There is No Emergency Shutdown of the Right to Bear Arms

Armed Korean shopkeepers during the Los Angeles riots

U.S.A. –-( Give someone power if you want to see their character. Unfortunately, the usual characters have revealed themselves during the Wuhan virus epidemic. Government officials asked citizens to limit their contact with others in order to slow the spread of the virus. Some government officials went well beyond that. They closed roads, released jail inmates, refused to arrest or prosecute suspects, closed gun stores, and refused to process firearms applications.

It is precisely during such an emergency that we need government officials to stay within their authority.. and not one inch beyond.

Stay at home orders- New York Times

Lots of us wanted a firearm after we saw criminals released from jail and law enforcement refuse to respond to calls. We increased the rate of firearms sales up to four-fold, and up to eightfold for sales of ammunition. The instant background check system run by the FBI was overwhelmed. State agencies added weeks of delays to complete a firearm transfer..if the state bothered to process the applications at all.

The sheriff of Los Angeles County, CA told stores to close. The mayor of LA said they would shut off water and power to stores that stayed open. The county council, the lawyer who advises LA county officials, told the sheriff not to close gun stores or he would face lawsuits. The sheriff rescinded and then reinstated his order to close stores. As predicted, he was sued by four human rights organizations within hours. Sheriffs in Pennsylvania and New York said they would not process concealed carry firearm applications. Officials in New Jersey and Illinois simply stopped processing the permits required to purchase a firearm.. and they were sued.

Restrictions on gun shops- The

The order to close gun shops and the refusal to process state-required firearms paperwork is a significant confession on the part of government officials. They are saying that they are more important than you are, that they should have guns and you shouldn’t. Many of these government officials were quickly sued for violation of civil rights. Government officials don’t have the power to suspend the constitution and violate your civil rights. They exceeded their authority.

Some government officials were more reasonable. A city in Texas told firearms stores to close, but then the Texas Attorney General said that local officials did not have that authority. To their credit, some governors stood up and said civil rights have to be respected, particularly during a time of crisis. Perhaps these governors remembered what happened in Los Angeles when the police refused to respond to violence and civilians were left on their own to defend themselves from violent rioters.

Idaho took the Wuhan crisis to heart and expanded the segment of people who have a right to carry concealed without a permit. Called “permitless carry”, that right only applied to state residents. Soon in Idaho, permitless carry applies to all legal US residents who may legally possess a firearm. Sensible government officials also extended the expiration dates for concealed carry permits just as they had for existing drivers licenses that could not be renewed during the quarantine. If only all government officials were that smart.

The lesson is clear. If it is too dangerous for a government official too to sit quietly at their desk and process paperwork, then it is a state of emergency. The state has admitted that it can not fulfill its basic obligations to honest citizens. Under those emergency conditions, permits should not be required for citizens with a clean criminal record to own, transfer, or carry a firearm. We’ve used that same relief valve during hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes when the civil government ceases to exist. Your rights and your safety take precedence over the convenience of a bureaucrat.

That lesson sounds obvious, but some politicians are blinded by their bigotry against honest citizens protecting themselves with a firearm. Now we know the officials who don’t trust us, and in whom we should not place our trust. We gave them power, and they revealed the shortcomings in their character.

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The original article with references is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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AZ Gov. Doug Ducey added Arizona to the ‘Stay at home orders’ list today. No shut down of gun stores.


After the Los Angeles riots by welfare blacks was over, the Los Angeles Police went DIRECTLY to the Koreans and arrested them for protecting their property and lives.
Why?……because the government is your master….You made it that way.
Because Americans kneel to the tyrant state, we now live in a post-Constitution America.

Wild Bill

@tt, I don’t think so. I was living in Culver City at the time, and I don’t recall the LAPD arresting any Koreans over it. I believe that the Korean business owners were on their own property.


This looks like a test as to how far the gov’t can reach into our daily lives, suspend our rights and freedoms. If they get no push back they will try for more during the next ’emergency’.



Alan in NH

The liberal mayor of Houston TX just publicly asked all the local robbers and other criminals to please not commit any crimes during the crisis. It seems the police are short handed right now and might not be able to deal with them effectively. Hey, why didn’t we think of that before?

Green Mtn. Boy

Your map is incorrect in at least one case, gun shops in Vermont are open and no closure order was given.


SOME, Firearms stores are open in Ma.
Mostly those who have contracts to supply Leo’s


it is our duty to vote these criminal legislators out of office which ever party they belong to. OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE. we can only have a representative republic if they, our representatives in congress, do what we want them to do, follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not what they feel or think. be very judicious this November and do not support anyone that violates your civil rights, either party.


Especially the Mayor of this ‘city in Texas’, which is Lubbock; and readers can look up his name for themselves and learn the lesson that when enough Conservatives choose to not participate in their own conservative city’s political process, tyrant wannabes will fill the void, at any level.