Yes, You Need a Gun During the Virus Scare..and After

Court Blocks Pittsburgh Gun Control Scheme in Lawsuit Brought by FPC
Yes, You Need a Gun During the Virus Scare..and After

U.S.A. –-( You want to have a gun before you need it. Advocates of armed defense have been saying that for decades, though recent events underlined their point. Last month, sentencing reforms in some states effectively decriminalized theft under about 900$. We saw stores stripped by flash-mobs of shoplifters. Police refused to investigate a “misdemeanor” crime even though the total loss may be tens-of-thousands of dollars. Those sentencing revisions also let more serious criminals out of jail without bail. The revolving door of injustice spun pretty fast after that. Last week, some cities let convicted thugs out of jail because of a flu virus. States closed gun shops and promise to arrest you if you leave your home. Police in some cities refuse to respond to theft in progress due to risk from public contact. Yes, you need a gun.. and a lot more.

These recent headlines highlight an obvious fact. These events let us see that we are on our own. If we’re attacked, the police arrive after we’ve gotten to safety, after we’ve made the call to 911, and if law enforcement has personnel available to help us. It is up to us to defend ourselves and those we love until the police arrive.

That realization changed last week, but only by a matter of degree. Now we’re in the middle of a virus scare and police may or may not respond to our calls. Today, law enforcement in many cities are refusing to come to the scene of the crime if the criminal threat is gone. As you’d expect, crime increases when criminals are not pursued, arrested, jailed, charged, and prosecuted. Today, you are at a greater risk, but you were never completely safe.

Many people wanted to believe that they’d be safer if they were unarmed. Our experience with armed citizens says otherwise, and so do the recent headlines. Many people who were only vaguely aware of self-defense now see the need for a personal firearm. I’m sorry, but for many of you it is too late to become armed defenders.

First, you’d need a gun. Some states said that gun shops were “non-essential businesses” so they were told to close their doors. We’ve seen panic buying that emptied store shelves. If you wanted a gun, now you’re too late.

You thought you needed a gun, but you also need a holster, ammunition, and cleaning supplies for that firearm. Some states require a permit before you may buy a gun. Some states also stopped processing those firearms purchase permits. If you’re not ready now, then you’re too late.

You want to protect yourself and your family, but two thirds of aggravated assaults happen away from home. That means that you might need a permit to legally carry a firearm outside your front door as you walk to the mailbox. States that disregard the right of self-defense have stopped processing those concealed carry permits.

The advocates for armed defense have been warning you about these infringements for years, and now you’re too late.

You thought that owning a gun would make you safer, but a firearm is useless without the skills to use it. Fortunately, defending your family from thugs coming up the stairs doesn’t take a lot of skill. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of skill to defend your family from several thugs converging on your family between the parked cars in the grocery store parking lot at night. If you haven’t developed the skill then you’re depending on luck, and there are usually several attackers.

How did you get here? The public receives the public policies for which they voted. Now, you’re paying the price with your family’s safety. I hope you’re one of the lucky ones and no one is hurt.

I like that you want to defend your family. Now defend the right to do so. The right of honest citizens to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. This virus scare will pass, but the infringements on your rights of armed defense will remain.. until you remove them. Don’t wait until November. Secure your rights before you need them. Become politically active now, or the rights you lost will be lost forever.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article with references is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Get Out

Maybe this will change the mindset of the anti-gun people who’ve allowed these BS jump through the hoops restrictions and requirements just to purchase firearms and ammo. Hopefully it’ll open their eyes now that they have to get permission to purchase, wait weeks for permits or a license to carry.


The public has a very short collective memory. Hope abounds, but reality is a safer bet.

Get Out

Hopefully some of these people who vote for gun control will change sides now that they’ve been denied access to firearms and ammo.


@GO – More likely to be jealous of those who had firearms, and going with baser instincts, will attempt to beat us down to their level rather than emulating those who continue to exercise their rights.

I too continue to hope, and will attempt to reach out to anyone I find out has had such unfortunate experience. As individuals, best most of us do is to bring other individuals into the fold – one-by-one. Thus are great movements born.


More than likely not…I was a cop in L.A. during the riots. Same problem, all the libs were terrified of roving black gangs, which did not materialize. Blockaded streets, armed with axes and shovels, and they wanted to buy firearms. Lots of talk then about waiting periods, but soon as the ‘danger’ passed, everything went back to normal, and when they finally received their gun, I am sure it was never loaded and was relegated to the back of the closet where it couldn’t attack anyone. The liberal element seems to be anxiety ridden every moment and to them, everything… Read more »

American Patriot

Can’t say I feel sorry for any of them….Maybe after this fiasco the anti gunners will realize it’s not that easy to buy a gun like the libtards say it is. Just maybe they can turn the corner on guns after this is over & gain some conservative common sense…….But I really doubt is! But the bright side there will probably be like new unfired used guns for sale by year end or early next.


When I bought my first gun (1981), I never considered for a minute that it was my 2nd Amendment Right. All that changed with anti-Constitutional politicians and bureaucrats who were hidden in plain sight. Now they’re as blatant as they get and you can spot these vipers a mile away. These self-serving tyrants have infiltrated all positions of government and their policies have turned our Republic into a mockery. People have been duped into being afraid and were easily convinced that the government would provide all their needs in exchange for surrendering a few rights. Now that lie has been… Read more »


Amen! Very well stated and presented. Points I’ve been saying to my non gun owning friends and family members for way too long. Thankfully, I’ve not very many of those friends or family members.


Mr. Morse — Your article pinpoints what a lot of us here on AmmoLand have been saying for a long time: better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have one. This is where reality has come home to roost, concerning what so many on the left could only fantasize about in times past. And now, they must reap what they have sown. Just know that after the Wu-flu scare, gun owners all across America will be here to welcome you back into the fold of sane politics, with open arms. Until then:… Read more »