ArachniGRIP’s Slide Spider Benefits Shooters with Arthritis

ArachniGRIP's Slide Spider Benefits Shooters with Arthritis
ArachniGRIP’s Slide Spider Benefits Shooters with Arthritis

U.S.A.-( ArachniGRIP’s Slide Spider slide grip helps shooters overcome heavy recoil springs on semi-auto pistols.

Shooters of semi-auto pistols have reported to ArachniGRIP their surprise in being able to easily rack and manipulate the slides on their firearms after installing the patented Slide Spider slide grips. Many semi-auto pistol slides have stiff recoil springs and are difficult to operate, even for experienced shooters. Another benefit of these grips is that shooters with arthritis, weak hand strength, soreness or inflammation are now able to feel safe and confident in their ability to operate their firearm.

One customer reported back to the ArachniGRIP team, “Now I don’t have to give up the magazine capacity of my Glock for a revolver.” Depending on the pistol hold style used by the shooter, the Slide Spider grip can make cycling the slide easier by up to three times. The Slide Spider grip is easy to install and extremely durable. It gives the shooter operational self-reliance when they need it. Shooters don’t have to compromise security over a slide that’s hard to cycle.

MSRP for the Slide Spider is $19.95.

The Slide Spider grip by ArachniGRIP is available for most semi-auto pistol models. The Slide Spider grip products enable the shooter to gain increased control through a safe and secure hold. The products also offer additional tactical advantages under challenging operating conditions, including extreme moisture and temperature.

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About ArachniGRIP:

ArachniGRIP was founded by two lifelong firearms enthusiasts. We are located in Parker, Colorado, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Our company believes that all shooters should have the advantages of proper equipment and training. Our products and instructional videos are designed to aid shooters in the safe, practical use and control of their firearms. 

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Highly recommend these if you have hand or finger issues. I have thumb and finger arthritis making it difficult at times to manipulate the slide on my Shield 9. The Arachnigrip makes a world of difference.


I really wish they made these for the CZ SP-01 Tactical. I think it would benefit me greatly. I’ve lost a little hand strength in the last 5 years or so, plus a little arthritis kicking in. My SP-01 is one of my all time favorite handguns but that slide is slim and the serrations are small and shallow. Maybe someday.