SEVR Announces New 125g Max Cut Titanium 2.1 Broadhead Arrowhead

Sevr BroadHead
The new Sver Titanium Broadhead arrow.

USA – -(  The SEVR Titanium 2.1 was made for hunters seeking a premier product with maximum cutting diameter. The SEVR Ti 2.1 cuts wider to exact the largest entry and exit wound in the SEVR lineup.

The Ti 2.1 is available in NEW 125-grain 8-32 thread or in 100-grain 8-32 and 100-grain Deep Six.

SEVR mechanical broadheads are rated for all hunting-weight bows and high-speed crossbows. All models use the patented Lock-and-Pivot™ blade design allowing the arrow to maintain a straight-through path even when encountering bone or when taking acute quartering shots. The forward blade pivot ensures the blades stay closed during flight making SEVR heads ideal for crossbows.

SEVR broadheads feature Practice Lock™ Practice Mode where a supplied setscrew can be inserted into the ferrule to lock the blades safely in their un-deployed position. Since the cutting edges are protected inside the ferrule, the SEVR heads are sharp and ready to hunt once the setscrew is removed. This gives bowhunters assurance that their broadheads will hit on target and eliminates the uncertainty of using cheap practice heads.

SEVR premium broadheads are only sold consumer direct allowing them to offer a premium head with attractive pricing. For more information or to order, visit

About Sver Broadheads

Sevr LogoSEVR Broadheads were born to cut a huge fatal swath through big game and the broadhead market as you know it.

Straight Through It means we’ve cut the middleman out of the equation and only sell direct to you on this Web Site. It means our heads cut bigger, cut deeper, and fly straighter than anything out there. It means your satisfaction is guaranteed, period.

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These things take awesome to a whole new level! If Rambo had these in his quiver back in the day, we would have won the Viet Nam war by himself. Well, you get my drift.


@StWayne – There are reasons smart cops fear bows more than firearms. I imagine these have a much higher one-shot-stop rate than any pistol caliber. Of course (as always) placement is king – and serious archers are far more precise than your average gun owner. There was a bow hog-hunter frequenting archery range I occasionally went to – his groups at 25 yards could not have exceeded 1/8″. When I looked at his targets, far as I could tell each arrow was perfectly centered in the bull’s-eye.


Finnky — I don’t have one anymore, but back in the day, when I was in my thirties with my compound Bear bow setup, I could keep three arrows to within 2″ at 35 yards. My neighbor, a jailer, could always best me with a group like your guys has. I am a much better shot with a firearm, than I ever was with one of these things. Police fear arrows because, and just like a knife, they will penetrate body armor like it wasn’t even there. Anyway, we have the Chinese Coronavirus to worry about. I hear that if… Read more »


You’re advocating shooting Chinese/Chinese-looking people?

Imbeciles like you saying imbecilic things like this are the reason other imbeciles advocate for Red Flag laws and all kinds of infringement measures!

Imbeciles like you are a danger to innocent people, law-abiding citizens and yourselves.