws?

If this “representative” is that uninformed or intelligent, he should be RECALLED, or at least replaced.


I wouldn’t be too quick to make him wish that he did support ERPO’s. He’s on tape making his position known after realizing his mistake, and that should be good enough for anyone. The thing to do now is view his voting record. Let that, stand as his epitaph.


Walks like a duck, talks like a duck. Yep, democrat.


Typical politician talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and turning a supposed apology into and false accusation.


I don’t know for a fact because I can’t see into the future, but I suspect Representative Furniss just lost his next election. I hope and believe that Idaho is still pro gun and will not vote for this individual again.


THEN VOTE “RODS” ass out of office.He’s a TRAITOR.

Wild Bill

@Dos, And he is not the only one. This morning I read this: “Andrew Gillum, who in 2018 came within 34,000 votes of becoming Florida’s governor, was discovered by police at a South Beach hotel early Friday morning in a room with bags of possible crystal meth and in the company of a man who appeared to have overdosed on drugs, according to a Miami Beach police report.”
A candidate for governor, and near winner, involved in the drug trade. Talk about betrayal of We the People!

Xaun Loc

This has to be the stupidest article I have read on Ammoland — which is saying a LOT.

Ej harbet

How’d he get past freedom loving idahoans?

Ej harbet

2nd in maryland! They going for high score?